Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ethiopia and the Electric Car

Recently Ethiopia, the country well known for Hunger and political turmoil, unveiled an electric car. A job well done.

However, Ethiopia has received unprecedented discouragement, from the world. Africa has no need for an electric car, there will be shortages of electricity. This kind of discouragement should be expected from the white controlled media. These people of course refuse the fact, or will never want to acknowledge the fact that Ethiopia can export these cars to other parts of the world outside Africa. Or is this fact the real fear, because such a car is supposed to be manufactured in a place in their mind like Canada, USA, or England, definitely not in Ethiopia, a country they need to be starving in order to say they have no mind there, we need to send food aide.

In the BBC article, Wayne Batty, senior writer at South Africa's Topcar magazine, argues vehemently to such a development in Africa,Wayne Batty bbeing white presumably feels that Africans should not endeavor in such things, it is too dangerous in his vision of Africans that he needs to export to the world.

In fact throughout Africa's mixing with western Europeans this has been the plan, to make sure African's see themselves as helpless and need a white mind to help them move forward. Hence people like Lumumba who said we Africans can stand was destroyed by the West. Hence a Joshua Nkomo who led a liberation movement in Zimbabwe known as ZAPU, had to be destroyed because his organization included intellectuals,nuclear scientists, his taking over would have meant Zimbabweans would do it for themselves and this of course was a no no, hence need for people like Mugabe, Kenyatta and Mandela who would win the hearts of the West by saying, Africans need the skills of whites. Whilst those hated by the West said Africans can create their own and trade with the West, a no no then, and a no no today, the western white wants to act like he alone is the original thinker stealing the minds of the world, but the westerner will always say, ah, but we want to trade with you, meaning not even one word, they want you to sell natural resources to them and never make anything out of them, that is what they mean by trade, hence their anger towards China today. But whilst you are in Asia, or Africa through the propaganda you would think the westerners have some sort of heart where none in reality actually exist.

Hence the West in its plans would let a perceived ally like the Shah of Iran to collapse because of the vision he had for Iran, and allow the Ayatollah to take over because though a fundamental enemy of western thought, the Ayatollah would take Iran backwards for a while, whilst the Shah would take it forward and eventually would not take orders from the west as it moves forward.The Shah unfortunately for him was a nationalist, to be a true western ally you must put your peoples interest below theirs.

Now Ethiopia is doing exactly what they are not supposed to do, hence the discouragement, from people who do not understand knowledge, especially knowledge economics. Even if Ethiopia fails in its aims, they will have knowledge, and the beauty of knowledge is that the more you investigate the more you get.

Three cheers for this electric car initiative from Ethiopia, what have the blacks who criticize this done, those moderates who are loved because they have no original thoughts of their own.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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