Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sinking of the South Korean Warship

The Sinking of the South Korean Warship

Upon hearing the news that North Korea was responsible for South Koreas war ship sinking from the media it was a frightining moment, surely South Korea would not let that go, they where justified, here is real war. Not being a great fan of North Korea, solely for the reason that they will not let their people be free and be creative, seek knowledge, do their part, North Korea to me is like Africa, a waste of human potential. I was praying that China rebuke North Korea in the strongest sense possible, a wake up call, it never happaned, then ...

South Korea is a country with giant conglorometes like Samsung, Hyundia, LG. They are a leader in the electronics field, so what happaned to their war ship. South Korea is constantly alert from the perceived dangers from North Korea, why was these sophisticated war ship not alert. Surely a torpedo would raise alarms and they would immediatly call their naval base that they are under attack, surely Samsung, Hyundai, and LG can. make sophisticated radar to alert the crew that they are u der attack, what then went wrong, a glitch in the system, a stealth torpedo not likely. Left me with one conclusion it was staged between South Korea and the incompetent CIA, only good for murdering millions of civilians in Africa and South America. CIA is only good for pulling other people back in order to push agenda that everybody is stupid except a white westerner. Now if I can see that it was a hoax, the Chinese can also see it, that is more frightening that the West does not rest until the world bows to them. I catergoryly say North Korea is evil, but the I competent CIA and western intteligence services are just as evil.

Don't even try to fool me that South Korea's warships cam not detect an incoming torpedo, stop this evil. But China should let North Korea collapse, why should people suffer and not contribute to the worlds knowlege base if they want to, or just surf at the beach if they want.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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