Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Helium The Resource for Long Term Investor

Who ever thought of helium as a resource, a resource that is running out for that matter.Helium apparently is cheap because the US is getting rid of its stock piles, bad advise, probably from the same network that advised presidents of America and now nobody can buy houses, these guys are not joking around they would kill for money.

Now helium is very important, having real industrial uses. By 2015 apparently by law the US must have got rid of all its stockpile so the prize is artificially cheap. After 2015, Helium will be scarce, very scarce, do not be surprised to see the likes of BlackRock Investments, Capital Research Global Investors, Vangaurd group, Blackstone, and such groups where these companies just make huge funds and invest in every blue chip, absolutely no talent needed, just a connection, it takes no brain power to manage $500 bln and split it up equally amongst all the blue chips, you just have friends who deposit pension money into your fund, soon some of this money will move to Helium, it will be a very scarce resource not far from now, 5 years is not really that far.

For those with money some free advise, in next three years look at Airproducts, I bet you, Black Rock, Vanguard, are already shareholders, wake up, these people are easy to read.

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Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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