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Dimensions and Mysterious of the universe

From studying knowledge we know maths, particularly calculus behaves differently at different dimensions. The higher the dimension the less the rate of change. This is an easy concept to grasp. Suppose somebody tells you something you do not know, well your knowledge increases, there is addition to your knowledge base, in this case 2 + 2 = 4. If somebody tells you something you already know, there is no addition to your knowledge base, in this case 2 + 2 = 2. When 2 + 2 = 4 following conventional rules, knowledge can be said to be acting as a 3 dimensional variable. When somebody tells you something you already know 2 + 2 = 2, knowledge is behaving as a phenomenon with infinite dimensions.

This means when talking of dimensions, the answer to 2 + 2 can be anywhere between 2 and 4. This maths of course will be refined more and more as time moves on. We are strictly talking of spatial/ scientific dimensions, spiritual dimensions are best understood by theologians.

All dimensions exist now. It means right now there are infinite dimensions, ten dimensional planes, 4 dimensional planes. Right now there is a dimension where there is no change, the space covered by infinite dimensions. Hypothetically speaking, if there is no change, that part of the universe has existed for ever, and will exist forever.

Do infinite dimensions exist? If somebody tells you something you already know there is no change in your knowledge base. However one can question what if human beings did not exist, how then would this hypothesis hold up? A well versed reasoner would immediately counter such skepticism with the fact that many mammals teach their young, pass on knowledge to their young be they other primates, dolphins, elephants, cats, dogs, or kangaroos. When these mammals pass on knowledge hey know to their young, or each other, when they pass on what the intended recipient already knows, there is no change to intended recipients knowledge base, concept of infinite dimensions at work again. But there are always skeptics, and they are good for knowledge, we must move away from the mind and look at a physical phenomenon. 

Einstein warned people to keep things simple, if you can not simplify it to its basics you yourself do not understand it. Mathematics is there to explore scientific hypothesis, but if you can't break it down to simple language where is the understanding? A board in a lecture theater full of long complex equations is useless if each step is not fully comprehended. It is better to understand one step completely than 1 000 steps halfway even if it makes one feel intelligent.

There is another phenomenon that like knowledge will help us understand dimensions, that is time. Time dilation is a verifiable fact. Time is not a constant throughout the universe. The most simple explanation we have for this phenomenon with increased scientific knowledge is dimensions. Greater physical forces lead to greater play by higher dimensions. We know at infinite dimensions there is no change, it means time too will not change, in fact at infinite dimensions the concept of time can not even exist. As we go higher and higher in dimensions time slows more and more. The slowing down of course cannot be abrupt, so even before getting to a 4 dimensional spatial space, the next dimension from our three dimensional existence, time will be slowing down as we approach 4 dimensions. This phenomenon is occurring everywhere in our three dimensional universe, if not time will be everywhere constant. All these forces, electro magnetic, gravity, all play with dimensions, the final answer is it is dimensions, a combination of many forces that finally affect time, why a clock on Jupiter will run at a different rate than a clock on earth.

All humans interested in our world and universe, one need not be a physics major, just a curios mind were excited by a paper written by Ahmed Farag Ali  proclaiming no big bang. But when we understand the universe in terms of dimensions, they seem to have confused a stage of infinite dimensions and three dimensions. True, universe has existed forever without need for a big bang, but logic points to this only at the infinite dimensional level. At the three dimensional level difficult to rule out big bang. It is only at infinite dimensions that there is no change, at this level there is always change, seasons, stars changing positions, universe expanding, a lot of evidence for initial start, a big bang.

However Farag Ali, Mir Faizal, Mohammed Khalil are spot on when they say different dimensions could exist, they do exist or the universe would not make any sense, the concept that at times 2 + 2 = 4 and at other times 2 + 2 = 2 would not exist, but it is a logical and mathematical fact.

Remember an infinite number of 2 dimensional planes create a single 3 dimensional plane. An infinite number of 3 dimensional planes will create a 4 dimensional plane. Therefore it makes sense that there are an infinite number of universes. According to dimensions, the multi verse theory is spot on. All dimensions exist at once. So as we speak a big bang can be happening right now on some other 3 dimensional universe as there must be infinite 3 dimensional planes/ universe to make one 4 dimensional plane/ universe.

It logically follows that infinite 4 dimensional planes/ universes fit into one 5 dimensional plane/ universe. Therefore a 5 dimensional spatial space has infinite number of 4 dimensional spatial spaces, and each 4 dimensional spatial space has infinite 3 dimensional spatial spaces, meaning a 5 dimensional space has infinite x infinite 3 dimensional spatial spaces, the universe is larger than we have thus far conceptualized. 

Just to make sure it is understood. A line is made up of infinite points. A line is one dimensional. What dimension are the points? A two dimensional plane like say a square is made up of infinite lines, of infinite one dimensions. A three dimensional phenomenon like a cube, ourselves, our planet, our universe is made up of infinite 2 dimensions. A Four dimensional phenomenon is made up of infinite 3 dimensions. Therefore logically we have infinite universes like our own. However this in no way suggests that there an infinite you or me out there. Each universe will be unique, just if you pick up a rock and cut it into 2 dimensions, each 2 dimensional phenomenon that makes up that rock will be unique, unique in shape as a rock is not uniform in shape. Why should a universe be uniform in shape that is just not natural. The key word is uniqueness. Each universe that makes up the four dimensional universe is unique. Therefore there are an infinite number of universes at each dimension but there is only one universe at infinite dimensions. Remember each universe is unique, there are no infinite you or me out there.

The only way we will ever reach the stars is by manipulating dimensions, 100 miles per hour in a higher dimension one takes up far more space than they would in a three dimensional plane.

Dimensions are the future of physics, of understanding our universe. As humans, do we need to question ourselves about the concept of God's, a creator, does dimensions offer any insights. Maybe, it depends of course on how one looks at things. We know at infinite dimensions there is no change, it is timeless, constant. There are infinite three dimensions, but there can only logically be one infinite dimensions, where all the other dimensions lay in. Is this the origin. At infinite dimensions all other existence is below, one can be anywhere at an instance be that anywhere involve 10 dimensions or 3 dimensions. We are only at the beginning.

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