Sunday, May 18, 2014

Woes of Humanity

 This is chapter 1 of a book that is complete, book is entitled "A good Look at Ourselves", and it occurs in 2070 at a philosophy institute. Do enjoy.

Zumani wore cream coloured robes, he was considered short at 5’9, the average height was now 6’1, the global boom in nutrition had greatly affected human height. He was lean, with no fat, but walked as if he did not notice. His hair was all grey, he did not mind, never coloured it, he was very black, ebony. He spoke with a loud voice, the most prominent feature that people most remembered about him was the permanent scowl on his face, his face for ever suggested action and determination. When not serious his laugh was loud, when serious he never laughed, he was a contradiction. He had been helping people read and provoke their thoughts for 5 years at the School of Enlightenment.
He walked briskly into his class, a large room seating 30 in a circle, he had however only accepted 27 students to be in his class for his 4 months reading and discussion course. But he had over 1 000 students via the internet, and they would all be involved in this class. There was no grading at the School of Enlightenment, only a certificate saying one read at the school.
He took his seat, it was 8:50am, “ladies and gentlemen, let us continue, let us continue about this question of suffering, what causes suffering? Why do we continue to suffer, we have conquered hunger globally, everybody has something, yet still we hear of conflict there, conflict here, riots over there, yet nobody is starving, we all have, what is with us humans?”
“Jealousy and envy, those with less envy those with more, even though those with less are at a living standard hitherto unknown in human history”
“ah, heir to a fortune, so you think all these other humans envy and are jealous of you Mr. Trollip, they all want a piece of what your father built, why where their fathers lazy, why didn’t they struggle like your father? now they are envious, sins of their fathers” commented Zumani.
“But I have, I can afford a round trip around mars, they can not, so they feel that is not fair, my father never cheated anybody, he was born a nothing in Los Angeles, he was an engineer, he went through the apprenticeship program, worked and did his degree at the same time, never went to any fancy university, apprenticeship programs are for those who can not afford ridiculous university fees, paying back for 10 years. He had insight, he worked for Avion Rockets, he showed them his magnetic field  propulsion and they scoffed, he quite, had nothing, was already in debt but luckily enough some venture capitalists took his idea seriously, now a trip to mars takes 5 days instead of 3 months, the moon is 9 hours away, why should he feel guilty, why should I, too much, I have too little, patents ran out, the whole humanity has benefited, yes they are not thinking of the benefits provided, they only hear of our bank accounts and they get envious.” Trollip looked straight at Zumani’s eyes smiling. Zumani gracefully nodded his head slightly to the left.
“Is James right, those with less wealth are jealous, he deserves his fathers wealth, indeed his father deserved it, he gave so much to humanity, the rest are just create their own suffering because they are jealous?”
A young lady from Sierra Leone began to speak, her skin was golden mixed, her name was Cynthia Bangura, “In a way James is right, it is envy, and this envy stems from thinking and not accepting things, desire, and comparing. The Buddha told us the cause of suffering is attachment”
“Well James must be suffering greatly, he is attached to his wealth” said one of the class attendees and there was some light laughter, “Are you suffering James?”
“I have my health and can have almost anything I want, the Buddha also said “Without health life is not life; it is only a state of languor and suffering - an image of death”, I have my health, and some change, I don’t feel I am suffering”
“Maybe the Buddha was not entirely correct, hence we never canonize works” suggested Zumani in passing, “ but let us hear lady Cynthia out”
“Thanks Reader Zumani, as I was saying, if people did not grasp so much on the material, what would cause envy and jealousy, envy and jealousy do cause suffering, these are a direct result of attachment”
“Are you asking people not to be human?” asked Rodriguez Carmen, an ex military man in his 50’s from Mexico and now a member of the Mexican opposition, “I mean humans will always desire, but does that mean they are envious if the system is against them, it seems we still have not overcome feeling of being boxed into classes, it is hard to be rich, and once you are, the system protects you, forgetting that it is that same system one had to over come, Buddha was unrealistic asking us to deny that we have flesh...”
“Maybe” cut of an elderly man in his 70’s, Jean Rainier a Frenchman, his white hair was thinning, but not a bald patch on his head. He was tall, 6’7 and slender,  an ex miner who won world wide fame for his book ‘dangers of deep mining’, a book showing the dangers of extracting iron from the earths mantle, high paying and extremely dangerous occupation, after 5 years these miners could earn what a normal miner would take 30 years to earn, 10% were fatally injured, 22% were left as cripple. He had taken his money and invested in mining companies and now just enjoyed the luxury they brought, the shares kept on climbing as the world’s population pushed towards 20 billion “Maybe, maybe suffering stems from not loving our neighbors as we love ourselves as Jesus said, why harm another if we love them?”
“Nicely put Jean” Zumani seemed to agree
“How can we love our neighbours when there is so much fear, fear, fear is what drives the rich to make laws that protect them, they fear losing those riches, how can a man who fears other people ever love. Fear of losing their positions and possessions that they are attached to means billions must suffer, hypothetically the Buddha was right, though we must accept we are flesh, and Jesus was right though he himself falls into the same trap as the Buddha, we are flesh, emotions, desires, drive us, from the day that 14 year old boy tells that 14 year old girl that he wants her, desire is ruling him, he wants her and damn everything else, later on in life he wants that position, anything in his way is shoved over a cliff if that be the solution for his desire. And now not only the rich the ordinary folk, they would push each other over a cliff for one hour of over time, they use connections to get jobs, and complain that the rich use connections when they are doing exactly the same thing except in a petty way when it comes to financial reward, the rich and the poor are the same, they all fear not getting ahead, we have to find a system that recognizes humans as they are, a system with checks and balances, checking our desires, such that we do not kill each other and we are punished when we cheat others and deprive them because they are our betters,” Rodriguez brushed his hair with his right hand and smiled feeling content with himself. 
“You look content with yourself Carmen,” spoke a blonde girl Samantha Powers, she was in her mid 30’s, a consultant with the UN, born in Switzerland but grew up in Turkmenistan as her father worked for a bank there, a top manager, the bank, the largest in the world never liked its banks to be run from people from the same nation as the branch was, they believed this created impartiality. The bank was truly multinational, though its primary listing was the New York Stock exchange, it was also listed in London, Shanghai, and Konza, a city built in Kenya after 2030, the most modern in Africa, no one citizenry owned more than 10% of the bank, “some would say being content is the key to not suffering, great philosophers have said that, maybe we as human beings should be content with what we have”
“Nonsense, that is just propaganda of the rich saying we should be content with our lot whilst they push ahead, I don’t buy it, we are flesh I tell you, with eyes, and senses, Carmen is right, be content my foot, just like the Christian Priests telling us we should accept our lot as the kings and queens are from God, they should feast and we accept our lot, absolute garbage,” spoke Bharatbhai Shrimali, “I am a Dalit from India, even today I can not exist there as a human, they tell me it is the will of the god’s that I clean their toilets, I got a Doctrate in Physics, I can not teach there, I should be content to clean toilets, all a con, I have proved I am better than them, I won all the awards, I discovered stuff, but I should be content to wipe their arses, no, a con, I will never accept that argument Sam, never, content”, he spoke with such vermin, “ I have desires, I am human, I will not renounce that I am human, I don’t want to be a Christ, a Buddha, I am here on earth, get out of my way if I am better than you, don’t come with your funny things like I should be content with my lot that you kindly allow me to exist, exist to clean your toilet, I exist, here I am in flesh and blood, who are you to say I exist to serve you, bullshit!” Everybody by now knew Bhara as he was known, involved in countless movements that had organized riots world wide, involved in bringing about progressive laws enshrining equality before the law world wide all this whilst pursuing his physics theories, writing from his head as he could not afford a laboratory, he brought wormhole theory to its present stage now that experiments could be carried out, all whilst involved in fighting for the oppressed against laws that protected the rich and powerful. Once the most wanted man by the UN and security council, now one of the most revered humans, he was in his mid 50’s.
