Sunday, November 8, 2009

Boeing: Blaming the worker not Lousy engineers

It is amazing how people still do not get it, especially the elite of the western world, it is about knowledge, it is about the product. Look at Boeing trying to blame somebody else for their woes. Blaming costs and the workers for their woes rather than the real problem, the people at the top. Boeing just needs to deliver a good product and people will buy it. The dreamliner is a great plane people will buy it, but because they leave in a mysterious world, at the back of their minds they believe in some manifest destiny though they do not talk about it openly they will get into problems.

Why do I say this, because they refuse to take responsibility at the top, they believe because of who they are the blame must be with somebody else. This mindset destroyed General Motors and Chrysler, the Japanese did not care that whites have some manifest destiny, they went and built great cars. Whilst building great cars those with a manifest destiny refused to blame their shoddy engineering, they blamed the workers who have nothing to do with designing cars. Those at the top believed it can not be them because according to their own research, the likes of Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Yale are the best brains in the world, surely their engineers are better because their study has told them so. Well the unfortunate truth those engineers in Tokyo, Seoul proved to be far better than those from London, Berkley, Paris, California, and the citizens of the world bought their products. Those with a manifest destiny refuse to acknowledge that 2 + 2 = 4 all over the world not just at Harvard, Princeton or Yale.

Poor Boeing is about to make the same mistake, the top as one can already see is already blaming those at the bottom for their woes, if they continue this path they are going the way of General Motors and Chrysler, out of business in 30 years time except for military contracts where they can cheat the tax payer charging $100 for a pencil. What Boeing must do is ensure their engineers are up to the task of building better planes than the competition be the competition Europe, China or India. They must accept the fact that 2 + 2 = 4 at Harvard as well as in Beijing, Delhi, Durban, and Lagos. This way they will stop blaming the workers and look at themselves and build/ make better products.

It is the product silly, even if you offer a shoddy product for 60 cents we would rather buy a better product that will last for $1. Wake up fool and really get that racism out of your mind, otherwise for Boeing, game is up, this will be the beginning of the end. For your own good listen to this blackman.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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