Monday, December 6, 2010

There is No Danger of a Rising China

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I am an avid reader of the economist, most times it has wonderful things to say, but I am recently more and more shocked how the western mind is turning China into an enemy, they do not have troops outside New York, they do not have troops in Cuba, they have never violated American airspace, they have never done anything but we are told they are an enemy to the world, this is the same ploy that was used on Japan a few years ago when Japan was having rapid economic growth, the media would not stop warning people, Japan is still fighting world war two, whites sorry to say have too much hatred for others.

Quoting the latest edition of the economist, December 4 – 10 2010, who in turn quoted a Bill Emmott, “the thing you have to understand, he says, is that both of us think that the future belongs to us. We can’t both be right”, so a white can not believe that the future belongs to everybody on the globe, it is baffling logic, that kind of evil will always be baffling. A certain Edward Carr writing for the economists says “China insists its growing military and diplomatic clout pose no threat to the world. The rest of the world, and particularly America, is not so sure.” What Edward Carr should have said is, “China insists its growing military and diplomatic clout pose no threat to the world, the white western world, and in particular racist Americans, are not so sure.” Do not say the rest of the world, say white racists, because not all whites are racist who believe everybody should be beneath them, statements like this are sickening as they assume whites are the whole world, “In many ways China has made efforts to try to reassure an anxious world” (economist), blacks are not anxious, they don’t care, racist whites are anxious. They talk about sinking of a Korean corvette, nonsense, South Korea is advanced enough to have radar on its ships, they would have sounded the alarm, that was a CIA job, we are not all fools.

Why all this hatred from racists, you can not say you believe in A yet at the same time say you do not believe in A. You can not say you want to see the world rich and happy and at the same time say that is a threat to your existence, Americans should be the most grateful, and most satisfied, they committed the worst genocide in History to make room for Anglo Saxons, they should not even care about the world, having received native American world for blood. Yet they do not want the world to move on, why must there always be an enemy, first it was native Americans, then blacks, then Japan, then Islam, then China, my Lord, you can not have the world, it is not yours it belongs to everybody. At least the economist to be fair does say, “...cold warriors are suffering from a bad case of “enemy – deprivations syndrome.” That is all it is. You can not say you want a free market and you don’t want it at the same time.

Racist whites just need to grow up, you are not better than anybody, try and hide the fact, but that is hiding the fact not being better. If a white economist had warned about a persistent underclass developing in America before Bernanke made the same announcement at Ohio State university he would be lauded, but a black you try and hide it. But I was the only economist who warned about this before Bernanke, because we care about the world. You are not better than anybody

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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