“You don’t get me” began the reply of Sam Powers, “Maybe you do not want to be Christ or Buddha like, but if we aspired as human beings to be Christ like, Buddha like, surely suffering on earth will be reduced, and by the way Bhara, you acted as the Bhagavad Gita said, fight the good fight and do not think of victory or defeat, one could say you are an inspiration from the gods, however humans follow by example, imagine if our political leaders acted as though they loved other human beings, would we not all follow, the simple fact of accepting each other as human beings, what is so wrong with that, after all we are all here together to talk of making the world a better place, Christ and Buddha just wanted us to accept each other as human beings”
“Excellent Samantha! Beautiful,” exclaimed Zumani.
“True, we should treat each other as human beings, but do we not do that already, there are classes, always classes, we are designed that way, those in the upper ruling elite structures get the luxury, and can exist in opulence, the elite sometimes by money or by birth will always be given every opportunity, suddenly you see people of certain ethnic backgrounds shooting to the top as top thinkers when ll they are doing is saying gibberish, and after every crises they rename themselves as the New thinker, New economic Thinkers, new social thinkers, the same people who create the mess rise as the new thinkers to solve the mess. That is why the Noble Prize lost all credibility over 30 years ago. These people can not accept that somebody else can think better than them, some argue this has been going on for over 2 000 years, always the same bloodlines come up with a solution they caused, any other voice is shut of, censorship of the internet, it was illegal to hear Bhara talk in any society as all belong to the UN, yet all he was saying is we are all human beings. Violence was necessary for us all to be accepted as human beings, the world supported Bhara, but the elite tried to turn the whole world against him and they failed. They will never accept we are all human beings unless they are all burnt, where ever they are found and burnt, burnt simply because they are truly evil, only thinkers in the world, this might seem radical, but it is reality and then we have a new world based on talent, ability, not backing of arms, state, or media control given to you by corrupt government officials, then that media you control says your cousin is smartest, what a fantastic madness.” Thus spoke Osama Musa, a radical thought leader from Indonesia but now based somewhere in the Andes in South America.
“But if we burn evil people are we not being just like them evil” as ked Sam Politely
“It doesn’t matter if they rise up and say those who burnt them are evil and they where innocent, they know themselves they are not innocent, they know what they are doing, what they have done, they rob the world’s people of dreams, of inspiration, of hope and say all hope lies with them, they rob humanity of dignity, it does not matter if after words survivors say they are innocent, we all know that to be false, they lie, create chaos, it does not matter what they say afterwards, you can’t be evil for getting rid of evil, evil will always claim innocence and at worst claim to be a force of good, the manifest destiny was a force of good, kill all native Americans, but that evil is obvious, evil that plays with people brains is beyond evil, whilst they take all the wealth. Because they expect you not to care, when you speak up they will say you are the evil one, all sorts of lies like jealous envious, yet they are the jealous and envious, stealing the worlds minds because they where never ever capable of having their own mind so they steal others and claim it as theirs then in the past say they are genetically more intelligent for stealing the worlds ideas and not acknowledging, bizarre evil absolutely bizarre, burn them all I tell you, genetically born to have a higher IQ, thieves go to endless lengths to justify theft, Sam, you can never change people dispossessed towards evil, call me whatever you like, you just can’t, then they go around saying they are hated ignoring the endless theft they are undertaking both materially and intellectually and thereby spiritually and emotionally at the end, everybody else’s life has no meaning or purpose except to serve them” replied Osama
“But how do you tell who is who?” asked Fareed Jordan an African American, he worked his way up  the black Muslim religious order, never got to the top left the order to start a business farming organic food in the deserts of China and became a multi billionaire, his fortune estimated around 30 billion units, putting him in the top 10 000 of humanities wealth, he was chubby and always had a puzzled look as if he did not know what was going on,  some said his face resembled that of a scared soldier, who instead of firing back throws his gun away and hides whilst the real soldiers fight back. “You cannot tell who is who, there is no one ethnic group ruling, a small click, look at me, started with a small little farm on land nobody wanted, used the techniques from a Chinese scientists, who still owns 5% of the company I founded, I own 20%, but I gambled, would I be considered in your conspiracy theory as one to be burnt. Those who work for the company I founded are paid on average 15% higher than in companies of similar nature, why, because it is right, otherwise honestly I would be worth at least twice more, but a man really needs only 500 million to be sustainable, I mean a subsonic rocket that allows me to move from China to New York in about 1 hour costs 100 million, what more does anybody want, I risked all my savings, do not tell me I do not deserve this. I have financed foundations on new thoughts, and the ideas must be truly new, not some recycled Noble guy whose theories went belly flop, no, I only finance ideas that have never been done before, institutions I support are not in the business of recycling people who caused a mess. I don’t care about competition, that keeps me on my toes, but it does not matter, paying 15% higher, I retain what I consider are the best, results prove it, who is it you want to be burnt. I have never told anyone this but Bhara, do me a favor, I asked you to keep this a secret but you can mention it for the first time here in this group”
“Our global movement once received its largest donation 500 million units, it was from Fareed, he accepted our fight for equality before the law, when obviously he did not have to do that he has so much,” spoke Bhara
“So once again Osama, I will ask you, who should be burnt, can you tell what is what? Or is everybody with money a conspirator, my children surely will be spoilt, what do they know, obviously I protect them, send them to prestigious schools with the understanding they go there only to make connections, all universities are the same, but they are my children what can I do, they might very well behave badly, but I created my money, I finished high school and was a good orator, I got no financing from anybody in the beginning, and that is the truth, my thoughts on life are simple, nobody should force anybody to be like them, true funny to some of you, I still believe in heaven and hell, but I believe as somebody mentioned earlier, it is a humans choice to be good or evil, to be moral or immoral, Allah gave humans a choice, to be good or evil, moral or immoral, who is another human then to tell me how to behave, and stone me to death for sinning, in the name of saving me, to me that is crazy, to others maybe not, I go to hell only after I am judged by Allah, who then is a man to judge me, I have fought against all religious laws, Allah alone will judge me, those who stone me are themselves murderers, why would Allah give me a mind to make choices then mankind acts above Allah and say I should be stoned, they are lunatics to believe they are above Allah who gave me the capacity to make choices, I have been warned by scriptures, a human being can not tell me I am a sinner, maybe he can, but he should leave judgement to Allah. I make my choices because I was given the capacity by my creator, otherwise Allah would not give me the capacity to choose, all fanatics do not understand the scriptures, even the Pope does not understand Christianity, I will be judged by Allah for the choices I made, as Jesus said, those without sin, throw the first stone, not me, yet Osama says I should be burnt because I am involved in some conspiracy, no I was lucky, pure and simple, I believed in Zhou when all others said he is nuts you cannot make the desert bloomed, I made it through his science bloom, and I made a lot of money, I am not ashamed, I had no subsidy, no media supporting me, my money, I don’t know those bankers, I put my money in the bank, because they are banks. I have never been to Davos for their World Economic Freedom, I made my money, they never helped me, I am not part of their garbage, media makes a big deal out of it, just people who if they had their way would stop all free ideas of the world, money is not my primary driving force like them, it is using my potential that I wanted, I made money, great, but because of my reasoning, even if I lost it all I do not care, 25 billion units, who needs that, why not pay those who work for me higher, after this speech, I think I will give them a 10% pay hike, profits are great, so what, I have a lot of money, but I am not attached to it, I pray twice a day, and I am serious about it, one good prayer is worth ten fake prayers that are done simply out of tradition and for show, Oh I went to mosque today, just a silly show sometimes, Oh I went to church, nonsense, one good prayer that one means is infinite times worth ten prayers for show.
