Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Banana Eating Jungle Monkey Prof Gates

The truth finally comes out, those black officers who where rallying around officer Sgt. Crowley’s should be ashamed for “licking arse” to the system hoping for promotions and looking down on their own, pretending they do not know what is going on. Justin Barrett a collegue, and friend of Crowley finally came out with an email he sent around calling professor Henry Louis Gates a banana eating jungle monkey

We all know what is going on, I personally have been told that a black man has no right writing economic theory, the is the reserve for whites, blacks should read and understand what white people say.

No kidding, I created the unit for knowledge, the knowl, Google takes it and says they coined the term and call it the knol. They did this because they can never acknowledge a black for anything. There was no unit for knowledge until I wrote the book, "The Fundamental Theory of Knowledge" in 2004, posted on the web, recently took it off and am selling it. Written several papers mentioning knowl as unit of knowledge. A California law firm was willing to take Google to court pro bono, but as I resided outside the state they had to say no, after I had asked 100 law firms, pity I do not reside in California, it was a white lawyer. Google like the rest of Western establishment can not acknowledge a black, because in essence we must learn from them, because we are “banana eating jungle monkeys”.

Corrected the mathematical derivative regarding polynomials, can not be published because I called it the “Khumalo Derivative”, but I discovered it, should I call it Smiths derivative, but whites can name things they discover. It is not easy.

Let blacks work hard, get promotions, but let us not make excuses for evil thinking evil will promote us. We are black, we must be proud of it, if something is wrong it is wrong. Those black officers who stood up for Barrett should be ashamed, if I am a banana eating monkey they are worse, in truth that is what they think no matter how capable.

I maintain, Obama was right to say that cop is stupid. He is wrong to give the banks so much money creating elitism meaning their business can not fail, but yours can, what kind of equality before the law is that.

Still, blacks have it difficult, because you are not allowed to be better than a white.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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