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Seeing God in the maths

It is supposed to be in this new era that science disproves the existence of God or gods, or any entity that suggests a superior understanding of the universe and creation than mankind. Mankind is strictly a result of evolution and if you believe otherwise you are a nut head, a wacko, or something crazy and irrational. This has forced people who want to be taken seriously to deny anything and everything spiritual so as not to be seen as an irrational person.

There is nothing wrong with seeing a bigger picture in science, without fear of being taunted one will be able to see that for example mathematics has a lot in common with a supreme entity be it God, a spirit or a powerful mind connecting all of us. Science never says no unless there is irrefutable proof, we must admit there are things we do not understand about the universe, about existence, the honest truth we know very little, almost nothing about existence, yet there are those content in discarding concepts without any irrefutable proof that those concepts in any form can never exist.

Each new discovery is built on the past, but it takes the knowledge of the past further forward and our understanding of the past becomes more vividly clear if we have the time to pay attention. Each new discovery just as importantly allows us to understand existence in a different light.

The concept of God is about an all knowing entity, everlasting, everywhere, timeless, a very powerful entity whose mind supposedly willed existence. Some say this entity is just a mind and somehow we are all connected to it, who knows. For example when we read from the old testament in the Christian Bible, from the book of Psalms 147 verse 5 one reads “Great is our Lord, and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.” This is such a loaded statement.

This scripture basically means God’s understanding has no limit. It is talking about knowing everything, the quality of knowing things is timeless. This is taking timeless as meaning nothing takes time, time has no effect on that quality.  How then is the quality of knowing timeless? To those familiar with knowledge economics they would understand that humans too can understand things, and anything you know is generally timeless. This is so because it does not take time to retrieve what you know. That is a practical example of the concept of timeless. If an entity knows everything, it has the quality of all in existence being timeless to its mind,.

It is always wonderful to connect things to logic, that is why we have a mind. Though dealing with human beings, knowledge economics tells us that we have a small quality of timelessness through what we know, through our minds. If an entity knows everything it has the quality that all is known to it at a moments thought, it is timeless in every sense.

To have an understanding that has no limit is truly a huge concept, that entity knows what you are thinking right now, and at another level not being discussed here it means we humans are part of it, if it can know our thoughts. As Titus 1 verse 1 says “further the faith of God’s elect and their knowledge of the truth that leads to godliness.” How can we have godliness unless we all already have it.

Many scientists talk of the fact that humans are just a bundle of atoms and molecules and any idea of a higher entity is just nonsense make belief stuff for ancient humans to be able to cope with the harsh reality, that we are masters of our own fault as if there is no prejudice, bigotry, sexism, racism, tribalism, and other evils, great ability can be denied for being wrong skin colour, or religion. How then are we completely masters of our fates as these scientists claim as we are just a bunch of atoms that by chance ended up creating a mind.

These same scientists claiming everything is by chance acknowledge that there are patterns that exist in the universe, patterns that occurred by chance. These same scientists acknowledge that for example human beings follow a normal distribution and there is a category that the majority always fall in, distributed in a manner that is somehow predictable. Applying these patterns to human activity and science is to acknowledge be it one likes it or not that they believe nature has patterns and human beings adhere to those patterns and laws, laws that came about by chance, rules that just came from nothing, rules and laws like gravity, electricity, do not explain the why? Explain the why of the why when it comes to the laws of existence, if we cannot then we should be a little more careful in denouncing concepts.

Before we move any further it is important to understand that if one’s understanding has no limit one will self generate, if one knows every law of existence, they certainly know how to stay aware forever.

Knowledge economics talks of transdimensional mathematics, that mathematics behaves differently at every dimension, in particular the mathematical derivative the rate of change. We know from logic and mathematics that the rate of change slows down with every increase in spatial dimensions. With infinite dimensions there is no change, an entity with infinite dimensions or in a some of infinite dimensions can be anywhere at any time, if one wanted to be at the furthest part of the universe they would be there at an instance, is that not an ability described by scriptures of the most powerful entity imaginable. This is mathematical reality.

When we play a game of snakes and ladders there are rules we know the origins of these rules, when talking of gravity a law of the universe, what are the origins of that law, until we can answer those questions we as humans must be careful of shouting out too much with too little knowledge.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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