Sunday, June 28, 2009

Learn from Michael Jackson, A Great Life

Michael Jackson was a symbol of the quest to be perfect at what one does. Practice made Jackson what he was on top of the natural beauty of his voice. He did not just appear from nowhere, his father made sure he practiced from a boy, he might not have liked it, but that is what made him what he is, the King of Pop.

It applies for everything practice, if one does not train the mind and body one will not get the knowledge that is it. What Michael Jackson did does not just apply to music, it applies to everything, Michael Jackson is a symbol to all professionals. One can not fake what Michael Jackson did, one actually has to do it. Very different from Wall Street and other financial centers where one needs a connection and most are just faking to be talented because it is not talent, they have been given money by connections. The honest truth one who is a beggar if they had connections can do that job. Hence one can keep out certain people.

If Wall Street was left to open competition and was really about talent it would be a different place. See at Wall Street the theory is in general share prices are going up, so if one says buy, because the economy is generally growing, one will be right, anybody can do that, but the powers that be want one to believe it is talent involved somehow. Now when the market suffers, they are in disarray because those with bigger connections will lose their jobs last if at all.

One can only hope for another Michael Jackson, not likely will such a talented entertainer come around, but one can hope. It was a beautiful run, extraordinary to be exact. May the giant rest in Peace, take advise from his life, be you an engineer, an economist, a singer, a football player, training, dedication and practice.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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