Sunday, December 6, 2009

BBC, Timbuktu, Leaves One Confused.

Sometimes you have to wonder why somebody decides to be nice after kicking you in the head for no reason, why say the truth after that. Recently whilst watching BBC a program on the lost/ found manuscripts of Timbuktu on how these where a treasure having a university before Oxford it got me thinking. After hundreds of years of raping the continent of Africa and the people physically and mentally they now start praising it and acknowledging its past why?

Yes it is true that Timbuktu had all this knowledge, but whites spent centuries riddling it 'Timbuktu the end of the world' mentally denying it as of no worth. That they studied medicine, astronomy, and science before them they could not accept, because to them, then and today they need to perpetuate the myth that knowledge can only come from a white men, not an Indian, a Chinese, an Arab, God forbid a black man, the African. Now all of a sudden admitting something like Timbuktu one can fall of their chair. What the hell do they want. Only recently have they started openly acknowledging China and India, they want something, and usually with whites it is money. They openly now admit China had military technology like crossbows, flamethrowers, long before them, they want money from China. After deriding India for centuries as coolies they admit now a lot of calculus came from India, Indians are now considered smart, what do they want from India, money and an ally against China who they want money from but fear the yellow menace.

So what do they want with Africa admitting that maybe Africans are not savages, they want money and keep Africa from being friends with China and India. Once Africa sorts out this mess created by the whitemen the whitemen will say we where always your brother, but why steal our work today in the present because it's not time to be a blackmen's brother, the mind of the purest evil.

They even dig the graves of blacks, like they dug up Mzilikazi's grave took his brass armband and say it was made by Phoenician's. No it was made by Zulu's, that is why it was his armband. Do not take to heart these people you will end up confused, it is because they want to claim to be masters of knowledge now Africa is confused you do not need a white Canadian's "expertise" to create your own wealth, A is A all over the world an atom is an atom all over the world, wake up.

The management experts from the best universities in the world Yale, Harvard, oxford, Cambridge should have been busy fixing the disappeared British auto, aero, shipping industry and Canadian innovation and American car industry, looks if according to performance not propaganda that it would be better to go to Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul for management, economics and engineering before they even think of Toronto or Cambridge and Oxford, just propaganda to fool anybody who believes it, Africa as China and Japan have showed must stop believing the hype that to be knowledgeable is to be trained by a white or somebody white inside, an atom is an atom all over the world no matter how much the white elite likes to say otherwise.

They want people to believe that they must get their approval to be human and to think, nonsense the world was thriving before they went out to destroy it, it can always thrive without them again. They must prove to be worthy of the worlds trust, they must prove that they are moral, they must prove to be worthy, not the rest of the world, how do you trust somebody who wiped out an entire race, where are the native Americans, knowledge is there for all of us not just them.

An economy is a function of allowing people to do, to use their knowledge to make a living as best as they can, nothing to do with a white approving a people. The idea in a competition is to say your competitor as below human, close to a monkey and deny they are capable of thinking then turn around and say you are superior, just as the whitemen has done if you believe it you will die as a society, if your leaders believe it, then it is already over.

Do not read Plato, you will get more out of the Bible particularly Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the New Testament in terms of morality than, Plato, Kant, Locke, Hume, Malthus, they have some good thoughts but for the most part they are like ten your olds consumed by alcohol. Read somebody like Lao Tzu and take to heart when he said running a country is like cooking a small fish, do not over do it, meaning it will burn. Let the people be free and they will do wonders not this nonsense a white must teach you or approve of you or your society, afterall they are not the children of heaven.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo


Jones said...

Well said brother. Sometimes we sleep walk embracing such fallacies and accepting them as crowns when in fact they are ceilings. Ceiling over our ability and persons.

My only fear now is for the next generation....

Anonymous said...

Well said Jones, nice comment.



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