“We talk of God, of gods, I don’t know if that be relevant, I don’t believe in it, for Gods sakes they where aliens, how much more proof do we need, proof is everywhere”
“Let us cut it out Domandi, aliens, God, gods, that is not the main argument, we are discussing human suffering, let us stick to the topic, what is the root cause of our suffering?”, interjected Zumani.
“I still maintain it is jealousy and envy” said James Trollip, “ we as humans want what others have and we want it for nothing”
“Let us be realistic” began the one they call the Guru, Ivan Leota,, a social activist originally from Papua New Guinea. “I agree with Sam, we do not treat, or accept each other as human beings to be more precise, original economic philosophers like Adam Smith and Karl Marx understood this. Though coming from different angles both these founders of modern economic thought sought that we treat, accept each other as human beings. We always degenerate each other to protect our status, positions, wealth, ethnicity, we deride others as inferior, we are more intelligent, we are superior, descended of gods, they can’t think, they are lazy, they are not of us therefore they are not human, they don’t believe this, they are sinners, heathens, non believers, all stemming from fear, fear that we are just human like everybody else. We all know in academics it is about clicks, getting any truth out does not depend on the truth, it depends on media push, we all see the experts on television belong to some fraternity even if that basic fraternity is just ethnicity, and the media promotes the experts of that fraternity and it is the same fraternity that the media allows to say but those experts and everybody makes money from that fraternity, it is a comedy show and a sick trick. Nobody is allowed to be seen to be better, if you are better you will likely die poor, their envy is boundless because they must cover their lies that only they can think, it is not envy from those who do not have okay, let me correct myself, the have less have envy, and the haves have fear of those better hence legal protection of their wealth and a more sublime control of the media and information compared to the crude methods of the early twenty first century when it was so obvious what views where being promoted and who was been promoted, but loving and respecting each other as humans will lead to a better world, this has been known since ancient Egyptian times, Remembering Nefer-seshem-re, what he said, I rescued the weak from the stronger, gave bread to the hungry, clothed the naked, made a boat for those without boats, come on, these things have been known since ancient times, before Buddha and Christ, these Egyptian sayings where part of what is known as maat, maat simply meaning the truth. These are beautiful works”, and he took out a small computer for the hand and continued, “more sayings from Egyptian book of the dead, “I have not defrauded the humble man of his property. I have not done what the gods abominate. I have not vilified a slave to his master. I have not inflicted pain. I have not caused anyone to go hungry. I have not made any man to weep. I have not committed murder. I have not given the order for murder to be committed. I have not caused calamities to befall men and women”,  is this not fantastic, here is an upright human in holy books that have been banned by sheer weight of those controlling society, but these works have recently been read by many, listen further to what he says, “I have not diminished from the bushel. I have not filched land from my neighbour's estate and added it to my own acre. I have not encroached upon the fields of others. I have not added to the weights of the scales. I have not depressed the pointer of the balance. I have not carried away the milk from the mouths of children”, morals long before Budha and Christ, we must understand these morals which are the basis of morals for all human beings. Listen I have not shut my ears to the words of
Truth, is this book not something wonderful.”
“This is all very well Ivan, but what has all that to do with treating each other as human beings?” asked Zumani
“Well everything”, continued Ivan, “Everything, let me explain, the book of the dead, the Egyptian one does not stand alone, certainly not the chapter I have just read, but when we look at the entirety what did Jesus say, love one another as I have loved you, the Buddha said Until he has unconditional and unbiased love for all beings, man will not find peace, but we can understand all this from what I have just read from the book of the dead, interestingly you will find economic philosophy has a central theme, besides Lao Tzu, of all the ancient works, the Egyptian book of the dead understood economics, I mean listen to this statement “I have not increased my wealth except through such things that are justly my own
“Get to the point most of us have read what you are saying, tie it into treating others as human beings” interjected Alenka Krol, the lanky blonde from Poland nicknamed the impatient one behind her back, she was considered young in Zumani’s reading/ discussion group, 29, at 25 she had demonstrated a hydro carbon chip that worked the first organic micro chip.
“Alright Alenka, I will get right to it, think about this statement, I have not defrauded the humble man of his property. What we see everywhere is fraud, the rich defrauding the poor, and the organized poor defrauding other poor. The banking system, tightly controlled and run by the same families for over 300 years in the West and Japan, and highly connected people in places like Africa, China, India, and these people emerged in the last 100 years. Organized unions make sure their friends get access to the good jobs or those who can afford to pay bribes, how can you pay a bribe when one is always on their last paycheck, sure living standards are high, but most of humanity are on their last paycheck, what a life. Sure some societies understood the power of banks, and what happened the security council attacked them, called them dens of dirty money, money laundering centers, tax cheating aiders, difficult to win against these organized billionaires, yet if a human was considered just a human, there would be free markets, anybody can start any enterprise and society will decide who is the better. But most of the Western families saved themselves nearly a century ago, remember when the banks almost where wiped out and new banks would have replaced them, that cunning fool who talked free market but was in the pockets of the have mores saved the American establishment by handing out a trillion dollar check, today nearly 5 trillion units. However you have to consider the time, when Bush junior did it in 1997 a trillion dollars was 1/13 of US economy, today 5 trillion units would only be around 1/40 of US economy. What that did was rob the humble people who diligently did their work, had better banking insights, they would have taken over as the market would have dictated but there came Bush and Obama to say no no, these are our masters we must do their bidding, the system essentially is still that way, been that way for over 3 500 years.
