Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Universe is Perfect

I found myself on the new scientist website today, today being 18 April 2012. I found myself reading an article there entitled, “Neutrino no-show deepens cosmic ray mystery
” by Anil Ananthaswamy . I quote the first paragraph, “The failure of ghostly subatomic messengers called neutrinos to show up at an Antarctic telescope has knocked down a major astrophysical theory involving some of the most dramatic explosions in the universe.
"I would have preferred to have seen neutrinos," says the IceCube telescope's principal investigator Francis Halzen at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. "Null results are usually not very interesting, but in this case, it is."”.

It is frightening to hear people talk like this, “I would have preferred to have seen neutrinos”, is that science, obviously this person is not investigating, they already have pre conditioned results in mind. A sign of decay if at this day and age people expect to see what they want, having pre conceived ideas.

What one prefers when being a scientist leads to such silly statements as the universe is not perfect, well go and build a better universe if it is not perfect, what exists, exists because it has a function, what kind of mind then says the universe is not perfect because it is not going the way they want it to, and yet call themselves a scientist, and New Scientist prints such uttering’s, one can only wonder what is going on.

Put “Perfect Universe” in a search engine, and you find such titles as An article written in 2010 for the New York Academy of Sciences entitled “The Imperfect Universe” written in 2010 by, Marcelo Gleiser. To have such a title shows one does not comprehend the meaning of cause and effect, the universe is as it should be because of cause and effect. One can not consider themselves a scientist if they can not grasp such a simple concept, they can be considered well spoken people, debaters, but not scientists.

Go to answers in genius, and one reads in an article by Michael Oard in 1998 entitled “Missing Antimatter Challenges the ’Big Bang’ Theory”. To quote from this article, “The problem is that, so far, no antimatter domains have been detected in space within 20 megaparsecs of the Earth. This ‘ ... underscores a long-standing mystery: why the big bang displays such blatant favoritism towards matter.’1 Samuel Ting, one of the leading advocates in the search for antimatter in space, laments:”. Clearly there is something wrong when people lament results not going as they want, what is the logic behind them wanting these results, is there a proven mathematical logic behind their desires, behind their theories, or are they throwing wild suggestions to look smart because whilst at university they never had a beer, a party, never did any sport, just studied and considered themselves geniuses because all they did was study. Well if a child just studies sure they will have great marks, but certainly not a geniuses, the geniuses goes to the parties has fun and still understand the simple matter of cause and effect and does not have preconceived ideas like somebody who spent all their time reading and not thinking, reading to pass not to have the ability to think.
The universe is perfect, it is exactly the way it is supposed to be, who told you linear, was the way it is meant to be, who told you because you can’t predict it, somehow it is not perfect, there is something wrong, go and make a better universe, the way you like, then you can be happy, these pseudo scientists, study all day, never party, did no sports, think they are intelligent because they just study all day with no insight into anything, think Goldman Sachs, robbers, same thing, claiming to be more intelligent, that is how you end up blocking people who are correct, the envy will eat you up with pre conceived ideas.
Just understand cause and effect, you will humbly accept, it is perfect the universe.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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