Monday, July 6, 2009

Botswana Attempting Financial Services Industry

Botswana is a country endowed with enough diamonds. However the country wants to move out of the business of only being a diamond provider but also a financial hub for Southern Africa. It has great stability, a great advantage compared to its neighbors, who all with good management would dwarf the economy of Botswana. Botswana is an example of a well managed economy. It has many great advantages that South Africa will never have.

One, there is no such thing as a well managed economy, it is just that corruption levels in Botswana are low, because Botswana was rewarded by the British for not resisting colonialism by leaving them as a single ethnic group. Those who fought imperialism like the Ndebele’s, Zulu’s where all to be destroyed, Everybody knows an independent Matabeleland would be one of the richest countries in the world, certainly richer in terms of GDP per capita than most of Western Europe and Canada, with a maybe a few exceptions like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, never West can never allow that, though in speeches they talk of individualism, free speech, free to make your point heard, reality is not that, Canada is a prime example of a people who will fight to any lengths to make sure society is structured according to who they say is intelligent, if you correct the derivative, beware, they will fight and try to destroy you because you are destroying their smokes and mirrors, that is how Westerners are. Hence the British in Biafra war swore that they would never let Africa break into individual ethnic groups, into its natural states, because peace in Africa means progress, they will have no more bad news on CNN, BBC, CBC about Africa, why do you think correcting the derivative is so wrong to them if they really cared about progression of the world, because they want it in their image.

Botswana risks being blacklisted for trying out a financial center, because the talented are only white, an African doing that will be called all sorts of names, hiding tax cheats, and all sorts of things because they want the money in London, New York, Paris, Toronto, to develop those societies. Well one can only wish Botswana luck, if I where in Africa, I would rather put my money in Botswana than in London, Paris, Zurich, because its closer to home.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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