Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fighting for Freedom in Africa

I regularly watch the deadliest warrior on television, many times I am disappointed at the result, but I accept the result as it is. Today was about the USA special forces “The Green Beret” vs the Russian special forces, “The Spetsnaz”. The Spatsnaz won.

Now in Zimbabwe’s freedom struggle there where 20 000 Zipra guerrillas, 45 000 ZAnla Guerrillas, 50 000 Rhodesian coalition, these included Smith and Muzorewa, but Zipra had 3 000 Guerrillas trained for 3 years in the Soviet Union who operated as a special force, the only Guerilla army to have special forces, the largest foreign contingent ever trained by the Soviet Union and its allies. Others trained in Russia where trained for command positions. These where trained by Spetnas.

The Rhodesians where far better trained, had better equipment, would kill sometimes upto 300 Zipra or Zanla Guerrillas at a time. But whenever they heard there where Guerrillas moving in groups of 5 they new these where the Zipra Guerrillas trained in Russia rather than the regulars who had two weeks training in Zambia, The Rhodesian SAS and Selous scouts hearing that only 5 armed men where on the move would always refuse to confront knowing they would lose, because the Russian trained where far better than even their mentors the British SAS or American Green Berets, and the Rhodesian SAS was equal to their mentors. But wars are never won by special forces, so avoiding contact, the Rhodesian SAS could concentrate on the main freedom armies that where not so well trained.

Training is imparting knowledge, these 3 000 Zipra special forces had no superior weapons, but superior survival skills. They where fighting for freedom.

Freedom is basically the right for all to seek knowledge and use that knowledge. Once a person is not allowed to use their knowledge one is discriminating, simple as that, hence the West ended backing Mugabe who ensured that peoples freedom was curtailed, one could not use their knowledge. Until Mugabe lost popularity and abandoned the West.

South Africa with its white consultants running the country now has the largest income inequality in the world, under a black government, hence the failure of Thabo Mbeki. Whites will only advise on keeping white power, not freedom, then if you support white power you are a moderate, if you support the right for everybody to use their knowledge you are a danger. Freedom is simply the right to acquire knowledge and the right to use your knowledge. Freedom is the Free Market. Those 3 000 Zipra soldiers they refused contact with where freedom hence West had to crush them.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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