Monday, August 8, 2016

Liberty and the rise of Free Humans

Every politician promises change, and it is always change for “the better.” If every politician is promising change that means for generations, across civilizations politicians have been promising the same thing, change for the better. It is time humans realized that change comes from the people deciding the way, and that comes and can only come from liberty.

The only idea that does not come with some establishment controlling the way is liberty, and that is the promise of liberty, that change will be determined by the people as liberty’s core promise is that all citizens are equal before the law, they are each valued equally by a political system.

Liberty/ freedom, means there is no establishment, there is no click controlling the political and therefore the economic system of the society, this is because the state is for everybody.

Volumes of words can be written about how it is not liberty to have a click controlling the state, a click getting bailouts and subsidies, a click controlling the purse of the state, all these arguments are a valid reason for demanding more liberty and freedom, however the most important argument for liberty is that liberty looks forward, it looks into the future.

Liberty and therefore freedoms hidden power is that it is forward looking, it does not call on the past, it does not call on dead civilizations or empires, princess, princesses, gods, or demigods, liberty already acknowledges the past, the past is settled and cannot be undone, liberty deals with the present moment, it is the entire society dealing with the present moment, not calling on some elite to solve a problem thus sustaining the past of that elite but dealing with the present moment. Liberty merely says we are all human and must contribute to the society as such with our own efforts, not giving our efforts to an elite.

Bailouts are simply giving societies efforts to an elite and sustaining the past and keeping that elite going for another generation, bailouts are simply to sustain an elite, never to sustain a society no matter what lies leaders of that society say, bailouts look to the past, to sustain those of the past even if they are corrupted.

Liberty and freedom warn us of the past, it warns us of history repeating itself when liberty and freedom are not present. Liberty recognizes that when people are not free those claiming to be brave as they uphold a system when met with equally armed people they are oppressing are suddenly not so brave, that is why they always demand to be armed better, everyone is brave when they are in an armored vehicle and stones are being thrown at them. Everyone is brave when they are in a fighter jet and are fighting an AK – 47, liberty understands the falsehoods of this bravado, and says it is better people are free to use their efforts to improve society rather than wasting efforts looking for ways to fight oppression.

Oppression always begins with a government protecting an elite and the lies that follow from there, be they cultural lies like need to bailout elite to protect everybody else, this is merely looking at the past, or scientific falsehoods that some are genetically superior than others.

Liberty understands that an oppressed people must eventually fight and kill off their oppressors, that is the way of the human, the opponent must be killed, as the oppressor has willingly been killing the people physically and spiritually robbing them of being human, turning them into lessor humans. Liberty wants to avoid this past. In a proper uprising not only are humans to be killed but the economic infrastructure of the oppressor must be destroyed, as the oppressor is fighting to keep others poor, what is built by man can be rebuilt by man.

Liberty alone recognizes common people, that we are all just common people, conservatives believe some elite is above the common people, at it’s most raw it just says the basis of elitism one must belong to a certain race, ethnicity, religion. Socialists believe in the elite of committees, the elite of the politburo, and the committees that are there to direct the people, at their most raw they believe these committees must be filled with people who come from a certain race, ethnicity, religion, or background. Liberty does away with all this nonsense, it says we must all be or the past must repeat itself at some point, death must come to purify the evil.

Liberty is like the meditation master that recognizes we must accept the present, the past is the past.  

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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