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South Africa, Africa, Xenophobia and need for Liberty

The last few weeks has seen unprecedented violence against foreign African nationals in South Africa, a term known as Xenophobia, or as some say Afrophobia. The recent spat of violence started when the king of the Zulu's, King Goodwill Zwelithini seemed to demand actions against foreign elements that he saw as destructive. The unemployed Zulu's thought this was a sign to burn children, foreigners, and foreign property owned by Africans.

Xenophobia is not new in Africa, it has repeatedly occurred since the end of colonialism. Cameroon and Ghana at one point had to force Nigerians out of the country, burning their shops and property,yet today people act like South Africa is only country that does this, false.

Nigeria has the largest economy, driven mostly by size of the population, but in general very few opportunities for the ordinary people. Zimbabwe has been destroyed by Robert Mugabe yet he is applauded by black nationalists around the world. A country of 13 million people but 4 million are outside the country should be a concern of worry not celebration. Mozambique went through a terrible war and still has not recovered. Somali is in shambles. Ethiopia is slowly mending. These countries are mentioned because these are majority of foreigners in South Africa.

Africa is anti liberty  All these countries could solve their problems by getting rid of special interests and introducing freedom. Freedom is the free market, it is a lie to say free market is destructive, a lie to say freedom is destructive, a lie told by people who believe they are smarter than everybody else because they have their own interests to protect. These are people who fear the concept of equality before the law. Yes South Africa has shown a reprehensible behavior, but why are people in South Africa. They are in South Africa because their own economies are in shambles and would be fixed by the actual practice of equality before the law in the economy. South Africa's own economy is about to go into free fall as political pressures rises as it also denies equality before the law for special interests groups. Soon only thing that will save South Africa is collapse of global economy and the rise of the price of gold.

It becomes silly when Nigeria and rest of Africa say they will sanction South Africa, why? What Nigeria and rest of Africa should be saying is we will fix our economies, place proper laws, give all our citizens rights to participate in the economy and honestly nobody would be going to South Africa except for political reasons, extremists people once Zulu's coming to remind Zulu's with us you are a force, without us, a mere entity in South Africa. This should be a wake up call for the need of liberty in Africa. Get rid of the likes of Jeffrey Sachs and let Africa as a whole plow forward with an unstoppable force.

Ideological Blunder by South Africa What goes around usually comes around. South Africa being the last country to get rid of the evils of European domination in Africa should have learnt from the other countries. Since 1996 South African economy should have been growing at around 7 - 10% per year with proper economic policies. But greed got in the way with government feeling it must create opportunities for its favored friends such that now the inequality in South Africa is worse than at any time since 1948. It is too late now to put the right policies, it will have to burn to ashes like other African countries before people realize hey, we need real freedom. The iron is cold, in 1996 it was time to strike the hammer whilst the iron was hot.

After decades of bad economic policies Ethiopia is fastest growing economy in Africa. A chance to do business for South Africa, but like any human, Ethiopians might have a weary eye at South Africa. Ethiopia is not nothing. Not long ago, per capita, China was one of poorest countries in Asia, they faced discrimination wherever they went, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, look now in one generation. Ethiopia if it continues on this path will be way richer than South Africa as a whole in a generation, and King Zwelithini being short sighted has acted like this, pompous and short sighted as Shaka cursed them to be in legend. This was not the business of the King, the kingdom of Zulu's is but an illusion, it is a mere region under South Africa. The idea that if King Zwelithini wanted to South Africa would be in ashes is nonsense, why did he not put the country in ashes in 1976 when whites had gone crazy killing blacks, why not in 1986, suddenly he finds his power. So he was so afraid of whites that he utters such nonsense once there is a black government.

King Zwelithini should be patient and look after Zulu's, the problem of foreigners, that will be looked after by the government, it is their job, he should not give Zulu's a bad name around Africa. That energy should be used not for fighting but for schools, so that Zulu's participate in the future as scientists, doctors, inventors, discoverers of knowledge, business people. Nkosi Zwelithini, his proper title should have demanded freedom for all Zulu's to participate in the economy, to start banks, have telecommunication companies, to start any business that a high level person with government connections can start.

Xenophobia, Afrophobia is a bad thing, but each country should understand to move forward, each and every country in Africa should have liberty. It would be the richest continent on earth.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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Nhlanhla Khumalo said...

Donate for what now.awume baba start your own busness you said it. Money is générâted through trade not donation.

Institute of Knowledge said...

I once met a great man who said Africa is not ready for any higher thought, and you have just proved it. Donate for what. Every Institution on earth is run by donations, yet here is a black man saying donate for what. If you like donate, if you do not like do not donate. Then nobody will think in Africa and the continent will go down in ashes, as you can see with your own eyes nobody has a solution for anything because it is too much for you to think, you want people to think for free.

Because you do not understand how intellectualism works as a people you are willing to take somebodies thoughts and claim them as your own, why because you see value in them but not willing to say ah that idea I got from so and so, that is called plaigarism. Money is created through trade, then why is Africa poor, because you do not know it is created through trade and how trade works, you want somebody to say it for free how trade works. Ha. Hatshi Nhlanhl, donate if you want if not, get white mans institutions who themselves rely on donations and they will tell you grow tomatoes, it is your attitude to the mind that Africa is going down in ashes, your attitude to the mind that in no uncertain terms inequality in South Africa is worse now under a black government than it was under apartheid. You hate the mind, now suffer the consequences as a continent because you believe a mind should work for free. Donate if you like, why does it cause you pain. Africa is poor because you want things for free, maybe it is true, Africa is not yet ready for maths, its ready for Chieftains to call for war.
As one philosopher once said, it is when the philosophers are gone that you learn to appreciate them, you confuse politicians for intellectuals, well the likes of Zuma, Goodluck Jonathan, Mugabe, Kagame, Museveni are going to keep you running in circles as your home falls further behind from other continents. In reality you have acted like an immature 5 year old, donate for what, yet you run to pay a financial advisor money, why don't you do it yourself, what has financial advisor created, nothing. Yet a fellow African writes for you, you say what has been created. Grow up, or see your continent in ashes, you will pay a white man millions of dollars for economic advice, yet you say to a black donate for what. Enjoy RSA before that economy collapses, because it must collapse, why should you care about those thinking, you can never think better. Let us see what you have created, I bet you nothing. Then the institutions that run on donations from West will come and give you advice, every institution on this earth runs on donations, yet if it is black somehow it pains you, you white master will come and give you advice, as the children you behave like. You are behaving like my little daughter, she is 4.



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