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Dear Physics and scientific community at large


Dear Physics community/ science community
Rarely does one find themselves writing a letter. But Letters still mean the seriousness of the past, a somewhat personal means of communication even though the purpose for a letter is same as in ancient times, just the means of conveying the message has changed, technology making stuff less serious as it is more immediate.
There is always basics that must be exhausted, then everything becomes more basic. Would it not be better to exhaust the double slit experiment. There is still so much more we can learn, or unravel if we enjoy mystery games. Science is a sort of detective game, looking for patterns. Exhausting the double slit experiment will mean we can finally peek a little more into the basics of dimensions.
Why the double slit experiment was not exhausted is possibly about the original debates that Albert Einstein had with Neils Bohr. Their big debate was about  quantum mechanics  Is it possible to measure the properties of a particle without disturbing it? Bohr and Einstein wasted time here? Maybe it is not worth attacking something just because one cannot fully comprehend it. To justify his position, Bohr had to go deeper and deeper to counter arguments from Einstein and his supporters that he left exhausting the basic properties that can be learned from the most basic experiment. Winning the argument, Bohr and his supporters had very little time to analyze the subject in a proper manner, instead proving with deeper and deeper experimentation and theorizing.

The need to experiment with 2 slits but one of the slits is half the size of the other slits. There are 2 seriously strong logical expectations from this experiment. A pattern could show that the experimented has yielded a pattern such that the top half we get a particle behavior. At the bottom half we get a pattern behavior. This would mean the wave has a two dimensional property. This would be great news for those seriously taking the questions of dimensions seriously.
However there is the possibility that there is a wave pattern as when the 2 slits are of somewhat equal length. This would mean the wave is 3 dimensional. A quandary for both those looking into dimensions and those concentrating on finding more answers in quantum theory.
There is the other possibility that the pattern would give a particle behavior, not as strong logically but a possibility, who knows how the particle will behave when by just looking everything changes. When saying behave like a particle will mean one the two slits will appear at observation as one and a half slits.
There is the slim possibility that the experiment would yield particle behavior but at observation the patterns created by the 2 slits are identical. What a disaster this possibility would lead to, making fun of those believing they have an idea, giving humanity the awe a caveman had for fire and the moon.
  If it 2 dimensional everything falls more neatly into place. It means scientifically we have experimented and discovered a 2 dimensional phenomenon. Quantum mechanics then would become our first foray into the 2 dimensional universe, into actually observing any answers from any other dimensional phenomenon.
This would mean that mass comes from a 2 dimensional activity. Our existence, particles, would start from a 2 dimensional phenomenon, a phenomenon that has eluded our desire to observe, but we can learn more from activity we can create.
We are looking into the one dimensional world, more like theorizing about this world with string theory. We have the zero dimensional phenomenon, just a point, it takes no space whatsoever, that is information. The basic information that acts as catalyst by being involved with the 2 dimensional wave and formless matter. Obviously we will learn how by continuous investigation.

One must be careful, true we send information everywhere today by say means of photons, the information being discussed is the basic code to create a photon from formless matter, to create the most basic building blocks of matter from  formless matter. This information must be the same everywhere and remain constant. That the information remains constant is helpful in understanding entanglement. The same packet of information can never be different, changing it means immediately there is a correspondence with connected particle such that the law that the packet of information must always be the same. This information moves through a one dimensional connection.

In science we sometimes get stuck by looking at new phenomenon from our experiences, what experience do we have about a phenomenon that seemingly can travel if need be at trillions of times faster than light to deliver that information from one particle to another. It does not travel faster than light. Light is a particle, a photon. particles come from a field or wave. This information package is disturbed at zero dimensions there is no light, it has not been created, even at one or two dimensions in the field itself, there is no light, just information about light and formless matter. How then can we compare a phenomenon that exists where there is no light to light, a phenomenon first and only encountered thus far in the 3 dimensional universe of Einstein, Newton, and Pythagoras and where we exist and where all our experiences come from.
If the experiment with the slits is such that one slit is half the size of the other and we get a pattern such that at the top at observation we get a particle pattern but at the bottom a wave formation, our wave is 2 dimensional. This means our three dimensional world comes from a two dimensional foundation.
1 dimension comes from pure information
2 dimensional from 1 dimensional,
3 dimensional from 2 dimensional.
It will hold that 4 dimensional will come from 3 dimensional, what would that kind of observation have an effect on three dimensional space we exist in.

Information exists in all dimensions. In the second dimension this information creates particles, once particle is created it is three dimensional. A New set of information says this is what happens when basic particles interact in certain manner, we end up with life as well as with rocks, stars, water and everything else that is the world and universe we know, where Einsteins thoughts, Newtons thoughts are most relevant. Each dimension has a different set of information, the higher the dimension the more complex the information. Think about it, formless matter has no information, matter has more information, basic particle, plus how to remain stable, charge of particle, and much more information. Understanding this information must be key.

Understanding this information might help us look at why both Einstein and Bohr are correct. Bohr was looking at far simpler information that Einstein. True experimentation has proven entanglement beyond any shadow of a doubt, but in the three dimensional world a particle is rarely but a particle on its own. True basic package of information is the same, but imagine yourself, as you read this letter very well in you could be a bunch of electrons that are complimentary to electrons light years away. The basic information might remain the same but it is constrained by new information. Electron in you could be bound to a carbon atom whilst those light years away bound to a gold atom. This new information overwhelms the basic package that creates process of entanglement when particle is by itself. The entanglement is still there but has been overwhelmed by new information.

