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Quantum Phone, Entanglement, and Information


Teleportation at the quantum level is a reality, and has been a reality for some time. Quantum teleportation of course being the transfer of information from one particle to another. This means that very soon we will be getting data from Pluto, Mars, from all our man made machines in space, instantaneously. Would it not be great if we could not also talk instantaneously from so great a distance, just in case for example we would like to explore Mars.

This article, note, or how ever one wants to describe these type of writings will show how a quantum phone is possible. To make sure we do not miss any step, illustrations have been included.

Let us start of with the first illustration, two particles, A and B.

Let us know say A and B are entangled. We observe A and note its spin as depicted by the arrow above. B immediately/ instantaneously has the opposite spin as depicted in the second illustration.

Just to clear things, we can add a third particle, C, that is entangled with A and we would get such a result that its spin would be the same as B’s.

Illustration is just to make sure we understand, this is principle of independence of a package of information, B is an independent information package from C though all particles are similar.

If we add a fourth particle D, where D is entangled with C, we end up with a situation is depicted in the fourth illustration.

Note in the fourth illustration that D is similar to A, this is principles behind teleportation. We can remove particle B as not to be confused and we end up with illustration 5.

The above tested and proven facts are important to grasp as we move further. In nature particles are always interacting, forces always moving between them, exciting each other causing each other to vibrate at different levels and speeds. This is illustrated in the sixth illustration.

Illustration 6 is what makes possible modern communications, a phone is just that, vibrations, that is how we hear, electrical impulses sent to the brain. Can we duplicate what happens in the sixth illustration at a distance by using the properties of entanglement as illustrated in illustration seven.

Illustration seven shows a scenario whereby particle A is entangled to particle C. Is it possible for us to induce information into particle A that will cause it to affect B. D is in a similar position to B except in relation to C instead of A. The relationship between A and B is instantaneously transferred to C and D.

What if we add another particle, particle E that is entangled to particle C. Particle F has a similar relationship to E as D has with C and B with A. E has the same information as A transmitted immediately. Illustrations seven and eight are about transmitting a force, with variation one could transmit a basic Morse code. To be talk a force must be transmitted, we hear vibrations.

Illustration nine is a highly exaggerated transformation of the spoken Z due to entanglement. Illustration 10 is the basic principle of the transfer of one quantum bit of the spoken word in the most practical sense.

There is no other principle that will transfer the spoken word Unlike teleportation, the spoken word involves more complexities, or at the least more principles. It not only includes the transfer of information, but information that will allow it to interact with other particles. Note from illustrations seven to ten the particles at the bottom have no relationship whatsoever.

Illustration seven is the basic principle of transmitting particle interaction by means of entanglement, and it is the only principle. Illustration ten merely shows what must take place to duplicate the interaction that was created in the first instance. A change in a pulse would have been affected, that is all after all what sound is, interaction of particles. 

This is the basic principles of the quantum phone, we can talk at a distance, we can have a conversation one day with somebody across the galaxy. Not just transfer of information but transformation of information that induces a force.

Thinking is free, to lament and moan that you have no resources is never helpful, the mind is original resource. Laid out above is the basic principle of communicating, sending instructions, talking at the quantum level, instantaneously controlling a robot on Jupiter, imagine that. 

This is the very roots of information theory, the stem grows and branches out into many subjects, all the sciences, economics, statistics, psychology, administration. If information theory say in economics can not be tied back to quantum mechanics, then it is wrong and incomplete. If information theory in say biology can not eventually be tied back to quantum mechanics, it has not matured enough. Not Renaissance man, just men researching and investigating information, information is everything, unites everything, :-)

Please do not be tempted to say you can just transfer the force as in teleport it, No, the force must be created due to the teleportation, one can not imagine it being teleported, conditions creating the force are teleported, therefore illustration 11 will be wrong, though tempting.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

Comment added 7 September 2015

After some genuine concerns over the internet about the transfer of data I have added a comment that I used on, the ultimate test as these are mature professionals. Here is the response to the concerns of transferring data at faster than the speed of light. 

"Oh forgive me, my English seems to be very poor. The principle "No communication theorem: It is a quantum no no to communicate beyond light speed. No data can ever, ever, in any reference frame be sent faster than the speed of light." That is why in the article when discussing figure 11 it clear states that is a wrong principle though it looks tempting. A force could never be transmitted like that, the arrows are meant to represent a force, what is data, but similar to a force in that it is not a characteristic of a particle. Entanglement is concerned with the state of a particle, a force is a release of energy, such as the electric pulses that allow us to talk over a phone, or better still send a telegraph. 

We need to transmit the state of a particle, not data, nor forces created between interaction of particles. That is what figure 7 is supposed to represent. The entanglement is between A and C. A has nothing to do with D or the relationship between C and D. Data is not transmitted between A and C, like all entanglement the state of a particle is transmitted in the entanglement process. 

Taking another look at illustration 7, take it this way. You are A and I am C, you and I are entangled. You have a friend in front of you B, I do not know him and have no relation with him, I do not even know that you know him. I also have a friend in front of me, D, D has no knowledge of you or your relationship with B. 

There is a state induced into you that causes to make you seem to reflexively punch B as hard as you can with your left hand, he screams OUCH!. Because you and I are entangled I punch D as hard as I can with my right hand as the same instant you punch B, D screams OUCH! Data has not been transmitted, that is IMPOSSIBLE, but data has been created instantaneously. 

Note, the OUCH! is not transmitted, the OUCH! is the data, it is induced because of the state of the particle. 

I hope this satisfies concerns about transmitting data."


Nikola Milovic said...

What physical means "entangle" and how to make particles that obey the command to act according to the dictates. Are you sure that the particles behave so that you just imagined. If so, then you have some kind of creators who can change the properties of the particles, which she won at the "birth". And what does "quantum" as a quantum computer, quantum teleportation, and the like? Does anyone explain what is "quant"? or was it adopted characteristics that something we serve, and we do not know much about it.

Anonymous said...

We control lumps of particles everyday, seen the graphics of computers these days, why then fear this commanding of particles when it is done on a daily basis, as you read this we have commanded particles. Its right in front of you but you fight it.

Quantum phone will be a reality soon A far easier endeavor than teleporting a pebble. Imagine teleporting a pebble, now imagine particles just changing polarization and a corresponding change in polarization a process that has existed through experimentation for decades close to a century, it is in its infancy, teleportation is still in the womb.

Who is watching too much science fiction?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous and because it is so much easier than teleportation when ever their grandson communicates to them from Mars or maybe a moon of Saturn by speech or Morse code they will always say that damn"nigger"

Anonymous said...

by the time they move that pebble 10 centimeters and $2 trillion in todays money, astronauts on mars will be conversing with earth station. Sure pebble will be teleported but very difficult.



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