Take the saying from the book of the dead, ‘I have not encroached upon the fields of others’, take the saying in its wider context. In ancient times people had land apportioned to them, that was for their living, they ploughed the land and got whatever they needed from that land, if they where lazy they then starved or begged their neighbours for food, if they where diligent then they had a surplus in normal circumstances and would get rid of the surplus by either storing it in case bad times came ahead or they traded it away. All forward thinking  organized cultures had a common system where all donated so much to the surplus, this would be distributed in lean times, and that today could be considered the healthcare system, welfare, and pensions, nobody knows tomorrow, tomorrow is truly an illusion as many Zen masters have attested to. Today there is great deal of specialization, we do not have acres and hectares of land each, why? Others farm, others do this and that and money allows us all to exchange, money if not corrupt is a great store of wealth, wherever there is inflation that money is corrupt. As we do not have acres of land and we are specialized, that acre becomes our minds, when somebody steals your mind, they are stealing your land so to say. Patents are expensive, poor people cannot afford them, a government should ensure patents are free issue, yet the elite always find a way to soil everything to their advantage, a Patent can be up to a months’ pay then they expect you to pay legal fees so that ideas are not stolen, it is all theft, poor, lower classes in terms of economics can never afford that. Not only that but a free market as explained by the likes of Adam Smith, Hayek, and Lao Tzu ensures that nobodies mind is robbed, nobody’s land is stolen from them, it is as simple as that. Those philosophies just did not apply to ancient times, they also very much apply to the modern world, that is accepting each other as human beings, that we each can do, and some can do it better, but that is no reason to cry if somebody can do it better, problem with these people cry when the market shows them they are useless, the market being society. Always evil talks of freedom but when it comes to the crunch they have never believed in it, again back to crash of 1997, boasting how they are genetically superior and people are envious of them, yet when they crashed trillions of dollars to save them because they were telling lies and knew they were telling lies, always looking for an excuse to steal, now that genetic argument does not work, their protections of their wealth, and their robbery of the whole world is an economic necessity, it is good for all of us that they are in charge, same as saying it is a god given right, we are supposed to be one society but you will see them considering those not of their inner circle as strangers, more so if they have been outthought, use all their power to hide that work, ahead of its time, jealous freaks, how can a work ever be ahead of its time, it is logically not possible for somebody to think of something now and then jealous people say it is ahead of its time, why did somebody in the future not think of it. Evil people are freakish and have unusual excuses for destroying the life’s of those who have thought better than them.”
“Ivan, I am surprised at you, you missed the part in the book of the dead where he says I have not masturbated in the temple” commented Alenka and everybody gave a laugh at the light moment.
“Treating each other as human beings, very difficult, it first starts with accepting we are human beings, each and everyone of us, I don’t have to define a human being we know what a human being is. All our denials of others is because they are not like us, we need an excuse to rob or kill them if we are more powerful, at least we in the United States do not hide our sins,” began Trollip, “countries like Canada that killed proportionately more native Americans have always acted smug and superior morally pointing a figure at America, all the black slaves who ran to America with so called underground rail road got nothing, lost the whip but really gained nothing, segregation schools in Canada where just as prominent as in the USA, yet the world pointed a figure at USA including Canada whilst they quietly continued super racism. Australia wiped out an entire population of natives in Tasmania, extinct but they pointed a figure at the USA, they are the bad guys not us. Settlers until 50 years ago continued to say it was good for the Maoris that whites took over their land, they needed civilization. Until 50 years ago Canada refused to accept that blacks can think if not educated by a white, hence their refusal to have a free market, called it Canadian experience or something like that. I am not just a spoilt rich kid, because I had money I could study history and philosophy, you do not need an MBA to run a business, just the ability to think, great founders have never had a college degree, I did not found a business, my dad made sure it was there, lucky me, but I supply stuff, there is no legal document that says buy my stuff, like there is a legal document saying use these banks as it is in several countries around the world. I have stolen from nobody, and I welcome those who can make better products than me, I will learn from them and improve my own products, I accept their human and can best me and I accept I am human I can learn from others and improve myself. We can all see the rehashing of economists after every recession and they are all the same click, they refuse that anybody can think better and they can learn, they want to act like the teachers, if anybody raises a voice they are anti this and anti that, yet they can insult anybody, only they can think and share it with the world, China, India, Japan don’t listen to them, but that click still has a massive grip on USA, Canada, Africa, and Latin America, they are of course sponsored by the banks, not necessarily by cash but by a hold, knowing that if they tell lies, those lies will reward their offspring with a job not necessarily them, so they are paid, if not in cash, in kind. We all know what is going on, but still America is probably the only society that says all people are humans and accepts we can learn from all, with no incentives but because that is who we are. Europe, Canada, Australia only accept others are human beings once they see economic gain, suddenly Chinese and Asians are smart, that is because they had to say that to access their markets, these people in truth only started accepting blacks are humans and can think when Africa’s economy began to grow, they wanted something, yet we had a black president back in 2008, long accepted we are all human, because we are confident enough not to see people who think as threats except for that click that used to claim they have the highest IQ and are genetically dispossessed to that, those are freaks, absolute evil. But America evolved the most, I would say most evolved. I am not talking from a white man’s point of view, I think in this institution we long passed that, but even China’s rise was at first just a resource grab from Africa, albeit invited by African leaders, they did not lie about their intentions like the colonizers from Europe. One must understand that those African leaders of that time where emulating European government in Africa, take as you please from the people and look after yourself, today is a different story, a lot of my high end supplies are provided to me from the Republic of Mthwakazi, a society that progressed rapidly because they had that ancient philosophy, we are all equal, all one damn who has the money, it had no class structure based on wealth, they are a classy people who behave with class because they understand that money can not buy class, something that most white world wanted to see fail, because we wanted to say to have money means you are the better person, that is what trapped African leaders hence steal from their people to say hey look I am better than you, just buffoons, many of those guys even stole money in front view to build themselves mansions, fools, they did not understand the progression of people. They took the white man’s view that others are human and others are not, that they as rulers are more human than those they rule. Half baked revolutionaries are those that led Africa’s fight against colonialism. No, I accept all are human’s and I learn from all especially those who are better than me, and I believe though I pay more in using other peoples patents, the company my dad founded and I am chairman has grown 20% in the last two years, billions of dollars in stock valuation. I think, I believe that I follow the principle of don’t take another man’s land, all the scientists and engineers if they work for our company, if they invent something and patent it, if the company uses it belongs to the company, but if outsiders use it, like our competition, then half the patent fees go to them, one engineer has made a billion units just because I share external revenue from the patents they developed under our corporations pay, only company that does that and guess what, Wall Street Journal called me a communist, New York Post called me a pot head though I have never smoked the stuff, the Economist called me a destroyer of legacy, yet our growth for our sector has been the highest growing corporation  in the last 7 years since I placed that policy. There have been no resignations in our research department for the last seven years, as I said, one of our scientists has collected a billion units from a basic pay of 500 000 units a year. He is a billionaire, top 1% of humanities wealth holders and still does not want to resign, and he is not the head of our R&D department.”
