Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Whislt America looks to Save the Worlds Energy Crisis

Depending on the type of research sometimes only the government can undertake such research because the rewards are so far off into the future. The National Ignition Facility National Ignition Facility is a reason why I respect America, not their military prowess, I know they need technology with equal technology one Zulu is equal to twenty of them, no, it is the respect for knowledge. But whilst others are doing intense research into the future of mankind, imagine, the whole world will benefit, others are being idiots and destroying their national advance, what is Mugabe doing, then he is going to complain of this and that and how much aid Africa needs from the West, good God, these humanoids are sometimes confused. But I guess that is why West supported Mugabe, they knew he had no vision and was a reactionary, he will destroy and they can say look at Africa, have a vision and the entire structure of the West kills, ask Lumumba, Belgium, France, Britain, USA all to crush him, then today BBC runs around saying look at the Congo, but I guess its smart, when you want to rule the world keep as many down as possible.

Progress is through respecting knowledge. One day I will have to write a philosophical book on why knowledge is important, why it is moral, why it is just, its more than economics.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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