Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Break up the Banks: The Fascist Con

America is the heart of the global fascist movement, of big business in cohorts with the government. It is the heart of the fascist movement not only in terms of practicality but ideologically, and big business through giant media has willingly approved and called the fascism free markets. In reality the US government is run to protect the interest of the elite and the wealthiest of wealthy families, the top 0.1%.

The Republican party spent generations fighting against Roosevelt’s initiative the Glass Steagall act in the name that it was against the free market, not forgetting when the act was initiated it was for the protection received from Roosevelt's government at the time, he basically printed money for the big banks so that they could survive, same thing as Bush jnr. and Obama. In time the depression was forgotten and calls where heard that more money could be made by the elite if Glass Steagall was out of the way, and the Rhodes scholar, Harvard and Oxford educated Clinton complied, then within a decade troubles had become unsurmountable and soon things broke down again and there was Yale educated Bush in the name of saving freedom gave the elite trillions, as well as Harvard educated Obama. These are crooks, nothing but crooks.

Let us look at recent memory, the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the economic chaos that followed. Again the market had decided the banking sector needed change, and it signaled this by the impeding collapse that was due when Lehman announced bankruptcy. The market had decided a corrupt sector was no longer viable and it would have to collapse and something new would come and replace it decided by the people, not by a government, not by an elite sector, decided by the market, and the market is be definition the people. As in all systems run by an elite for an elite in America, in Europe, the elite stood up ignored the will of the people and decided they must save themselves and their fortunes, and who was there, the governments they controlled.

The market would have had the banks bankrupt and broken up and that elite that had concentrated wealth in its hands would have seen those ill gotten gains lost in the form of shares they owned in these corrupt and corrupted institutions. But they where saved by printing money, and this has resulted in worst inequality of wealth in generations, well what do people expect when they say they are smarter than the market, instead of being punished for corruption they where rewarded with the greatest printing of money in history such that now, there is no billionaire one can admire as it mostly can be traced to printed money, government assistance and culture of the insider.

Now the same elite is talking of breaking up the banks, they want to break up the banks in a manner that benefits them, they want to control the process so that they keep their ill gotten gains, gains legally from Bush jnr. Obama, Europe and Chinese governments all of course copying the lead of the Milton Friedman inspired theft of print money for the banks. Everything about the elite, every policy is meant to benefit them only, and they call it all free market, they call bailing out banks free market, they call corporate trade deals free market, they truly think they are fooling people, indeed they are, blacks still love Obama even though statistics have shown that under Obama they have fallen further and further behind, they use tricks of lies and the media.

Today there is talk of breaking up the banks from both Democratic and Republican party nominees from the presidency of the USA. Hypocrisy of the worst kind, the market had already done that and both parties refused because it would have meant new players in the banking sector as top insiders would have had to exit for their absolute corruption and incompetence

The system is completely rigged, that one needs a will of iron to continue, the corruption starts at the top and infests the entire society, it becomes a culture as everybody sees those supposedly representing the people dishing out goodies and contracts to a wealthy elite. The system is corrupted from the government giving favors to the elite to a union foreman giving a job, to those sweeping the streets, it becomes culture. A free society has no bailouts, government is kept small such that we do not hear hypocrisy of banks needing to be broken down when the market had already done that but it would have done it in a manner not favorable to the elite who desire inter-generational theft, in order to finance their fraternities start ups and call them geniuses. 

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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