“To accept each other as human beings takes a great deal of maturity, it will of course not end suffering, but will reduce it substantially,” began Sam Powers, “and Jamie, true the USA was blamed in the past that is because it was a power, yet we all know people have been treated far worse in places like Africa after they got their independence, Asia, Latin America, Burma, awful story, that, Aung San Suu Kyi, loved by the West because she babbled about democracy, fighting for her fathers legacy yet ignored minority rights because those were deep embedded in the society, yet West ignored all this at the time and kept her voice because she promised to be like any good westerner, true freedom equal participation, equal participation guaranteed by the law was not what she really fought for, she fought for corporations at the end, like everybody then and now, one had to be rich to be a Roman senator. To the point all the problems where caused because people did not accept each other as human beings, they did not feel connected to each other, can you imagine a smug elitist from Canada in 2010 accepting an African could think, the very thought would have repulsed them, need to hide such a fact. People went to America because of the promise of been more or less accepted as a human being, those who could not get to America at the beginning of the century would end up in places like Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Australia, that was a second choice or a choice made out of ignorance not understanding that voting is not freedom, freedom is in the culture, in the constitution of the land. Poor fools would arrive in Canada, France, but at the end of the day would themselves have to seek an  audience in America, because rigid “aristocratic” cultures in Canada, Mexico, would not allow talent to flourish. True America waged wars on others for reasons of satisfying American corporations and their shareholders, but inside America, the freedom was more real than in most other places. People in Switzerland, Canada, France would themselves find it necessary to leave these countries and seek to use their talent in America. I read a book about late twentieth century Canada and they would pride themselves in saying they put successful people to their place, village thinking, not realizing they are proud of being an envious bunch, because everybody should know their place, the book was written with such pride after a quarter of the way through I put it down, I could not understand how people can be proud of being jealous and envious of talent, putting them in their place, disgusting. So Mr. Trollip don’t feel too bad, America was a lightening rod for general distrust of West by people of colour, thus they overlooked where worse things where happening as America was the focus.”
“Interesting view Sam, what have you to say Mr Ngoye? You have been silent all day, we would like you to say something” spoke Zumani.
Moise Ngoye was from the Confederation of the Congo and from the Katanga State. He was a writer all his life, his family was not fabulously wealthy but wealthy enough, his family owned a mine, one mine, mining gold and some silver. The family earned royalties from the mine, a large family of about 200 people. The mine however was mined by an Australian outfit. They could only manage to earn these royalties because Africa finally began to listen to the voice of reason and stopped pandering fully to global corporate outfits, and politicians greed. If minerals were found on your land, royalties went to those on the land and governments collected taxes, the land belonged to who ever was on it, what was on top and what was below. Nobody could just be moved and some politicians get kickbacks from global outfits, the philosophy of freedom began to sink into the minds of Africans and they realised voting in itself was not freedom, had nothing to do with freedom. Millionaires were being minted in Angola, Manicaland, Ethiopia, and in the Confederation of the Congo, many millionaires were being minted as the wealth poured to the people, those lucky enough to be on land that sat on top of vast mineral resources. Global corporate outfits had resisted to see wealth distribution was not in their interest, inequality was the source of their power, the source of their control. This is how this part of the Ngoye clan made their modest fortune. A trust was established and all went to school, not only that the trust paid out equal sums annually to all those over 18, Moise’s father had invested well, they where the riches of the small Ngoye clan, whilst others had bought fancy houses and cars, Moise’s father had invested his modest income well since he graduated from Tokyo university. He went to Tokyo university not because local Universities were not upto standard, with the internet and use of similar text books most learnt the same things no matter how poor the society. He went to Tokyo University to enjoy the culture. He returned at 22 and began investing well his money. He wanted Moise to study philosophy, telling Moise philosophy is a leisure subject for the rich, what good is philosophy for those who need jobs, but philosophy and maths are very important for those who want to think,  however  Moise  as first born son would inherit well over and above the provisions of the trust, though the trust itself had invested well that as of now, the trust only relied for forty five percent of its income from the gold mine. His two older sisters where never amused that Moise would inherit more than them as their father wished, a fact that could not be challenged in any court, Katanga law forbade anybody prying into finances without good reason, and the only good reason was ill gotten gains, thus Moise’s father had carefully created trusts for his five children, everybody equal except for first born son who had forty percent and the other four siblings having fifteen percent each, and the funds where all over the world, trusts hidden in trusts obscured by counter ownerships in many small corporations in Katanga, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Botswana.
“Well I spoke so much yesterday I thought everybody would be bored with me today, I always have a lot to say,” began Moise, “I would like to move the discussion away from who is better than who, who is worse than who, but at the question itself that was poised earlier, treating each other as human beings would lessen suffering. I have written several books to this effect, 2 of them making number 1 on the Golo nonfiction list. These works made me wealthy enough such that I acted in manner that would have my father turn in his grave, I made sure all my siblings got equal share in my father’s meagre fortune, though my two elder sisters still curse my father for being backward, but we all loved him, I guess to them he did not treat them as equal human beings, and they suffer though they are wealthy, suffer emotionally and other such stuff, who knows, but there is an example of not treating humans as humans, to my father I was a better human than my sisters. Though there is the defense they want the fortune to grow and be stable, imagine 5 of us making decisions, it would be a disaster, hence we incorporated and my older sister runs the corporation. What I find disturbing is this continuous going back to the past, let us, well let me talk about the question and attempting to remove blame on anybody, just answer Zumani’s question, what causes suffering and presumably, how do we solve this question of suffering. Let me start of with Thomas Jefferson, the main drafter of the US constitution, I quote, quote simply because this thought is burnt into my mind, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’, what a statement. We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal. Created equal. If we hold these truths to be self evident that all are created equal, laws should then favor that statement. Everybody must then be equal before the law, all equal before the law because we where all created equally. True some might hold private views that they are superior, but the law can not treat them as such. We have seen this several times throughout history, but the saving of the banking families of America by Bush and Obama was easily the worst in a free country, clearly when the collapse of 2008 occurred and Bush gave those families a trillion dollars, clearly the law saw them as superior, in a free system people pay for their incompetence. Now please, do not get me wrong, at the time Chinese political families ended up with billion dollar businesses, Russian connected people ended up with a billions of dollars, Africa awarded mining contracts to people who paid bribes, India the connected got laws to protect them from too much competition, Canada a British colony was firmly held in the believe that there should be an open aristocracy whose and nobody could be seen to be better than them at anything, Brazil was infested with corruption, Mexico the drug dealers went legit the smart ones and bribed all the way until in 2025 the President was elected by drug money, or ex drug money. yet in America all were supposed to be equal and the market decides, the US presidency has never recovered in prestige from that moment, only now is President Doyle getting prestige and returning the white house to something that seems somewhat independent from corporate influence, he is fighting hard to place the people as those who decide what business survives, as expected the houses are fighting him like crazy, because most of them are bought, if not all of them. Look at this, I said I will leave out such things and just talk about the principle but I have drifted, just human. What I am saying is, we are created equal, the constitution must accept that, the constitution is culture of the land, it shows the main customs of the land. If we are all equal the law should not be there from stopping others from progressing, it should not discriminate. If you can have property so can I, if with your property you can take a certain action, I should also be allowed. I remember when I wanted to open a bank, was not allowed, first they told me I need 50 million units, I got it, then they said there are enough banks to ensure stability, but those others where allowed, but they said I can take my 50 million units and by shares, what an insult, I wanted to start my own, with its own culture, with my stamp, stamp of my risk. This are not sour grapes, this is reality. I have seen many people with potential fail because they did not have access, denied to them by institutions that claimed to be for knowledge, in reality a con, yet this institutions always talk of people being equal and pretending to support so called freedom, but they always recycle people from their background, from educational institutions they went to, that is why we must be grateful for this institution, lectures from anybody are welcome, as long as the ideas are brilliant. I never hire from so called Ivy League universities, Oxford or Cambridge, they will come here with elitist ideas, they have no brain, they should use their connections, I deal with mind power not connected people, I want returns, not somebody who will talk to president of America for a law making it easier for me to do business, I have made some bribes here and there, who has not. I can not afford hiring somebody on a connection rather than on the mind, I have to treat people as equal and only take the best. I believe in humans being created equally..”
