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Liberty and End of Human Sacrifice

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mimicking one’s own imagination, that is the true magic of life

Human sacrifice is an act that has been used throughout human history. The basis around a human sacrifice is that if some humans are sacrificed at the alter, those doing the sacrifice, the elite of the priestly establishment under the supervision of the elite in the political establishment, those doing the sacrifice hope to gain favor in terms of better harvests, higher profits, more treasure, more wealth, favors from the unknown, that is basically what a human sacrifice is.

Human sacrifice is one of the oldest sacrifices known, taking the life of another human in a ritualistic performance. Ever since ancient times humans have learnt of the usefulness of mimicking the gods and have human sacrifices in their political systems to enjoy the benefits of human sacrifices in order for the elite to enjoy wealth, position, and entitlements through human sacrifices. This is usually in religious scriptures where an elite claim their positions from some higher consciousness and all others must provide for them. Most religions have some form of the caste system.

Human sacrifice has been included in most political systems of humanity, and the human sacrificers always show us their ugly mindset, far from frequencies associated with freedom, or even a respect for freedom. They show absolute disdain for liberty, but always talk of liberty, they mean liberty for themselves and the enslavement of others. Everybody saw elite families being saved with the trillion dollar bailouts from George Bush Jnr. An entire society was sacrificed in order for elite families to continue to enjoy champagne and marijuana at the cost of every other citizen, not only that, but the monetary interference and the trickle down economics the bailouts are based on, government crowding out resources and passing them on to the elite, and then the same benefactors of this human sacrifice, a far more appropriate term than corruption, these same folks then create studies for why there is rising income inequality when they have just sucked all the resources and benevolently provide money for a study. Foundations created by stolen wealth, stolen from those sacrificed for the supposed benefit of those sacrificed. 

The systems are designed to sacrifice humans, and this is done from the very top and presented as good for you. This system of sacrificing other humans has been in place since human beings replaced the gods and instead of sacrificing to gain favor from the gods, humans are now sacrificed for these humans who have replaced the gods, humans are sacrificed for an elite to enjoy unrestricted pleasures in life, fulfill their every fancy, have luxuries beyond imagination, collect treasures of which only a handful exist, the reason for the sacrifice remains the same as in ancient times, this mimicking the gods has been a major cause for human strive, if not the only one, humans do not enjoy being sacrificed for the benefit of other humans, they want to leave their own dreams and not fulfill the dreams of others only.

Every time one hears words like genetically superior, ordained by the gods, chosen by the gods, superior religion, that is the high priest defending a sect and all others must be sacrificed to these new gods so that these new gods can enjoy life and all it has to offer. A racist is merely somebody sacrificing others so that they may enjoy the bounty of the earth at the misery of the other race or races that must be sacrificed at the alter. Then a boiler maker, a carpenter from that chosen race can act like they are so intelligent when speaking to somebody far more knowledgeable from a different race, only possible by sacrificing the more intelligent from other races such that a high school dropout who becomes a carpenter thinks somehow they are smart merely by the color of their skin. It is part of the game of sacrificing other humans, such that the lowliest mind can think they are superior to superior minds not because of deeds but because others are to be sacrificed, the very reason why slave owners never wanted slaves to go to school, slaves are to be sacrificed, that is all what colonialism and imperialism are about to this day. 

It's all the same, be it race, sexism, religion, ethnicity, an elite is sacrificing other humans in order to seeks comforts and have no competition in seeking the comforts of life, the pleasures of life, the benefits of growth of the mind, absolute evil. 

No matter how smart somebody is from a lower caste, they are already judged and controlled from birth such that they cannot compete with those who claim to be from a higher caste, made by different evolutionary process perhaps, or just a con game to sacrifice other humans for their comforts.

Only liberty can deliver us from these systems of human sacrifice. A culture of liberty will lend itself to a more humble people accepting that none is superior to another and that society works when all contribute to the best of their efforts. The elite have to stop mimicking the gods and demand that others sacrifice for them, instead they should allow people to mimic their own imagination, that is all what life is, mimicking one’s own imagination, that is the true magic of life, not to be given permission to mimic one’s own imagination, but to mimic one’s own imagination as a right for being a human being. 

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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