We can verify this information overwhelm by adjusting the Bell Test Experiment as conducted by Alain Aspect. There are two possible methods one can think of off hand, but this information overwhelm needs to be resolved to unite relativity and quantum mechanics.
method 1:- In the Experiment one path of the particles is not interfered with. We are shooting 2 particles. The path of the other particle is flooded with other identical particles with different polarization from filter, they can not pass the filters. The test will show that the particle either gets new information from the other particles or it does not, if it does get new information this information will overwhelm information from other particle interfering with entanglement.
method 2 :- The path of one particle is not interfered with. The other particle must pass through particles it is known to react with whose polarization does not match the filters. Once again if correlation is broken then there is an information overload. Entanglement is still there, but there is interference.
Has the concept of time completely disappeared, no. Though instantaneous the change from wave to particle, without observation we see that there was a time when particle behaved like a wave. Time has not completely disappeared in the quantum world, time has not completely disappeared in 2 dimensional universe.

A theory of everything will therefore have to include information and understanding of this formless matter. Therefore a theory of everything can be basically explained as
Ev = f(I), Ev = everything, I = information
Then we learn of formless matter, fm
Ev = f(I, fm)
The information becomes more and more complex the higher the dimension, d
Ev = f(I, fm, d)
A Theory of everything must include information, formless matter, and dimensions.

Exhausting the double slit theory will allow us to see more of this world. How weird is this world? That in the double slit experiment the particle seems to become 2 and interfere with itself. Without observation is it possible for us to keep the 2 particles separated, some physical or other phenomenon creates this barrier. Separating the 2 particles would mean we have actually created matter, that is a massive step in knowledge growth, a critical breakthrough worthy of a champagne party. It would mean in the future humans will be capable of creating matter all because we decided to take a step back and exhaust what should have been exhausted some time ago, the double slit experiment.
Quantum Physics contributes to Economy

Creating matter, humans sure would have come a long way. What seems to be practical in the near future is industrial applications of quantum theory. Who would have thought 100 years ago that quantum mechanics would be this close to contributing to the economy. How many people have really contributed with new thoughts, maybe 10, perhaps 20,  a multi billion dollar industry is on the verge of happening, if not multi trillion according to D. K Matai founder of quantum innovation labs.
The wise and those societies wanting to stay in the forefront are funding quantum technology, quantum computers, quantum time keepers, it is happening. This would represent a huge jump in technology available to humanity.  Quantum technology is very delicate, the process of entanglement must no be disturbed by being overwhelmed by unnecessary information.
Still the idea of creating matter is fascinating, creating matter from formless matter, not banging things together.


What is formless matter, could it be the dark matter. When dark matter mixes with information behavior changes and matter is created. The conditions no longer exist to turn this dark matter to mass but we can create these conditions merely by separating what becomes two electrons. If it is possible to create matter, the basic principles set out in the most basic of principles must be scrutinized thoroughly. Alas likely answer is no, has instrumentation gone so far ahead it detects a 2 dimensional phenomenon. A good guess is that dark matter will be understood best by delving deeper into quantum research. However dark energy might be explained that when we do a double slit experiment with one slit half the size of the other, if we get a full wave pattern, then the wave is three dimensional. Then dark matter could be related to formless matter more than we can speculate at the moment.


Even if scientists do not like it, their works change our outlook on the universe. To some looking for answers science justifies no need for a creator. Others looking for the same answer, they look for the same answer because the question is the same? Where do you come from? Others science justifies their creator, especially the question of conscious and phenomenon at the quantum level. Like it or not, science has huge implications on how non scientists view the world.
Science therefore must be kept sacred, something sacred belongs to the entire human race. To keep it sacred is to keep it at the level it is contributions not politics or other non scientific reasoning.
Economists truly come from a most dismal science, a dismal people to the larger extent. To the larger part they have convinced people, the world of the need for elitism, promoting elitism society starts to hate liberty, the free market, and make people believe that only a selected few have natural rights, intellectual rights to think of such deep and profound issues like dimensions, quantum physics, even if they are stuck and in most cases wrong. This comes from a culture of esoteric reasoning that somehow it just is proper if so and so is better than so and so no never the other way round no matter what. Bohr is not known to the general public yet he outwitted Einstein on so many occasions. They ultimately will end up deciding that the correct answer from science is from the scientist who when the interrogator sticks a finger at them and asks how many fingers do I have up the interrogator expects an answer of 3. This culture defended by this economics of bailouts sips into industry, academia, it's culture it becomes everywhere, culture of entitlement, ultimately entitlement to the correct answer.

Scientists surely believe in the progress of mankind, that any human has the right to study what they desire, explore the universe in their minds if they so desire and show, share what they see after some deep thought that sometimes can be confirmed by experimentation. We understand that knowledge process need not be the same to make a contribution as long as what is presented is knowledge, to understand a law of science the starting point can start from completely different questions that need to be answered. This can easily be understood by reading the paper Point X and the economics of knowledge.

Science can only look at the question and answer, not who poses the question, not who answers the question, but science must look only at the answer, is this a plausible answer or has the mark been completely missed. All answers have to have the same scrutinizing process. In politics  and economics they like flamboyant answers from their cousins.

Time to see what happens with 1.5 slits. Eventually we will learn to create matter itself, or how to manipulate phenomenon to create matter. We will begin fully developing scientific principles applicable to 2 dimensional phenomenon, eventually laws applicable through all dimensions. Ladies and gentlemen, the technological singularity is far away, humanity has so much to learn to fully benefit from the bounties of the universe.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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