“Clearly you do not believe in humans being created equal, you have just said some people have better minds than others,” interjected Trollip.
“That I do my friend, you are not understanding, this is my personal choice, the constitution however should, I am not forced to hire anybody, I choose, I choose the best, I am not saying they are better than those from Ivy Leagues, but that they have applied themselves more, if you want connected people go to them, I do not need them, because I do not see why I should have to pay millions to have a contract, they are good for connections, in case I need a favor from an American governor or something, what else are people from Harvard  good for except their networks, networks that would be powerless in a society that is free and about ability, in a country that valued each member of the community,  and once in Africa people rightly look at them as your elitism doesn’t work here, we have our own connected crooks from our universities, who went to expensive institutions for connections not knowledge, let us stop James and leave this for the bar later on, let me finish, okay, I will get straight to the point. Truths are self evident we are all created equally and the law should never favor anybody simple, sorry for blabbering around the subject and giving examples. Next, we are all endowed with certain unalienable rights among these, life, we all have a right to exist, liberty, we all deserve liberty, the right to pursue our happiness. That is it, the right to pursue our own happiness. That is such a marvelous statement, the right for you to pursue your own happiness. Do we understand what that means. To me, no, not to me, this is what it means, no law should be in the way of us pursuing our happiness, if I can not compete with you, you are impeding on my happiness, you are preserving your happiness by causing me to suffer. But then you could turn it around, by me being better than you I am causing you unhappiness and hence you need laws to protect you against me, we are of course talking, me is not me, and you is not you, okay I will rephrase for those who pretend not to understand. If somebody can not compete with you, you are impeding on their happiness because you know that is not your calling you just want the money. It could be turned around and one say those better than them cause them to be unhappy. But if people are better than you at something you should be humble enough to acknowledge that fact, you can not act like the elitists who stop competition because they are not good enough but believe they should be way up there, and when they fail from not being good enough, get the government to help them with monies, yet when they are on the high claim they are genetically superior. Because somebody has come up with a better theory than you, you aim to hide it because you have claimed yourself superior and if those you say are inferior come up with a better theory you hide it through your networks because you control major media, because you dread the truth, and it will cause you to be unhappy, look if you are a physicists with a shit theory and somebody comes up with something better maybe you should have been a janitor instead of making those with superior minds than your own been janitors because they proved better than you, if you are not good enough you have pursued happiness in the wrong field, try again you are still alive, instead of getting governments to bail you out, or to hide works of those better than you because of your networks.”
“What if it makes somebody happy to have intercourse with a dog?” asked Cynthia Bangura
“Off topic Cynthia, that is a debased mind, we are human, please” answered the Armenian, Abet Babayan, an architect and free thinker, had designed the largest underwater hotel of the coast of Florida, USA.
“Baba, just a question, we are here to provoke each other” sniggered Cynthia.
“Thanks Abet,” interrupted Moise, “But I hope you all get the idea, we have a right to pursue our happiness, and my pursuing my happiness, there will be people better than me in some things, and in others I might be best but either way if I am not hindered I would have contributed to humanity, because we each have a unique view. If I am not even allowed to contribute what is in me, what is the fear, again I must restate myself for those who pretend not to understand, if somebody is not allowed to contribute what they have, have we not robbed them, because if they are correct it means eventually we must steal their mind and claim their thought as our own, this goes back to some thoughts of slavery. Now, I am not talking as a black man, every race has been enslaved throughout history, except for those warriors of Southern Africa, the Zulu and the Mthwakazi people, but theirs is unique, they stood brother for brother, and roots of Mthwakazi are Zulu, they understood yes we are individuals, but to resist, we are a unit. I could talk of them day and night, but we are talking of Slavery, slaves were denied education why, from Rome, China, India, America, Brazil, slaves were denied education why, they were brought up to only believe that their master can think, as the banking class and its network  in the early part of the century tried to convince the world they are the only ones who can think, that is solely to enslave people, only the master can think, why was there no education for slaves throughout history not just for blacks, because even Romans knew they were not superior, their superiority was guaranteed by a massive army, better weapons, but not by the pure fact that they were better humans, hence slaves were denied knowledge, even Chinese who branded the slave on the forehead knew they were not superior hence slave was denied opportunity to pursue knowledge because the so called masters knew they were never really superior. They had to deny the slave the opportunity to be, deny the slave the pursuit of happiness. Deny the slave that he is human, yet it is well known that Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Brazilians, even Americans would have intercourse with the slaves, because they knew that these are humans they are having intercourse not with animals, reduced them to animals to reduce competition, what if those slaves are recognized as humans and prove to be better engineers, deny them everything. Why my grandfather was denied any ability to do anything when he went to Canada, blacks could only think if taught by a white, blacks got the message and in time no human from a Canadian university would be employed in sub Saharan Africa, people were tired of such pure racism, easy, looking down on others to fight their right to pursue happiness. I mean Greek, Chinese, and Roman women would sleep with their slaves because they always knew they are sleeping with humans. I mean Jews had a problem with their woman having sex in the ghettos of Europe they ended up saying a Jew comes from the women when we all know Jews come from according to their scriptures from Jacob, not his wife’s, these Ashkenazi’s now say it comes from a woman, therefore not Jacob but Jacobs wives, not the 12 brothers, but the 12 sisters, this is because though Jews were being looked down upon, some pretty Jewish girls were copulating with the aristocracy of Europe, and they would deny the children as theirs,  how to protect the children say Jewishness comes from the woman, completely reversing the Bible that it comes from the man Joseph, I guess culture also deals with embarrassment, a Jew only came from the man, never the women, the women joined whatever tribe they married if they married outside Israeli, some say they are not from Bible, but Bible is another doubtful thing, I am just pointing history and slavery, in Bible obviously Jacob had daughters but their children were not Jews. Slavery was just robbing human right to pursue happiness, you deny their humanity in order to have a thinking animal, and when that animal thinks something amazing, you just say the idea is yours, just like Thomas Edison. He invented nothing, made evil contracts with his employees and rewarded himself entirely with their works, that is why I admire Trollip, made him Godfather to my children, he rewards his scientists who come up with patents, they are not slaves, they get fifty percent of royalties from stuff they discover, yet they call him a socialist, just as these slave dealers called Henry Ford a communist for paying his workers double even though he continued to make a profit, imagine, some people just want to create slavery even today, to deny other human beings the quality of being human, giving them what they are worth. What did masters always demand, they demanded that they can not be criticized by a slave even to another slave, the punishment was whipping, in Rome, punishment could be even one be crucified. And Voltaire go it right, ‘to learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize’. If you lose a job, for an opinion, you can rest assured that is because you have criticized those who run the system, the modern masters, everyone is allowed to be criticized except them, always infiltrating. My simple point is, let us accept each other as human beings, simple, to do that means we accept each other as one community, one people, one society, one nation, truly accept that not blast it in newspapers.”
“It would have been interesting if Rabi Shaphanson had made it” commented Fareed Jordan.
“Spirits having a human experience, if we understood this, or believed in it, why would know we are all created equal” spoke Jean Rainer.
