Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mainstream is White Power

In the article Comply or die: Eric Garner and thePhilosophy of Power it was explained how the whole system is rigged against blacks at every level from the cop to the justice system that protects that cop, to the university professors, the whole system from the white ticket collector to the CEO of corporations, this is white power, and the same power fears just the words black power and says if whites go around saying white power they would be considered evil but blacks are allowed to say it. Well white power is killing blacks in the name of the cops, destroying blacks in the name of gentrification, white power shouts white power every day. Those dreaming of black freedom shout black power once in a while at a protest.

White power’s purpose is everywhere, it is the mainstream, that is white power and it can not be denied. White power demands that blacks only enter in at their convenience, blacks must behave a certain way, well they just mustn’t be black, how that can be pulled of is incredible, so they demand women turn their physical features to white, they hate black males to such an extent they actually demand black males to sacrifice their sexuality and become homosexuals, that way they do not feel threatened.

White power loves black stuff but hates the black person, hence they can steal the idea and make millions, take the movie the matrix. White power, the mainstream is a lie when it talks strictly that its about talent, and they have excuses for it, they say keep trying, whilst they keep telling lies, white power is built on the lie that the white is superior, and this involves both male and females even though white females pretend to be a victim when they are the breeders for this power, take the case of Serena Williams, the hatred white females have thrown at her, go on any facebook site and listen to white females cheer the death of blacks, and finally former mayors demand that blacks need to be more humble when dealing with cops, meaning they need to take their pants of as blacks are already doing no sir and yes sir.

Blacks would be stupid to take a side in the war between arab power and white power, the war on terror is just a name, it’s a war between white power and arab power. Be the white calling himself a Christian or an atheist they all have the same aims, curtail the progress of non whites by all means at their disposal. Mainstream is white power, first people must understand and accept this fact.

A white expert be they in England, Australia, Holland, Germany, France has more rights to the airwaves than a local black citizen in North America, because mainstream is about white power and nothing else but they are embarrassed by those who shout it out louder like the KKK, aryan nation, because these whites are showing what everybody in mainstream already knows but is systematically destroying blacks and the black mind whilst pretending to be something better. Mainstream is out to destroy the black at any cost and they start with the black male and concentrate most of their efforts in destroying the black male.

Whites hate blacks, this is the reality, the cold war showed this, whilst building factories in Asia they where financing destruction in Africa, hoping Africa will never recover, all the pretense of trade with Africa is a simple attitude to steal Africa’s resources, and nothing more. Because the same black is being shot in the streets of North America like a dog. The white activist claims this and that but that same activist is afraid of the black mind, they call themselves scientists but supress any original thought from a black, whites are the standard for hypocrisy as there is no truth in mainstream.

Nothing is going to change, the problem is whites hate blacks, yes in 2016, but the same will be in 2026, the same will be in 2116, it is how whites are, this is a fact with overwhelming evidence, they hate blacks. Blacks have been fooled by a well constructed act from whites, so one has a black president in the name of Obama, who volunteers trillions of government help for whites, but nothing for blacks except for some government posts here and there, laughable considering he gave whites trillions, his excuse, I am President of everybody, nonsense stuff, are blacks not part of everybody.

Mainstream is white power, yet whites will call a black a racist for seeing this well constructed con that mainstream is for everybody. It doesn’t matter who is running this mainstream, if anonymous topples this structure and becomes mainstream, they too will find a way to devalue a black and his mind. Whites when talking of liberty only mean liberty and freedom for whites and nothing more, and such organizations understand this in their act yet claiming they love liberty. The white communist is exactly the same if they where to take of Washington, in relations with other people whites deal strictly in race not ideology, so a na├»ve black will actually believe the freedom words but it is just a con.

Mainstream is white power, pretending to be appalled by the overt that mainstream neatly calls white supremacy.  

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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