Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shortest Recovery In History part 2

It is beautiful when the headline is misleading, US see strong productivity Rise say the BBC. American productivity rose 6.4%, wonderful, each worker produced 6.4% more than a year ago, people are working hard, well those who have a job.

Let us look at reality, read the BBC article with a clear mind, the truth is there, just not in the headlines, labor costs actually declined 5.8%, more people losing their jobs yet expecting those who remain to do more. Number of hours declined by 7.6%, it really is not a laughing matter.

The clutch on the global economy is slipping simply because of the greed of those at the top of the industrial and financial sector of the American economy. A system based on greed in the long term leads to much suffering. Declining labor costs, means less to pay the debt, less to purchase luxuries, it is going to be awful, this recover will not last longer than two years unless there is large restructuring of the mindset from greed and elitism, to people, and by that I do not mean socialism, free market does not mean greed and corruption.

Blacks are always the hardest hit, it is the way, but morals, will mean a resurgent economy, a structural change, not just from pollution to clean energy, but from pollution of the soul to a clean soul

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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