Monday, May 24, 2010

Believe in Free Market and Money not the Same Thing

Many people, including most economists, modern day philosophers, confuse the believe in money and the free market, they could not be more wrong.

Dictators believe in money, they will do anything for money and ensure they have no competition. This follows with the likes of Goldman Sachs, mobsters, they all believe in money, none of them believe in the free market. Every senator who is paid off (in case of America, all of them), every parliamentarian who is paid off, every president or prime minister who acts for business (business and the people are not the same no matter what Forbes, fortune, and New York Post say in their propaganda), believes in money not the free market. The Junta in Burma believes in money, not the free market, all African governments believe in money not the free market. All these people ensure the deck is stacked in their favour and ensure yhey have no competition, in the likes of the bankers if they lose they just get money from the corrupt governments they sponsor, in case of mobster they kill the competition, in case of African governments it is just illegal to compete with their cronies, these people believe in money.

Those who believe in the free market on the other hand believes in freedom, and making money to the best of your ability is a part of that freedom, a very different viewpoint from the Western banker who believes in cronyism and when the worst fail Fox television network that they sponsor through adverts will say the most talented failed, even though everybody knows they where not talented at Goldman Sachs, that is why they got money from the government they sponsor, that is why they had no guilt about promoting products they had bet would fail.

Those who believe in the free market on the other hand understand that in order for freedom to thrive, there must be competition, because it is not competition that is the primary goal, but the right for others to choose how they want to make a living as equal citizens, something that US senators have never believed in hence had no qualms in supporting dictatorships then in the past and today, all their friends are dictators. The western economist not believing in freedom but money insists on making environment good for western business but never mention that there needs to be freedom within the society, hence Thailand during cold war recieved western investment but never ensured freedom of competition is now paying the price, hence the mad riots but never a complaint from Washington saying they do not understand what is happening, Obama understands, he just will not say, he can not put sanctions for the military coup because it would mean those who believe in money and have sponsored him will suffer, because freedom has never been their goal. I mean these are the people who can say Castro is evil for kicking out the mafia. He might be evil, who knows, but kicking out the mobsters surely was a good thing, what's wrong with these Western whites, freedom is when mobsters run an economy, as long as they pay their bribes. Yet the US confiscates mob property everyday but want them to have property in Cuba, they after all took Las Vegas from the mob, gave it to their own connected people like Donald Trump, a gangstar by any measure.

All mobsters need arms, from the us government to the dictators in Africa, as for Canada, they have believe in money down to an art, no innovation anyone who can think is dangerous, we must control everything, they believe in money no different than a military Junta, taking a life and a soul are very similar.

Believe in the free market, believe in freedom, making money is a small part of freedom, don't be fooled by these mobsters. Richard Fine who exposed that judges are being paid off is in Jail for 14 months, they legally pay of judges in the USA as in what we are told happens in dictatorships, they are already here.

Believe in the free market not in money, money is not God that you should do anything for.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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