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Quantum Physics, Double Slit Experiment, and Dimensions


The double slit experiment in quantum physics reveals much important but unexplained phenomenon about the nature of this universe. The double slit experiment is basic to understanding quantum physics, without understanding this experiment fully it is impossible to fully understand quantum physics because there will be too many large questions left unanswered. Not to understand this experiment at its most basic one will never even comprehend  the marvels of the quantum world, the root of existence as we sense it.
Many thoughts and minds have been used to interpret this phenomenon, and from such we have parallel universes, even holographic universes, if we can endure these explanations we can indulge another thought, mixing things up a little bit more.
Many believe it is too complicated to actually understand why at times what is considered a particle behaves like a wave at times and a solid particle at other times. Terry Rudolph, a professor from Imperial College London mentioned some very interesting revelations about simplicity in a lecture he gave that was recorded on 29 October 2014 and uploaded on YouTube. The video is entitled Quantum Theory: it's unreal.
Rudolph showed a complicated slide of how to explain the movements of planets when taking the earth as the center of the solar system. The picture one gets is a complicated illustration of twirling circles, known as epicycles. But when the truth reveals itself it is much more simpler. When taking the sun as the center of the solar system everything else makes sense and a whole new science develops on the correct path.
Rudolph also kick started of the presentation with a good question what would a banana fundamentally be with human beings. The immediate answer to most would be a banana is a banana anyway in the universe because it's atomic structure must remain the same across all existence. However one thinking in a quantum manner would have to say no consciousness plays a crucial part in the world around us. A banana at the end of it all is just a conscious construction that happens to be there because human beings exist. At the end of the lecture no new thoughts are given though a question raised, quantum physics is stuck at further explanations to the double slit experiment and implications.
Usually subjects/ disciplines miss a key principle that they have skirted around, but extremely important principle that is needed to change the thought patterns. In a subject like economics that key principle is morals. In quantum physics is understanding what the slits can demonstrate if indeed they can demonstrate more.
It must have been mind blowing to the early pioneers in the subject of understanding quantum physics, man like Niels Bohr, when they realized what a large part human interference plays with particles, the simple act of observing. Because people are too scared to confront this conscious they become too scared, there might be ways around this by thinking broadly.
One can accept that particles can be waves, a conscious act make these waves particles, therefore this wave also carries information of the pattern. Waves before they become particles are simply information plus what should be termed formless matter.
A wave of electrons therefore is simply information concerning those electrons, information is not the particle. The wave contains the most basic information about particles, a manual for creation of a particle. That information becomes a particle. This is far from being far fetched, at the mere point of observation the wave becomes a particle, drop the idea of wave collapsing into a particle, if you accept the wording, the thinking process will block anything new entering the mind. At observation the wave becomes a particle, it does not collapse into a particle.
At point of observation the information in the wave allows matter to form. Obviously the matter is formless without the information on how to take form. One day we will understand where this information came from, but in this information is the DNA of matter, of the very basic particles. Formless matter can not also be the information at the same time. The formless matter only takes form with information. This formless matter can be thought of as a field perhaps, but ordinary people have a very different view of what a field is. We will by the end understand how to determine the dimension of this wave that is information and formless matter.
The puzzle begins when firing a single electron at a time at barrier with 2 slits when the particle without observation passes through a slit it behaves as if it is a wave. It interferes with itself. This means the atom breaks into 2 goes through both slits and interferes with itself. How on earth does a particle break into 2?
The mere conscious decision of observing at the slit particle remains a particle. But with no observation it behaves like a wave until point of observation some distance from the slits. What truly is going on?
At point of observation information gives matter form, it is the very foundation of the material. Without observation information passes through both slits.It is the distribution of the information that allows the particle to seemingly pass through slits. Information like nature seemingly abhors a vacuum of some sorts. Vacuums offer least resistance, to information those 2 slits offered path of least resistance and the interference allows information eventually to be spread over a wider area, in this case the information of a particular basic particle in most cases with this type of experiment an electron. This is why we most likely see the patterns of the universe as they are, information dispersed as widely as possible.
It seems this information is more than just the mere ability to change formless matter into its most basic constituents of matter, it also includes speed, and an exact measurement of location of the particle as well the surrounding resistance.
This can be easily verified by adjusting the double slit experiment. The famous double slit experiment carried two slits of fairly similar proportions. But we can change this and make one slit half the size of the other and see what happens. We would expect a proportional reduction of wave pattern if the wave flowing through is 2 dimensional. By this I mean if one slit is chopped in half, the half where there are 2 slits the pattern will show wave behavior, however where one slit stands alone we would expect particle behavior.
One says proportional change as this is the quantum we expect not too much until an experiment can be done. Being the quantum world, it would not be too shocking to find that the wave is 3 dimensional. If the wave is 3 dimensional it means that even if one slit is half the other, without observation there is a wave pattern. This can only be possible with the idea of true instantaneous behavior, principles underpinning principles of entanglement. In the case of one particle going through the slits above the half slit, it means the information travels down, crosses barrier, comes up whilst the other information stream was moving at nearly the speed of light but they have remained parallel not just in paths but in distance.
This basic information it must be clearly understood just gives structure to formless matter. It allows matter to gain mass so to say, how does formless matter gain mass, it is all contained in the code that allows matter to be created.
Varying the slits will allow us to gain much more knowledge of the behavior of the very smallest constituents of existence besides merely the dimension of the wave. This way progress can still be made without getting stuck on the conscious. It will reveal itself as we gain more and more behavior about quantum matter.
There is equal opportunity before any experiment that the result of dimensions of waves is either 2 of 3 dimensional. The beauty of this experiment is that both answers our knowledge would gain.

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