Thursday, November 18, 2010

Three Cheers for Warren Buffet's Honesty

One has to be amused with the American political landscape, there are those who are ungrateful for their entitlement, take Blackstone chief Steve Schwarzman who likened Obama to Hitler, this was after Obama had just saved his investments, a truly ungrateful man who believes he is entitled and does not even have to say sorry. Scott Atlas of the Hoover institute recently wrote an article for Forbes magazine entitled “No more Entitlements”, Scott Atlas was of course talking about Obama’s Medicare. Mind you the same Forbes Magazine back in 2008 printed an article by Peter Robinson, also of the Hoover Institute entitled "what would Freidman have done", back then Bush was still president, and Peter Robinson was defending the bailouts to the banks, therefore the Hoover Institute is clear where they stand, screw the little guy but use all your resources to entitle the billionaires, with of course Forbes magazine delighted to support such a view. They know where their bread is buttered.

Now take a man like Warren Buffett, he recently wrote a piece for the New York times entitled, “Pretty Good for Government Work”. He thanks the government for saving his investments, one must truly appreciate such a gesture, he clearly says in his article he is grateful for the government having helped his investments, unlike Schwarzman who spits in the eyes of those who helped him remain a billionaire. Warren Buffet is honest, Schwarzman is dishonest, it is as simple as that. Help such a man, pick him up when he is on the ground he will spit in your eye, actions speak louder than words. People like Schwarzman are driven by intense insecurity, envy, leading them to despise and be dishonest, just like Forbes.

Three cheers to humans like Warren Buffett, they are man indeed.

I believe in the free market and right of individuals, but it is nice to see honest people.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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