“Maybe the human experience is meant to be torrid, horrible, always warring, never satisfied, always envious, maybe as humans we are not supposed to see ourselves as equals, hence all these divisions, material power, who as a human wants to be uncomfortable, go short of food, when somebody else can be uncomfortable, presumably spirit like has no need for material comforts, but material comforts are needed by the flesh”, began Sam, “maybe suffering and learning to tolerate it is and should be part of the human experience if at all there is a spiritual realm”
“I do not believe that, suffering is caused by wanting more than we need, thus we take more from others just for our wants, does a man need 500 million units of assets, he could give away those, most of it and still be comfortable.” Spoke the skinny black activist from America, William Todd.
“Never,” answered Trollip, “that would just make people not want to work expecting handouts, I am tired of people who just want stuff without putting an effort, I am also tired of people who steal from others just to have stuff, there is nobody real entrepreneurs steal from, they create, I am giving a cent to nobody, but I will continue to fight for freedom, equality before the law, do not steal, free markets, reduction in number of laws, the code for patents is over 50 volumes and each volume has 10 000 pages, what the hell, I am enriching lawyers who do nothing, but laws have become so complex. Todd I need every cent, what you think I do not need I need, for my own expectation. Todd buddy, maybe you should look for another solution, I am willing to pay armed man to protect what is mine, what was never stolen, by what right, by what code should I give what is mine to anybody, rightfully earned in both legal terms and moral terms, there is not one law that favors me, my organization, there is no law stopping anybody competing with me, my wealth comes from society appreciating what i have to offer, society gave and I gave, There is no law that says nobody can not compete against me. I am not a Canadian banker that is protected from competition by the state, I am good enough not to need such protection, I am not part of the fake aristocracy, I am the real aristocrat, earned by deeds not government protection, in the old days we are the generals that went to the front with the troops, not the bankers, generals who send others to the front and claim all the credit, fake is what they are.”
“True, but so are those who have the protection of the law and are clearly stealing wealth, by law the banking families were given a trillion dollars, once we say by law we mean the guns of the state backed their trillion dollar theft in front of all our eyes, Not everybody is like you, a lot of these families took money because of connections they had, friend, these large corporations will always be insulated in a world were it means donating to politicians, politicians must pay back, the corporations once they pay a politician expect patronage, and do not forget that. These politicians must retire one day, how will they make money, they need speaking engagements, what speaking engagement are you going to get for if you make laws fair, if you make laws that treat every human as an equal human being, what advantage then does one get from bribing politicians, maybe the whole system needs overhauling, this voting system has not guaranteed our freedoms. My great grandfather was involved with the whole civil liberties and I have a picture of him with Martin Luther King. The whole thing was a mess and crippled blacks for a century, or at least three quarters of a century. What is freedom? It has taken many generations but freedom is a simple concept, the laws treat you like a human being. Create your own stuff, affirmative action can never help, that only helps the blacks that wanted to be white, the women with long hair afraid of being seen in their natural hair, we do not have pictures of the likes of Oprah Winfrey on our walls, such blacks were an embarrassment, look at the hair, looking attractive for the white male who controlled the image of what a black woman should be, and they made their hair to comply. Michelle Obama, Janet Jackson, though icons look at the hair, freedom can only by understood by those who are free inside. I hope I am free inside, you misunderstand when I say does anybody really need 500 million units of assets, I am not saying take it away, but do you need it, do you need to rob others, make laws in your favor when you have so much and rob somebody with 100 000 units as assets, why, why not earn it, why not retire, why not accept others are better than you. Nobody wanted a black capitalist class in the US, this goes back to the 40 acres and a donkey, nothing came of it, why, people at the time feared that small chance a black would be successful independent and feel their own self worth as a human, so it was effectively blocked right from the beginning, freed with nothing but given the only choice, beg former master for food and work, no land or donkey for a nigger he must remain a beggar. Take all hope from us, hence with that hope taken civil rights leaders would foolishly campaign for bigger government to give us stuff as racists would say. Blacks did not realize slavery was a government institution sanctioned by laws, it should have been blacks after slavery who fought hardest for a free market, hardest for small government, hardest for minimal government interference  because governments are always controlled by either the majority and those with access to weapons, governments create laws to favor where the power comes from, the smaller the government the more equal humans beings will be, large governments create unfair institutions all the time, slavery. Even when Spartacus rose against Rome many slaves were afraid to rise against master, that is what happened, blacks were afraid to be free and tools like Martin Luther King were there to tell blacks to have characters that whites like, to be judged by their character not by their deeds, thus an Obama who did nothing was offered to blacks, and they voted for him twice though he could never remove the barriers, the barriers where in the mind. When ever blacks had a little better than whites they where destroyed, we are all familiar with what happened at Tulsa, but never discussed in schools, but we all know what happened in Germany, the Jewish holocaust, but the robbery of a black man could never be accepted, no apology no nothing, just learn to live with it, all whites Anglo, Portuguese, Jewish, French, Spanish could buy and sell blacks. Barriers to blacks were both by institutions private and public, a black discovering mathematics of dimensions, that is revolting must be hidden, niggers must not over reach their station, yet at the same time the same person who says a black must not overreach says a black must compete hard to sell themselves to get a good job, but must never be seen as to discover anything, that is for Anglo’s, Germanic, Jewish, Franco, for whites in general, yet people talk of freedom, fantastic hypocrisy, that began falling apart with the rise of the occupy wall street mentality all those many years ago, at the end lies must be confronted. Do you need more than 500 million units that you have to lie, cheat, kill, and blackmail for it, willing to take from those who have nothing to feed insatiable greed, slavery continues, everywhere present at all times, accepting each other as human beings will mean no more shall be slaves, there was a time when Wal Mart was a huge institution, half its workers in the US were on food stamps, working people, what the hell is that, a diabolical evil, to me, you had Bush jnr saying Americans love to work, some even have 2 jobs, was this just a retard, or simply so evil did not realize what they were saying. Martin Luther King, Obama were all wrong in my view, get the government out of the way. We missed back in 2004, blacks said Ron Paul is a racist and they will not vote for him, so what if he is a racist, the man will introduce laws where talent prevail, where ability counts not just who you know, people chose Obama, an untalented lawyer who just happened to be black, what original idea did an Obama ever have. A lawyer who some white guys saw he is good for them and asked him, would you like to be president, just symbolic, it means nothing, then everybody will learn to get ahead, behave like this, be dull, just want something for the sake of wanting it, do not think, have no mind, be a good boy, we will elevate you to the top. What did all African leaders have in common at the time of Obama’s presidency, they were dull like Obama and acted as whites wanted them to, never introducing freedom as this would be bad for the corporations, just like Obama, his foolishness and Bush’s led directly to the 2025 standoff. It was under Obama’s presidency that all of a sudden we find the prevalence of electronic monitoring, government attempting to know where everybody is at all times, what garbage. He never was a symbol of anything, he never offered any hope, blacks should learn, should have learnt that freedom is a universal character, and loved people like Ron Paul who promised them freedom so what if Ron Paul is a racist, who was not at that time. I don’t want anything from anybody, but if we say we are a free society, we must accept truth from whomever that truth comes from, I certainly do not want government handouts, but at times that is only way I can survive, that or join the outlaw society that has incredibly united races, yet outside still whispers of he is not our colour, can he be trusted, trusted in keeping silent crimes, trusted in feeding other people over my people, I am no Obama, I am no Mobutu, no I can not be trusted, I am free and believe everybody has a right to be, I do not sell my core for some nonsense. Don’t worry I have made an investment in a start up company in Africa’s largest technology city, Konza city, it promises to be the most advanced AI, Artificial Intelligent robot ever, put 30 000 units, 3 years ago, over the counter those units are now worth 300 000 units, can’t wait until they list, we all think, let us accept we all think, not necessarily love one another, but accept we are all human all capable.”
