Monday, April 5, 2010

The Mind, the Good Luck Charm

A friend of mine received a good luck charm from some Christian Organization, the cover stated God prompted me to send this to you.Dangerous hocus pocus for those who believe, if an individual, maybe okay, but a society, that society will collapse.

The mind is more powerful than any talisman, it is non physical it is part of you. The mind is the good luck charm, the society that believes this will generally have more good luck than a society that believes a stone will feed them, or a society that believes some other unknown force will feed them without them having to do anything but pray. If a society refuses to use the mind, that society will believe either some sort of talisman will save the society, or worse, that another society will save them, or doubly worse that ones who oppress them will save them.

Find a society with over 25% unemployment in good years and rest assured that either the government there is extremely oppressive and does not allow people to use their mind, and you will find a lot of superstition, and in worst cases some people saying stuff like its African science, what nonsense when one believes mystery magic will solve the ills of a society, will feed the poor, will allow people to work.

Any society with unemployment of over 25% is a society that has bad luck, bad luck because they did not use the mind the proper way, to survive, and kept the mind dull with superstitions. A dull mind can not tap into the energy of the knowledge plain, it even denies that such a plain exists, it believes things are non changing even though they can see the change around them, they are flying in planes yet do not believe in heavier than air flight.

A dull mind is the mind of the controlled, the one who believes whites are superior but themselves have never invented anything, the one who shouts political slogans without understanding them, the one envious of those better because they themselves can not contribute and therefore need to pretend to have contributed by saying the inventor of this and that belonged to their race, and at the end because their minds are dull and they themselves have bad luck, steal the luck of others because they fear, and claim that those others who used their minds can not possibly comprehend what they are saying it must belong to one of us, and they steal it.

That is why the free market is best, but the likes of Goldman Sachs, Barclays can not allow that, and rely on their control of puppets like Obama, Bush to save them when they have bad luck because they did not use their minds properly. But they will be back shouting we are the best, never admitting they are thieves though everybody knows they are thieves. The Forbes magazines are going to shout for free market, but when they where tested and found their minds had blundered the same Forbes magazine said what George Bush is doing is revolutionary, saving Goldman Sachs,Bank of America because they had bad luck because they did not use their minds. There is nothing an American or Western leader can do for the world besides try to rob it, be he white or black, be he a he or a she, they are all the symbols of the public leader of thieves, in every sense of the word. It was this last financial crises that tested their believes, it was all a lie believe in the free market just to tell people they have a chance if they work harder, but when they lose, their puppets will coming running to save them, Clinton, Obama, Bush, then they will say you who tells the truth are a fool, join the theft, yet every single white man, in the west be he a so called Christian or an atheist wants to join, only shouting evil because they are on the refusing end. The lowly union leader gives his friends jobs, just as Goldman Sachs gives it friends jobs, but the lowly union leader will say Goldman Sachs is evil not realizing he is just like them. Hence both the union and Goldman Sachs fear the market, but Goldman Sachs has the luxury through brothers in the media to pretend to like the market until of course the shit hits the fan.

The market can only be guaranteed in the constitution, it is not in any society, no society guarantees that type of freedom, hence Goldman Sachs and co receiving billions for not doing anything at all, then they have a nerve to preach to somebody on this earth, and Obama has the guts to say he came with change, offshore oil drilling, a health bill to feed the insurance companies he just bailed out, that is change and the example to the world. He is an abomination and spineless.

To get the best results of a free mind there needs to be the free market guaranteed in the constitution, the world order is not a solid matter, the society guaranteeing the free market will be the eventual winner, do not listen to hypocrites, the more free the minds, the more luck that society will have, it is the mind that opens the gates.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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