Monday, August 30, 2010

The eternal fight

Just saw an advert that is appaling in all manner, Shaquille O'Neal is in this advert with some white guy. The advert concludes, O'Neal is the best, presumably basket ball, and the white guy is the smartest, what a nice team they make. They keep trying to say they are smarter than blacks and blacks are only good for sport, comedy and singing, these are very dangerous people, they want to destroy absolutely any dignity blacks have, why, because they know they are liars.

Here is their trick, Calculus for example was invented in India by Bhaskara, not by Newton who stole the work of Leibniz, and not by leibniz. Now, they turn around and say Indians do not know calculus, or mathematics, nor Africans, or Chinese, they are the great thinkers, more like greatest fraudsters, now when you show them it goes beyond, they cry because they think it is a let down on Newton who stole it from Leibniz, but it is not, it has nothing to do with them, it is moving forward the works of the original person who discovered calculus Bhaskara who the whites stole from and tried for 500 years to cover that fact, what an appalling people westerners can be, mind you Bhaskara invented calculus centuries before Leibniz, why would you go to Oxford or Cambridge or Harvard for a maths degree, because they have fooled the world that they are the best, come to the West and see total disregard for the individual, it is about the mob, the white mob, then spread lies to the world about individual this and that, Thank Bhaskara for this modern technology, not possible without calculus, not Newton, and the world will do very well without ever hearing of Newton, their so called best scientist, a free market, a gift from lao Tzu, not Adam Smith as they want you to quote, all these ideas, calculus, free market came with the spice route from the East, they took them said its theirs. Free market is a gift from lao Tzu a Chinese philosopher, not Adam Smith.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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