“Same old Todd, no change in 15 years, believe it or not I was involved with him in some nonsense 10, 15 years ago,” spoke Donald Murray an Australian, was once a criminal boss, considered criminal, he considered himself moral. He was involved in carrying information that could not otherwise travel on the over policed internet, as well as at times corporate espionage. His father was an Anglo Saxon his mother Philippine. At 46 he was retired and had a huge piece of land were he grew cattle on a ranch with no hormones, he enjoyed it as well as his island on the Bahamas. “The easiest way to spread hatred is to tell the truth hmmm, the easiest way to spread love is to tell the truth, what a paradox. In the high stakes espionage world talent is what is needed I should suspect, never myself involved look at all the court cases, never a single conviction, because I did nothing, I got my money from being a nice guy, I suspect in the world of espionage they nurture that talent and build a brotherhood, they can’t  have time for race, anyhow that is a dying notion that, even you have to admit it Todd. You have told no lie but your truth spreads hatred. I don’t believe humans are here to suffer or cause others to suffer, but we are here to grow, and learn to control ourselves, improve our culture, open our minds with time over the generations and say wow, we are all just human, that nature can change over time, that we can all be made better by accepting that each has a way to contribute to the well being of others. Naturally others should be paid more for the risks they have taken in advancing humanity, even for the risks they have taken to please others, laws should reflect that, that we are all just humans and stop trying to enslave others. The world is one community, there is no going back on that, one humanity, it is not a conspiracy to accept each other as human beings and we exist on one earth. It is only a conspiracy if the one world policy does not accept cultures of the world, differences of humanity how on earth can I argue with Thomas Jefferson when he says ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’. I am just surprised that somebody in the US has not used this argument in a court. That people are in the way of you pursuing your happiness. My uncle had 20 000 units saved, he wanted to start a bank, they told him he needs 10 million units. But banking is what he knew, they told him he can’t. He should have sued them and told them they were in his way of pursuing his happiness, as well of his liberty, his liberty to be, and that they are taking his life, banking is what he knows, why should he be forced to do something else, let him try and fail with his 20 000 units, but who is the government to make him a walking corpse with no dreams when he has the ability. The elite are afraid of that little chance that my uncle would have succeeded, they are absolutely evil, but in Canada, France, China, Russia, UK, even with a trillion units, like some medieval society one can not open up a bank, they want all the deposits, to control all the flow of money. I say medieval when trade guilds existed to reduce competition, bankers guilds, mason guilds, dye  manufacture guilds, glassblower guilds, butcher guilds, born into certain tasks, with laws guaranteeing no competition.  Those in power are quickly corrupted, unions look for their families and friends to give them the good jobs, no matter how lazy their friends, the powerful economically  protect their interests in the same manner against those more talented than them, slowing down the progression of humanity, instead pulling it back all the time as people are constantly been forced to fight for their rights, the 2025 standoff, that standoff lasted until 2053, everyone had to agree about rights as the so called terrorists and thugs, and lawless brutes pushed ahead with great ingenuity..”
“Pulling back humanity how? Have we not progressed further and further?” asked Cynthia
“True we have progressed far,” began the reply of Donald, but we would have progressed further and faster if only we had accepted each other as human beings. I will touch on a point that will incite my mate Todd here, racism meant knowledge from blacks could not be accepted unless it seemed to come from a white, at one point in the Australia, Canada, USA it had to come from an Anglo Saxon let alone a white, hence a man like Meucci was robbed by an Alexander Graham Bell, but now everybody know Meucci invented the phone, but they tried to wipe that from history. It does not matter what the relatives of Bell say, he was a thief because it could not be accepted at that time that an Italian can think. Phone was delayed by three years. We are told Newton invented calculus, a pure lie, it was Bhaskara, a lie because English needed Indians to be less than human in order to exploit them, even then German mathematician Leibniz saw power of calculus before Newton, all this done stealing other peoples minds and claiming as own to look like best human. We never here of Johann Georg von Soldner  but we here of Einstein’s theories of bending light, never the original, but Einstein’s work in that regard was never original. Those with the means to get their work out get the credit, yet had world accepted Soldner’s work, 100 years before Einstein, how far would we be, if you attack Einstein you are a Nazi sympathiser, it is frightening. The problem with the world is not accepting for knowledge for what it is because of elite wanting to protect their power base, if everybody can think, what excuse would they have for a culture of discrimination, none, they need that culture to assume power and hold onto it as the smart ones. The church and Galileo, the popes emissaries refusing to look at the telescope to see the moons of Jupiter, because church needed to be seen of originator of most important knowledge, to challenge them one was a heretic a follower of Satan, most frightening. Early part of century more sophisticated, just control media and make sure nobody else can speak unless part of the so called conspiracy. Yet if ideas where allowed to come out for the sake of the knowledge, how far would we be, I say we would be decades ahead,  accepting knowledge for knowledge, that is now humanity, because then we accept all can think, anybody who believes we are all just humans will ensure a free market in that society, the best for the job, no protection from government, why would you need it if you are so much better, no bailout, you are better, why block knowledge because it is not from your fellow conspirators, you can’t have a conspiracy where there is equality before the law, how, the institution of death, the controller of arms, the government will not back you. In a way, America was until maybe 20 years ago the country most accepting of knowledge from other peoples not white, forget that in Canada, China, Russia, they are still in a war to show their ethnicity is best, how on earth did they expect the world to follow them, Chinese where a disappointment, dragging the world back, fighting to say they are the most intelligent, that is a lack of self esteem, when everybody who is intelligent knows all humans are just humans. One who fights to be smartest can never cooperate with others, instead they will block others because they are genuinely evil, evil because they can’t accept others as humans, simple. True believers in knowledge do not plagiarize, they accept where the knowledge comes from, Cynthia, we would be 100 years ahead if we accepted knowledge from any human, we would be accepting each other as humans, a trip to mars would honestly be taking 1 day not three weeks, or so, even though Trollip’s companies make it possible for 5 days. We are not as far as we could be”
“Great thoughts Donald, great thoughts, let us save the topic for our next meeting, I am sure everybody is exhausted” began Zumani who was wrapping out the discussion, “I am sure we have all learnt something, in two days time we continue on the topic, at least we are beginning to understand each other, hopefully we can go further, we are at the heart of the matter, next time let us go into the blood that feeds the heart, there is not much I can say, we evolve as a group, remember, we are all just human, please ponder on these thoughts, don’t let us talk in vain, I hope you all believe in what you say, good evening will see you in two days”. With those closing remarks Zumani stood up and left the class, he was feeling tired, he thought to himself a good jog would re stimulate him, after all, modern science had proved the age old saying, a healthy body makes a healthy mind.

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