Sunday, April 29, 2012

The World is Perfect

A Zen monk in a Japanese temple draws beautiful lines in the sand and makes a wonderful pattern. He then draws a line in the pattern, in his mind disfiguring the pattern, the reasoning behind this is his view is that nothing is perfect in this world.

 What is perfect? That is a misconstrued concept, the world is as it should be, otherwise it would not be so. Everything around us follows the basic laws of the universe, cause and effect. Things are as they should be. That there are brutal dictatorships around the world is a result of cause and effect, it is how things should be, or they would not be like that, is that not perfect? Sure we can try and change the world and make it more just and fair, if we succeed, that is how things should be, if we fail that is how things should be, but as a human one must try. That the elite in the West run the governments is how things should be, sue you can try to change things, a human being is born with the ability to act, but that is how things should be.

 That there are die hard racists in the world is a result of cause and effect, they feel by degenerating other human beings there are more spaces for whites, the effects are evil, but that is how the world should be, take action and change it, if you succeed, then you have taken the action that leads to change, that is as how the world should be, is that not a perfect world, following the laws of the universe of cause and effect. As a human take action to destroy what you do not like, but do not say it is not perfect. The world follows the laws of cause and effect perfectly, it is a perfect world.

 When you see all evidence of global warming, that is how things should be, the causes are not difficult to understand, sure that there are liars who say there is no global warming, that is perfect to, they cause more harm, the truth must fight its way, it still does not make the world imperfect, they are perfect liars, others are perfect evil, still perfect, and evil always needs an enemy, it is evil.

That blacks are downtrodden does not make the world imperfect, it is a result of cause and effect, and as humans they must take action and cause things to change for the better. Without action things will remain perfectly bad for black people. Perfectly bad is still perfect.

The universe is perfect, the world is perfect, at least with human nature we can change it, but we can not change the universe, if you are looking for neutrinos and don’t find them, there is nothing you can do about that. But evil forces of white domination can have action taken against them, because they are human affairs. Think about it, to a white man, 95% believe in a zero sum game, why should they ever admit a black can think, it is not to their benefit, if they admit that to themselves, it means they can no longer push forward the practise of robbing blacks and the African continent, it is cause and effect, hence desire to move away from them, because they simply can not tell the truth.

The world is perfect, even if we do not like what we see. Bhekuzulu Khumalo


sewa mobil jakarta said...

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Unknown said...

You're right - the world is perfect and we are all in this together - peace



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