Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Physical Isolation of Heat

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Everything is information and information is everything, that is physics, that is science. If everything is information everything can be isolated. If information could not be isolated it would be impossible to learn, you would have to know everything or nothing an important factor to consider.

If everything can be isolated it is possible to think up an experiment for the isolation of heat. When we isolate heat we can study it, is heat just a particle? If so then temperature will just be a measure of quantity of this mass-less particle, this tshison, everything is just discrete. Isolating information, if indeed heat is just a wave we can study that wave in more detail, but first we must isolate heat from other phenomenon.

The paper "Heat, quantum mechanics, and information" gives  an experiment that will isolate heat.

What ever heat is if it can be isolated it opens up the logic of far more forces out there being information, but because of the nature of the quantum we have missed this point. Extremely important for science and the future trend of technology and scientific research. When not looking for something will not find it. But the beauty of information theory is that information can be isolated, we can isolate heat.

As we delve deeper into this quantum universe we need to be grateful for the coming evolution of artificial intelligence. It will assist us in this most difficult of endeavors, the isolation of as much information as possible. The more minds the better, but imagine the benefits. Imagine for yourself, imagine a phenomenon, now imagine isolating it from the rest of the universe and putting it in a test tube. Isolating information packages.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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