Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Government Can't Help You, Honestly, Not in America

One can’t help be perplexed when ever Rev. Jesse Jackson talks about social justice. Telling the truth is not enough, it is about acting within the parameters of that truth. Sure Jesse Jackson is a truthful man, I doubt he has ever misled anybody when it comes to social justice, but he needs to understand the reality of a system.

We have been talking for years about the free market, the government should not be involved in the economy because it will, it must show bias if it is involved to the wealthy and the elite of the society. We demanded this because we believed in the ability of black people all over the world, and the main detractor for blacks is the government that acts in the interest of he elite, all governments at all times are like this. A government must come to the aide of those that prop them up, in Burma it is the military, in China it is members of the communist party and the businessmen who have been allowed to grow, in Canada it is the largest financial institutions that are insulated from domestic and international competition, in England it is those who control the city, these people are huge political donors, in the USA it is the banks and other financial institutions. These people expect reward and protection from the government if ever they are in a crises. The US has gone to war to ensure the profits of big oil.

Leaders like Jesse Jackson need to understand that blacks are at the bottom of the political process, the large donors for the present administration where hardly black, that is reality, he needs to reward those who helped him materially enter the white house, that is the way the world works.

Do not tell me a single black person expected to be first in the queue, that is foolish thinking, why? Blacks should demand the government stays out of the economy, those large financial institutions should have crashed, as justice of the market demanded, a few black banks would have risen up the scale in the new order left by the dead Bank of America, the dead Goldman Sachs, the Dead Citi Bank, the dead Merrill Lynch, the dead AIG, some rational whites would have deposited money in these black concerns as they had actually more talented people than the giants that got money from Bush and Obama, yet no body is willing to support the truth.

Okay African Americans want government involvement, well there it is, the bigger share will always go to the elite, not towards justice. It is time Jesse Jackson supported the fee market and believed in the ability of the black man, black banks proved they are more talented than those giant banks that needed billions of dollars to survive. Support the Free Market because united blacks do not need any help.

Everyday you hear bad news from Africa in the press, everyday western mining firms are making billions in Africa, where are the African Americans whilst the white miners from North America and Europe are making billions. The problem is blacks in North America do not scrutinize the news, in a way deep down, people believe the media, are that is a messed up continent with messed up people, messed up yes, but why, and if it is so crazy with savages, why are white mining firms going there every day.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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