Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Malwai is a developed Country, by decree

Just browsing through the internet and I came across one of the most laughable jokes of 2010, and they have been many amusing jokes so far this year, Obama compared to Hitler by a student of theft, calling him Hitler after all the free money he gave to the banks, people still want a pound of flesh, but the story about Malawi is more funny than that.

Apparantly the Malawian president has no policy, no legacy to leave behind. So confused by the task ahead, the task being to develop Malawi, he has taken it upon himself to declare Malawi a developed country, like Japan, Netherlands or USA is considered a developed country. He believes that by changing the flag of Malawi it now implies that Malawi is a developed country. Instead of having a sun rising on malawi, he has a full sun shining on Malawi and the reason is as follows, to quote from the BBC, "The new flag features a full sun instead of the old flag's rising sun, to reflect Malawi's change from a developing to a developed nation. Pity people do not understand that it is not changing the flag that signals that a poor country like Malwai is developed, rather it is creating more wealth that will make Malawi a developed country.

"We cannot permanently live in the past," President Bingu wa Mutharika said when it was launched.

"The new flag depicts the status of our development.""

Here is the story by BBC's Raphael Tenthani, Malawi's government has warned anyone who displays the country's old national flag will face arrest and prosecution...continue

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