Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To the Brave Thai Red Shirts

Our hearts must go to the Thai Red shirts who are been destroyed by the anti freedom government in Thailand, anti democratic government in Thailand, note, not one word from Washington, London, Paris, Brussels, the West will always be hypocryts, problem is Red shirts want a free Thailand as oppossed to the West that desires a puppet, yet we will be told that Iran is evil constantly, where are the sanctions on Thailand, why must Iran justify it's domestic power generation desires to white human beings, why can not whites justify to us what they are doing.

Remember the Reds in Thailand won the election had their man deposed, an obvious puppet to the West. Ideologically I am with the government of Thailand, but they could not convince the marjority of Thai people of their position, they lost an election, be carefully of white westerners, they have no principle except money, 99% of them, very few are truthful beings, they are all out to keep everybody down and they make money out of you, where are the sanctions on Thailand.

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