Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ta Hsueh and Chung Yung: Wisdom from The Sages

I would highly recommend that one reads this ancient book, "Ta Hsueh and Chung Yung", written over 2 500 years ago from China.

"For if, out of mean spirit and jealousy, he should conceive ill - will toward any man possessing manifest talents, or, there being a man of refined cultivation, should he attempt to counter him and take steps to block his advancement, then he surely be lacking in this capacity of tolerance. He would thereby show himself incapable of safe guarding our descendants for all their generations..." (Ta Hsueh & Chung Yung).

2 300 years later not following these rules of Confucius, infighting in the imperial court, giving out contracts to those unworthy who became rich without talent, China fell flat in its face, allowing communist part to rise and rescue China. Let us hope they are not doing the same thing and follow this advise. In the West one saw those without any talent claiming they have talent and now there is a huge financial crises.

Quoting further, "For when one observes worthy men yet remains unable to employ them, or perhaps employs them but remains unable to grant them precedence, the fault is due to negligence." Can anybody in their minds come to grips with these facts, no Plato, Aristotle could ever have such a vision, Westerner are only coming to grips with this now, Canadian whites through sheer envy and jealousy have a semi socialistic system in order to block those of more talents, they say a body in Canada is different than a body in India or China, or USA, hence these doctors can not practice in Canada, because Canadian whites are fascinated with the likes of Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, children compared to Confucius and Lao Tzu, those Greek philosophers could never understand the concept of humanity, they wrote for the nobles of their time not for society.

Quoting further, "If, however, one observes men who act contrary to the good yet remains unable to remove them from office, or perhaps removes them from office but remains unable to distance them from power, this is a grave error."

Now this happens all over the world, unworthy people not removed from power. Stop reading Western philosophers, you will just end up being evil. you will steal other peoples thoughts and say they are yours, you will still their ideas and say they are yours, you will exterminate people for their own good, example, Native Americans and Australians, you will bomb countries and destroy them because you want what belongs to them, you do not want to buy it, Iraq, you will kill people simply because they do not think like you, Vietnam, you will say you believe in freedom but when it comes to the nitty gritty you will say well sometimes, these other Americans can not build their religious houses here, like in New York. Remember, the NAZI's, Churchill, Roosevelt where all the same, wanting to rule the world, no difference between them, no matter what the winners say. Read real works for humanity and keep away from seeds of evil.

These philosophies are the basis of freedom and the free market, read them and then read Adam Smith who said the same thing basically at the core, 2 300 years later, but even with proof evil people will say the sky is not blue only because somebody they hate and are jealous of said the sky is blue.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo.

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