Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mugabe and the White African

Just been watching a documentary on CBC, the Canadian owned government institution, the document was entitled Mugabe and the White African. It is about this white farmer taking Mugabe to the SADC court. It is a strange turn of events, Thatcher, must be regretting her decision to support Mugabe, well birds of a feather flock together. The same whites that knighted Mugabe must be all appalled, but that is life. to a lot of people Mugabe is a hero, to many others he is a destroyer.

What is important however is that the documentary was shown on CBC's passionate eye. When Mugabe and Thatcher duped Nkomo back in 1982, CBC did not show the horrendous hell that occurred in Zimbabwe, creating a phony rebellion with the MI5 to hoodwink Nkomo, who just looked confused, Mugabe waited patiently whilst Nkomo put down his arms, a trainload of arms was sent to Angola from Zambia to SWAPO and ANC bases, ZAPU arms, as Nkomo saw no more use for these heavy weapons, but Mugabe and the Brits tried to make it look like they had arms, when it all finished in 1987, it was clear Nkomo had no heavy weapons, he had complied with Lancaster house agreement, but the Brits and Mugabe had not, he had long disbanded his army, there were no arms. remind you of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, now Iran. just hoaxes. Now being a political animal, Mugabe finally turned on his white supporters.

But what is most important is this documentary was shown on CBC. I remember when some 6 years ago I tried to come out on CBC, I was given a date, a week ahead. I prepared, then when it was time, I called to confirm, CBC said they have canceled, they got one of their own to discuss the issue. Strange, I would have gone the next morning to CBC and told Oh sorry, good thing I called to confirm. I sent an email to the CBC complaints something, then they said okay sorry, come and talk for 6 minutes on how G8 or G20 can help Africa. Give a dog its bone. The message is clear, was clear, as a black you are too stupid. Fine, its your property.

I watch this white family crying and praying to God, but would the CBC show a black family praying and crying to the spirit for help. The answer is no. The problem is the whites and Mugabe are the same, whites want it to appear as they are the only people who can think, even if you correct Newton, a white will usher it under the table, because in their mind it is a criminal offense for a black to correct Newton, but if a white does it, their academics get publicity for far less and careers for far less. Two racists do not correct a wrong, Mugabe is a racist, but so then are western whites.

Mugabe and the white African, well its informative, well made documentary, but, one must be careful, it is hardly neutral, the suffering of the blacks under Mugabe is like hidden, There was no racism in this world, native Americans did not chase away whites, Chinese did not, Indians did not, Africans did not, but when the whites felt comfortable and grown in numbers, they said the natives are dogs, monkeys, and stupid incredible.

All I can say, is Mugabe has not yet followed the laws of knowledge, Zimbabwe would be better than it ever was if they followed the laws of knowledge, any country would be performing at its potential peak for that moment if they follow the laws of knowledge.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo


Anonymous said...

Just saw the documentary and to say that it's a shocker is an understatment.

The court found that white owned farms were taken without payment based upon race. That's racism.

On balance, the documentary showed blacks opposing Mugabe were also tortured and killed. That's an autocratic dictatorship.

Yes, opression is terrible. I thought that the normal view of North American slavery - that is, exclusively blacks transported from Africa to America and sold as slaves was was correct. After 4 years of research I was amazed to find that view is quite true from the 18th century forward.

However, in the 17th century persons of any colour, including white, were sold into servitude. My Scottish ancestor was captured by the English army, imprisoned, starved, tranported in chains on a slave ship, and sold to a Massac;husetts master to work in the iron mines in New England. I went there last year and learned the name of his "master" and saw where he lived and worked as a purchased slave. An interesting lost piece of history.

I was surprised but I shouldn't have been. Every race on the earth has historical slavery in it's past and none of the races gets to take the moral highground on this issue.

Institute of Knowledge said...

There is confusion in Zimbabwe, it is sad in most respects, and I am shocked to hear that there were white slaves, shocked really, it's a cruel world, let us try and make it a better place, I think more freedoms and people allowed to use their knowledge in their own right will see a better world, materially, morally and spiritually, yes, i consider myself spiritual.



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