Sunday, November 15, 2009

Knowledge is About Humanity

The past few days I had a friend say to me whose side are you on when you write your website, it seems you have no side but speak about the world. That is correct was my reply, knowledge is important to all society, all societies can rise, this western philosophy that for one to rise one must fall or be kept down, or supported if they are a puppet is sheer nonsense. The whole world can rise. One does not have to behave like a whites, vs (the other peoples of the world) and say I have better knowledge because I am white and was taught by whites, it’s crazy thinking of mad lunatics who would bring the world to disaster, luckily for the world they are few and do not really matter. That is right my friend is a white Canadian.

All I am merely trying to convey through this website is that respecting knowledge is good for all. Look at the world around us, there is economic turmoil, water shortages where there was no water shortage, starvation where there should be no starvation, food shortages where there should be no food shortages all caused by a me first attitude, that says damn the evidence if I lose a buck. Me first attitude is not the result of the right of the individual, individual rights stem from a believe that all humans are equal before the law, me first is when certain individuals and corporations have greater rights than others and justify it through Adam Smith who never supported government protection, or Keynes who I doubt said corporations should be protected even if others can do the job better. This me first has led to justifying one getting a buck at all cost, first through manipulating the government, and damn others, as was evident with the bank bailout, me first in guise of doing it for the good of the people.

Today we can not get a climate treaty though evidence is overwhelming that there is something wrong, and the me first people always say, what about our money. Well if your making money will damage all of us, for your short term gains, well what about your money?

When somebody posses a question you seem to write for everybody like it is a crime, because he wants to keep others down I do not. I am not asking them to be like me, I am asking them to respect knowledge because it is knowledge that will defend them, feed them, give them better shelter and build their economies as well as save their environments so that they do not have water shortages and needless starvation. A Russian should respect knowledge as much as a Zambian or American or Chinese. Because I do not envy and hate Americans, sure when I see Boeing doing nonsense to run from their responsibilities, sure I will say so, as much as when a black is running away from their responsibilities because I do not believe America should fall for blacks to rise, only whites believe others must be suppressed for them to have a good living, those who believe in humanity do not believe that. Only whites would suggest there should be culling of other races because they are too many, whilst those who respect knowledge know the earth can feed many more people as well as leave the environment more or less intact if we just respected knowledge. Should farmers in India and Africa still be using land extensive techniques and destroying habitat of wild animals when more intensive farming technology and techniques are available that will save wildlife areas, no, but it is lack of respect for knowledge why they encroach on wildlife when there is no need. Am I wrong to say that have I taken such a terrible side.

There is no climate treaty today because people have said damn the other guy I need money right now, respect knowledge and make a better world.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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