Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tiny water filter for Africa

Sometimes you have to give some credit to white Africans, they are Africans, in South Africa a certain Dr Eugene Cloete has developed a water filter small enough for bottles, the size of a tea bag. He is considered one of South Africa's leading water researchers, if prove is in doing, then he is the leading water researcher.

This is wonderful news for Africa, and one of the few small victories in Zuma's seemingly unknown agenda, yes sometimes Zulu's do get it wrong, one must grudgingly admit. [He should have long set down with Cosatu as soon as he got into office and pointed out the lack of finances and draw up a plan to increase the economy, just be humble it is easy, there is no plan in South Africa, slowly just sinking.]

What should Cloete do with this find, here I say it should be commercialized, profits would be used to compensate Dr. Cloete for his efforts and the rest used for further research, research costs money unfortunately, without money you are stuck in the realm of subjects that do not need money, like mathematics, or theoretical economics, true mathematics is very important, but really does not need to much money, you either find a new mathematical relationship or not, you could be a waiter and after hours look at your maths, just like theoretical economics, but you better love the subject.

This water filter is from the brain of Dr. Cloete, it is his, he created it, do not steal it from him or get jealous if he buys himself a big house, go and use your mind to and try and make it work, he took nobodies land, or forced labor, admirable, respect it and one is on the right path, such things can not be affected by government policy of 30% to blacks, you can not have 30% of a mans mind. South Africa needs more Dr Cloetes', and Africa as a whole, create something and try and make money out of it, that is what is meant creativity, by innovation, by right technology, Africans need just a small filter that will sell inexpensively, Africa needs it so does India, so does most of Asia and Latin America, a job well done, give credit where it is due.

The problem is with those who desire for immediate satisfaction and gratification, that tea bag sized water filter did not happen overnight, many nights, months maybe years of frustration, such is life, luckily he is white, it does have its advantages, if he was black one sense knowing how things operate in the western mind, that invention would have been stolen and given to a white, if not stolen it certainly would not get media attention and sneered as rubbish,it certainly would not appear on BBC, but that is life and another story.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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