Monday, November 22, 2010

Africa, all but Pacified and Discarded

The world seems to all but given up on Africa, not in the way one can actually see, but in the way Africa is discussed, it is like some discarded something in the outside room, a lot of blame has to fall on Africa’s leaders lack of concern for the people, a lot of the blame has to fall on the West. The blame is another story, but a clue, Africa has been looted by its leaders and secondly the cold war objectives of the West have been achieved in Africa, so whilst South East Asia was receiving capital from Washington, London, Paris, Africa was receiving arms to pump up wars, some wars were legitimate some were not, the legitimate wars the West went on the offensive, they never wanted to hear of a free Africa, JF Kennedy being one of the main sponsors of an anti African agenda, and a black president, Obama, in the hands of special interest will actually blame Africa alone for its mess, he would not dare open trade for Africa, but again Africa does not need trade with USA, Canada, or Europe, that is a world of make believe promoted by ideological economists at Harvard, Cambridge, Princeton, Stanford, Oxford, Yale and Chicago, (as if knowledge comes from bricks and mortar,frightening for them but true), with free markets no society needs another society, with knowledge as the prime driver, no society needs another society, of course main stream western media will never agree to this, so the western consultant will say you need us, not true, everybody needs everybody, anyhow, the cold war objectives have been achieved, Africa will provide raw materials and the leaders corrupted by years of western agitation will sell of as much as possible as long as their bank accounts are filled. Have you ever heard a good thing on CNN about Africa, except for a well being dug by a western mining company for the good of the locals, forgive me, that is another story.

How do we know Africa has been pacified, we know when at the recent G 20 meeting, the main topic about Africa was concern of food security. At first glance this is a very nice thing to say, what concern, but in reality nobody is looking at the underlying causes of this food insecurity. People are merely looking at the symptoms of the disaster in Africa since independence, indeed since colonial times, who ever heard of a famine in Africa before colonialism, it never existed, in most African languages there is no word for famine, it was unheard of before colonialism and post independence Africa. Now suddenly there are famines everywhere and most thinkers agree these famines are caused by the socio political environment that is prevailing in Africa.

By refusing to discuss the underlying factors of food security since forever, it shows the world has all but given up on Africa. The underlying cause is simply a lack of freedoms, in most instances people are prevented from farming in regions opposed to the government ideologically, this has happened from Ethiopia to Zimbabwe, and all the regions in between, why is there food in South Korea but lack of food in North Korea, it is the same reason why there is food insecurity in many parts of Africa, the socio – political – economic environment. There is no point of talking about food insecurity in Africa without mentioning the socio political environment in that continent, to avoid mentioning the political environment is to shrug ones shoulders, and one would expect people like James Wolfensohn to mention such a fact, but in a recent BBC program he nobly mentioned food security in Africa but never once delved into the causes of this food insecurity. Respecting knowledge by its nature requires trade, nobody can be all knowing, though the likes of Cambridge try to support the idea that all knowledge comes from whites, a bare faced lie, but in reality nobody can be all knowing, trade is itself an exchange of knowledge, even the simplest trade, bartering a hen for shoes, it took knowledge to rear the hen and make the shoe, nobody can respect knowledge without supporting trade unless they have some ulterior agenda that will mostly come out of mysticism and probably evil, because it causes misery at the end of the day to huge sections of societies indeed to societies themselves, the black believing the propaganda that only whites can think will direct himself to fighting for a spot in the NBA or as a boxer, 30 million blacks in the USA can not all be athletes as the media tries to suggest, but white fear and propaganda from those controlling the media has meant a lot of suffering from people ghettoized.

The lunatic idea from Western institutions that Africa’s prosperity lies with its resources is lunacy, so every African will either partner a western mining firm to be a shareholder in a mine or a miner, that is madness from consultants sponsored by western mining firms, Africa has as much intellectual capacity as any continent or race but the continuous flow of propaganda would suggest no, we will all either own mines or be miners, that is the heart of the greatest evil on earth. Africa will be saved like other peoples by respecting knowledge, the natural resources are a benefit, but of course this can not be announced in mainstream media, because it is not what Washington, London or Paris want to hear. Hence the rabid need to say Cambridge is the best place of learning, that is where knowledge is from, since when did knowledge come from bricks and mortar, it comes from the mind of a human.

True the G20 has all but given up on Africa and London, Paris, and Washington can relax knowing their consultants, propaganda people and economists have all worked nicely together to say Africa has no potential, but it is a lie, Africa just needs to wake up from the lie.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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