Friday, April 3, 2009

Desire to Control means Destroy Offshore Centers

The G20 get together was what it was, nonsense. The only thing that was taken seriously was so called tax havens, a Western Initiative. So called off shore centers have nothing to do with the current economic crises, but to the untalented Western bankers, they are a curse, as they want money to flow to them and their associates all over the world.

The untalented always have and need laws to protect them from competition. The banker in London knowing having being proved that they have no talent but connections, yet want to be a financial center understand that these off shore centers are competition, as the less talented banker in Toronto more than understands, Toronto is less talented hence by law number of banks restricted, no competition, then boast they have had no bank bail out, yet the government bought insured debt back at the end of 2008, if it was safe why did they buy it, lies, lies and more lies from controllers. Canadian Bankers are like the little kid who didn’t get dirty in the play ground because they did not play then come out and say look at me, I’m clean, shut up. New York has been ruined by bankers, they want the money that goes off shore to be under their control, to them “totalitarianism” masquerading as democracy needs total control, and know every cent that each human being has, that way they can control. Why is it Gordon Brown who has chased this concept of offshore centers, because London has the most to gain.

Westerners have for the last 500 years tried to rule this world, they are driven by an insatiable appetite to control the fate of the world and each human being, have a free thought see how their academics will treat you, because you are not under their control. Through the dark days of Atlantic Slavery, the lunacy of colonialism, the subjugation of the North American native the single greatest murder spree in history, the demolition of African society, there was not a single case of starvation, drought before the ones who desire to control how people breath came to Africa, there was no starvation, therefore the West brought darkness to Africa. Westerners want to control, this attack on simple communities who provide superior banking services, who provide better security for peoples funds are now under attack from the civilizing West, they want to know what you are upto.

Leave other people alone, just because your banks are not good enough and those who can afford will go for quality the West is jealous.

That is why I always say World War two was a fight between evil and evil. Even if the Germans had won, socially the world would not be better of or worse of, both tyrannical peoples wanted to control, both wanted to dominate the world, both super evil. What is the difference between Churchill and Hitler if you are black, none what so ever. Just tell the truth, knowledge is about the truth not falseness.

When the West learns that things like Tax havens exist because people are hiding from them they will change their ways. Let us hope China has more backbone than Switzerland, Hong Kong is needed, and China needs Hong Kong, though the West does not because it has no benefit to them but benefits a free world.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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