Monday, August 3, 2009

2009 3rd quarter Recovery, shortest in History???

So the recession is over, hold on, not yet, but HSBC results seem to suggest it is all over.
However the same problems still persist, the US debt level, both households and governments, that is still a major factor. The US savings rate. That might be the shortest recovery, it is all a simple affair. People in debt can not purchase anything.

I tell you, still got to get Russia to adhere to the free market and use their knowledge to create commercial goods, I hear the Lada is better than a Chrysler, that is what I am told.

We have to get Africa up and running, Argentina and most of Latin America, as well as place like Indonesia then we will have a more sustainable global economy, my two cents.
Short lived recovery…

Bhekuzulu khumalo

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