Monday, June 8, 2009

A Lesson in Accumulating Knowledge From Federer

Federer finally won the French Open sealing his greatness. Greatness in sports is the impact one has on the game, Federer has won 14 tennis majors in 6 years, it took Sampras 12 years to win the same number of tennis Majors. Federer’s impact is much greater than Sampras, Sampras can not even be compared to Borg who won 11 Majors in 6 years. Borg and Federer have the greatest impact in the history of tennis, with Federer taking the number one spot and Borg second, Sampras coming in third. Impact is what must be considered. But the question remains will Federer last as long as Sampras.

As people interested in knowledge it is the manner that Federer won the French open that is pleasing. With time one expects ones technique to improve as they get more knowledge of the discipline. That is why martial arts is a life time, as a young man one is brutal, older they use more technique because they have more knowledge. That is exactly what Federer did in the French Open Final, he made his opponent run. The drop shot, he used it so often it was a completely different Federer, still sublime but with the extra knowledge he had acquired over the years, he could make his opponent sweat. There was far more technique in Federer’s game, a testament that one should improve if they keep practicing something.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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