Sunday, April 5, 2009

North Korea wasting it Talents

The US calls the launch of the North Korean rocket Provocative, whilst at the same time calling North Korea's efforts a failure.

Clearly North Koreans are not the yellow monkeys that the West used to call Orientals, North Korea refuses to believe in any overtures from the USA, understandably it is China’s baby and gets away with anything as Israel in the Middle East is America’s baby and it too does not have to care about UN resolutions, but at least in Israel the people are not starving. That is an important difference.

Here is a country with poverty problems of a high magnitude, but it would rather attempt a space program, because I can not say it was a missile program in support of the USA or a satellite launching venture in support of North Korea, I do not know, the USA has no prove, North Korea has no prove, so I will rather call it a rocket test, testing its technology and capabilities. I choose to believe neither societies.

However a crucial thing is North Korea has enough defense against South Korea, it really does not need inter continental ballistic missiles. It does not even need a space program, in my view unless it will commercialize it in the future. If it truly is a program to launch satellites, and if it ca do it cheaply no doubt it will have many clients around the world.

I have no love for North Korea, but I must do my best to remain impartial, a very difficult thing in this world, luckily I have done my best when it comes to my work to remain a hermit, or I would lambaste arrogant racism more, but there are enough activists, and no matter how much they push us, we must remain students of knowledge economics. They are trying to make us not focus. North Korea should honestly start using its talents to solve its domestic economic issues, honestly. I am giving other human beings good advise because I do not hate other humans, I choose to ignore that they once aided Mugabe along with the British to commit genocide in Matabeleland. Let us work for a better world, honestly, I am no democrat, I truly do believe in the free market, in free association, but Obama’s appeal for a better world brings me back to my days as a university student when we would discuss a better world, a strong UN, and a free market dominating the world with all cultures and peoples being respected. One whiff in the working world and the racism and bigotry one saw quickly shattered those thoughts and ideals. But obviously I still have them, older I can resist the racism and hypocrisy better, as should North Korea.

North Korea has incredible potential to give to the worlds knowledge pool as do all societies but North Korea is proving it by launching rockets. In reality North Korea should create useful things with the knowledge it is discovering for itself, better goods to be placed in the market. The market is never wrong, it is neutral, it can never be blamed for anything, rather it is the actions of humans who create the woes never the market, the market can be regulated or unregulated.

It is time seriously for North Korea and South Korea to talk of uniting. Unity means leaving the Past, not what happened in Germany where East Germans where made into criminals and jailed whilst West German leaders where not persecuted. North Koreans leaders can not be persecuted, they can be hated, but for successful unity they can not be persecuted. Together North and South Korea would create a formidable knowledge generating society, a winner in all.

I wish the Koreans luck, both societies have shown incredible knowledge capabilities, anybody if they want can have technology, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, I guess this is why Canadian academics fight me so hard, even taking of a wiki page that had my name, because whilst I believe in the great potential of all humans, they want to promote the outdated view only a white, or those taught by a white, and only a white can come up with a theory, sad but true. Hence Canadian experience only works for non whites, whilst whites from the same universities are given a chance. I know two guys one white one black from the same university in South Africa now in Canada, guess who got to work in his field, that’s for sociologists to study, let us focus on knowledge economics.

It would be truly sad if North Korea believes by fighting South Korea it is fighting whites, it does not need those missiles, but it does need satellite launching technologies, but first alleviate the hunger man, come on.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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