Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Destruction of The Mind

The power of the mind can and should never be under estimated. In the book "the Demon's Sermon on the Martial Arts", Chozanshi makes a good point, ""Another saying has it, 'Surrounded by tens of thousands of the enemy, your form may be pummeled into small pieces, but the mind is still yours. Even the greatest opponent can do nothing about that.' Confucius said, 'Even an ordinary man cannot be robbed of his will.' But when you are confused, that very mind will become an assistant to your opponent..."

The mind is what one always firsts attack, to destroy its capabilities, an enemy will always start by intimidation, you are not as good as us, we are the only thinkers, only our thoughts matter, all knowledge comes from us, you can not have progress without us helping you, give us all you have as you have no use for it and we do, the opponent will always attack the mind first, de humanizing one.

An opponent will always use different mind tricks some subtle others not so subtle. When he really can't keep his hatred to him herself even though pretending he likes you and the pretense wears off he will spit like the young Canadian diplomat spat at an officer and journalist in Tanzania. This is a young men so the idea that things change is sheer nonsense. Canadian whites want minerals in Africa the inconvenience is that there are blacks there, now they have to pretend to like blacks, but the young men could not hold his hatred any longer, in experience on his part. Therefore whilst hating black Tanzanians they, and using their own mind against them, telling Tanzanians that they are the best miners and Tanzania needs white Canadian expertise it can not be done without them, they deeply despise blacks and feel somehow superior, the confused minds in Africa slowly becoming free believe to a large part this nonsense and Canadian media calls those who believe whites are superior pragmatic people, people of good sense as they will do business, even at a great cost to their own communities, all these pragmatic leaders have not moved Africa one step forward, but western mining and energy stocks have made definitely more than a trillion, maybe it is time to do business the proper way with societies who do not believe they are superior, being pragmatic with these superiors is costly, maybe white Canadians should mine in England with their equals whom they will never dare spit at.

They are trying to use our own minds against us in order to exploit then they have a fund raiser at their churches and raise 2 000 dollars for a clean well and school whilst Corporation X has just made of with 2 billion worth of minerals. Paying an African 50 cents to mine gold whilst paying a Canadian miner 50 dollars to mine the same gold, then they scream look how poor the African is, using the Africans own mind to confuse, do not dare tell me Canadian gold is better somehow than African gold, true whites think that 2 +2 =4 is better and more true from a white men but do not fool me and tell me Canadian gold is better than African, Brazilian or Indonesian gold, has racism made their heads so crazy.

Oh Africans are poor well if they got a fair wage for the minerals they dig with the multiplier effect they would not be so poor, but a fair prize brings fear and loathing, maybe the Canadian diplomat was right, spit on us we are fools.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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