Sunday, July 24, 2016

Not God Damn Vietnam but God Bless Vietnam

Believing it is countering China and acting strong and bold Washington is attempting the old western approach of divide and conquer and has ended an arms embargo placed on Vietnam five decades ago. This is supposed to be a counter to China’s territorial ambitions but the reality is the same old search for markets and partners for western corporations, that is the reality, hiding it behind some mystical reasons, there, India and China have not gone to war as was anticipated by Western experts, instead they have strengthened relationships, just as Hanoi and Beijing will become stronger, Japan alone has the know how to defend itself, a coalition of Tokyo, Hanoi, Seoul, and Manila is enough to force Beijing to think strictly about trade without Washington, Donald Trump seems to understand that.

Forbes has an interesting headline, “Arming Vietnam: Ideology Takes A Backseat To Pragmatism In Obama’s Foreign Policy.” Pragmatic is a word that was invented to confuse people. The very definition of pragmatic suggests a situation that can never exists, it suggest taking action without thought, an impossibility, even wild beasts think and pass knowledge of how to survive the wild to their offspring. Webster’s dictionary defines pragmatic as “dealing with problems that exist in a specific situation in a reasonable and logical way instead of depending on ideas and theories,” as if you can take any action without an idea, the action one takes, even if covered up with words whose definitions contradict themselves, the action one takes shows their underlying ideas and theories about life, that is why they took that action.

Pragmatic is a word that is used to cover hypocrisy, that is how people who claim to be genetically superior, their lies are uncovered whenever they are tested, bankers gave themselves trillions of dollars in the name of pragmatism. They can steal trillions, and a poor man from the ghetto pushed to the limit he must steal a loaf of bread spends twenty years in jail. The one who stole a loaf of bread has been tested severely, the banker loses money and then steals, not willing to accept the reality that there are thousands of janitors who could do a better job and the market had decided they are dispensable, but their tools the likes of Presidents Obama and Bush, look at the reality in front of us, where ordered to use the word pragmatic.

According to Loren Thompson the author of the article in Forbes, “not only is Obama adding a partner to his strategy of containing Chinese expansion but he is helping create thousands of U.S jobs in the process”, totally ignoring the fact with all these trade deals, not one of them has anything to do with the free market, 51% of American workers make less than $31 000 a year and stock market is near record highs. What the elite and their minions refuse to acknowledge in public is that America has been what they consider pragmatic for over a long time, anybody willing to do business even if they are butchers has always been afforded the red carpet by Washington, just like London, Beijing, Beijing supported the Khmer Rouge of all people, Moscow, Washington has never been different when it comes to foreign policy.

But to be fair to Obama, he did give wise counsel to his audience in Vietnam, he can at least say he was pragmatic, true meaning intended, hypocritical, but, he gave a true view of the world as it is happening now with the technology available, at least he did not confuse jihadists with men of liberty.

The counsel that Obama gave to his audience in Hanoi was that “as a friend of Vietnam allow me to share my view, why I believe nations are more successful when universal rights are upheld. When there is freedom of expression and freedom of speech, and when people can share ideas and access the internet and social media without restriction, that fuels the innovation economies need to strive. That’s where new ideas happen, that’s how a Facebook starts. That’s how some of our greatest companies began, because somebody had a new idea that was different and they where able to share it.”

If the elite understands this fact, why does it undermine it at every turn, the only possible answer is because they willingly promote fascism in order for their profits to grow. Thus a company seeking profits will retrench workers in it’s home base and set up shop in a dictatorship. That dictatorship does not have to worry about liberty because they know the Western elite are there for them. It’s hardly a crime if a company sets up shop n another country because of expansion and no workers are laid of at home, it’s when labor is retrenched at home and production moves abroad, that undermines the concept of liberty everywhere. That dictatorship no longer needs people to be able to access the internet and social media, it merely needs cheap labor, the elite in that dictatorship and elite in the west are the winners, everybody else a loser, that is why 51% of Americans can not make more than $31 000 per year.

What Vietnam needs to understand that those 3 million Vietnamese who died in Vietnam war was only so that KFC, and McDonald open shop in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, it had nothing to do about some concept of freedom and liberty, Rambo was killing and crying for McDonalds, well Rambo won, there is a McDonalds in Hanoi.

It will be sad if Vietnam does not understand that for people to strive and expand their minds, they must be allowed, Vietnam fared badly economically with communism, if they accept Washington’s remedy, fascism will only take them so far, look at America shaking, the elite swim in wine they can’t see. Liberty will carry not only Vietnam, but all of us to our full potential.

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