Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You Must Have Got it from a White

Strange email from a white saying that this paper "The Short and Long Term Behavior of Knowledge" is not original, somebody has done the same thing. Of course he would not mention who, I have asked, but they will never mention who, because this paper was written in January 2008. So it was just a mock to me. That is why a person like me is not at all surprised by the European election results, the extreme racists parties. Many academics probably voted for these parties but in public will shout we are one world, let us exist together, but in reality understand to them that one world is accepting all original thought and not claiming somebody’s mind as your own, I do not see Europeans accepting this and whites in general, because they are playing a game of power over others, sad, because it means safety is being a racist rather than believing in the human. Soon they will tell me I copied the correction of the derivative, because accuracy does not matter if it comes from a black.

There is no need to go round in circles and one claiming to have hit new frontiers in say economics when they are merely doing exactly the same thing over and over and claiming a professorship because they have written papers that are technically identical to papers written fifty years ago. Then everybody is committing a fraud. Because studying the demand for soya beans in Chile and concluding that when the prize falls more is demanded or when income levels rise more is demanded is exactly the same as studying demand for Chili sauce, the law of supply and demand has been stated a thousand times, proving it over and over and getting a professorship for that is a hoax. The professorship is a hoax and a fraud, but seeming the best Universities in the world commit this fraud claiming it is measuring, it is quantitative. The fraud is political to stop new knowledge, as simple as that, because they want the new knowledge to be found/ discovered by one of theirs. Because studying demand for soya beans to verify the law of demand is exactly the same as studying demand for coal, oil, computers, to verify the law of demand. It does not need to be done, the law of demand and supply has been verified over and over, there is no need to commit fraud by saying nobody has ever made a study into the demand of staples, you are just pulling a fraud, but it is so called ‘quantitative’, maybe one should be quantitative to show they understand a technique, but to be awarded a professorship on doing a study somebody else has done, is a frightening hoax for those who believe in an honest world, merely a demonstration of the form over and over. Because they are committing a hoax in academia, anything better they try and hide in a corner. It is like a fake boxing champion avoiding to fight real fighters because the promoters with the money know he will be beaten, so they keep up the hoax in the media because it suites them. If they are real they would find new and better methods, but they can not, and as they can not they denounce whoever can.

This fraud and envy takes place because they have never bothered to read great philosophers like Confucius. As Confucius said, “When you know a thing, to hold that you know it; and when you do not know a thing, to allow that you do not know it – this is knowledge.” Unfortunately the ‘realists’ will rather say that can not be if it is not from their click, that is what they mean by pragmatic. They would rather lie to themselves that if they do not know it, then nobody can know it. Instead of basing their life’s on philosophy that builds like Confucius they spend their time studying how to accumulate and keep power basing their philosophy on the likes of Machiavelli especially his book ‘The Prince’, true ‘realists’ blocking the advancement of knowledge because it comes from a source they do not approve of. If they spend as much time engrossed in their disciplines compared to the time they spend blocking and conniving they might themselves add something new to their disciplines, instead of being smacked with playing power games refusing accepting only they can think, therefore supplant your mind and say we have already thought of it.

There is nothing to fear from blacks unless one has a terrible plan ahead, and that plan involves only accepting blacks who wait for whites to advance knowledge. If ever they tell me who I copied I will humbly apologize, do not hold your breath.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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