Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Water Powered Clock

Reading from www.thinkgeek.com one gets the following quote about a water powered clock, “OK, so generating electrical power from water might not require quantum math, but it is pretty darn interesting.” Not been a physicist, I am truly fascinated, as a knowledge economist I have always said the human mind is not limited, as long as it has something to build on. As long as there as previous knowledge we can build on it, what would Faraday think of a water powered clock, he would be fascinated, he understood electricity as being produced by generators/ motors. What would Alessandro Volta, the Italian inventor of the battery think about a water powered clock. It is amazing, though not amazing for those who understand quantum physics, 0.05% of the worlds population.

Can you imagine if 6 billion people where involved in the knowledge process, truly believe me, only shallow people who claim to understand knowledge but do not believe in the concept of overpopulation. There is so much we can do, life is so precious, the more, the more precious life there would be. We can take care of the environment once we stop thinking for the very short term but long term. They claim soon we will have water powered cars, some say yes, some say it is a hoax, who knows, but do not underestimate the human mind.

Better to build a better future, the only way is to reduce suspicions and hatred, let us stop being racist, over nationalistic, nothing wrong with loving ones nation, let us cooperate and acknowledge all can think and a better world we shall have.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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