Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Only Africa has Africa's heart in Mind

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One can only look at the recent wiki leaks about America’s plans with Africa with disdain, one can see straight through the hypocrisy. If one adds the positives by the negatives the record of the west towards blacks and Africans in particular is appalling, yet one reads that in the recent leaks from Lagos that “The United States will continue to push democracy and capitalism while Chinese authoritarian capitalism is politically challenging.” That is a clear lie, where are the free trades with Africa, when will Westerners ever publish original research from Africans without demanding to be quoted, when will an African immigrant ever present a business plan and it is accepted by a white Westerner, please stop these lies, they are too obvious. Capitalism to Westerners is when Africans do not think and open themselves up to exploitation, that is a good African, a moderate. I can give you a thousand examples, an African using the same text book as a westerner his knowledge is somehow considered inferior and westerners use every trick in the book, then we have this nonsense that somehow the west is trying to promote goodness in Africa.

This read further quote, “The Chinese are dealing with the Mugabe’s and Bashir’s of the world, which is a contrarian political model, A/S Carson stated.” It was the pro freedom of economies Thatcher who promoted Mugabe and pulled every trick in the book for him, yet today because Mugabe took some land from 200 whites he us in their eyes suddenly a monster, yet when his troops where trained by North Koreans and armed by Thatcher to fight the western way, people with stones, he was awarded knighthoods, awards from Sweden, now suddenly he is evil, who is this Carson trying to fool.

It is time for Westerners to grow up, don’t think of African agricultural produce is dirty, there is no mad cow disease in Africa, and stop thinking you are intellectually superior to Africans then you can stand up and say you are promoting goodness in Africa otherwise stop thinking you are talking to children, or you want to take the uneducated ones and act like you are magicians, like you are the ones with the solutions whilst the Africans who where lucky to get educated are stupid, you will not fool our brothers, it is not going to happen, though we know you are trying with all your power. We know what freedom is.

A Westerner will never have Africa’s well being in mind, neither would a Chinese, Obama has delivered nothing to Africa, he has developed something for his brethren in Europe, America’s friends. If you can tell me warning about structural unemployment two years ago counts for nothing, and you just realize it now, but it was a black warning, who do you think you are fooling because your charlatans and Yale, Chicago, Harvard, Oxford, could not see it you brush it under the table. You are fooling nobody.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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