Monday, October 17, 2016

One Humanity Comes from the Mind

Humanity is far from being a harmonious existence, we are all guilty, the oppressed must react against oppression and the only way truly available is to talk of violence, there is no way that state structures can slaughter you and you talk of reform, that is just foolishness as history has proven. The oppressors are fighting to keep their positions and take more if they can, it is like a badly written program.

Joanna Montana who resides in Gainesville, Florida, USA, the guy in the middle of Zimbabwe, India, or China does not know where Florida is, so it is important to say U.S.A, well she made an interesting comment on her facebook page recently, and to quote an interesting piece where she summarised what most people who desire peace on earth are thinking, she wrote “I want to see a Global Justice and Peace Keeping NETWORK that protects human rights and the environment... rather than the system we have now, of sovereign nations going to war and murdering each other, based on the lies and manipulation by & for the GLobal Elite... WHY?? to make THEM more profits!!! That really is ALL it comes down to. We need to change this! Not into a centralized New World Order... but a decentralized network which truly represents ALL people, and other living beings on this Planet. This CAN be done and the time is NOW to start making it happen. We need a GLOBAL Non-Violent Revolution!”

In one way or another this is a desire of people who feel not only that they are human, but that others are also human. I mean we don’t 100% agree with her thought but we agree 100% with the principle behind the thought. Take a simple but gigantic idea like the Bitcoin, why is it important, because it takes power away from an elite and gives it to the people. An elite cannot ever print money and give it to itself and then say it is for everybody’s good. People support gold for the exact same principle that is why so many support the idea of commodity currencies like gold and silver.

The press has evolved considerably over time; we know when falsehoods are being told. We know why people are promoted by the press and why others are suppressed. But with the advancement of technology we can see suppression, we now know for example Tesla was at the forefront of modern physics, but this was suppressed by an elite, because they wanted those who fit their image to look like geniuses, so that they show the world these are the ones fit to rule you.

We know their official history is all a lie to make themselves look like they created this world and that the world only came into existence when they came into existence yet they cannot explain civilizations 50 000 years, 100 000 years, 200 000 years ago because this does not fit into their propaganda.

We ask ourselves where dinosaur bones made out of sulfur because we find that to be most common impurity rather than calcium, yet when scientists say it is possible oil is not from dinosaurs they are shut out because these elites cannot afford to be corrected, a man who can not be corrected is the purest evil, because they are pretending to the world that they are the smartest, have all the answers, what a terrible bunch of people. They need the world divided.

After using the flag waving dumb hillbilly filling the simpleton with hate in order to first to fuel the fool to steal land of others, then to perpetuate hatred, with no use to desert him in debt and misery and with useless jobs as the fool has become too expensive they desert him and create conditions whereby they can move their capital to cheapest labor, where corruption can go unanswered, and they call this bringing freedom to the world. Mind you, that hillbilly deserves it for when it was good he enjoyed lynching the weaker, always in a group, against one innocent, but the rest of the world does not deserve the fascism, the hillbilly was a useful tool in suppressing others, let him have a taste of his own evil for being stupid and a willing tool of evil filled with greed and justifying that greed by hating and accepting the notion that those he is stealing from are not actually human, but the rest of humanity does not deserve this fascism.

But then again who is innocent in this little human drama that has been played for thousands of years. This little drama played at the speck of the milk way galaxy, itself a speck in the universe, what we know probably a speck in something grander, in the grand scheme of things, none of us deserve fascism. Are you really an innocent information package, anyhow who cares we want to break that cycle.

How did we get to this point?  Simpletons give religious reasons for this divide from their scriptures, the most well known of these stories because Christians went on a global murder spree and spread their theology is that from the bible, and that is the only reason why it is the best known of these stories. Their story has massive contradictions. They talk of some gods, sometimes a God, mostly nonsense stuff no sane man could wrap their head around it that is why all these religious people are lunatics. The gods confused man in their languages so that we would quarrel and not unite because united we would challenge the gods, and think of ourselves as gods.

Then later on there was a flood and humanity began again from Noah. If everybody is wiped out and we all started from Noah how come we all speak different languages because the gods confused mankind before the flooding, but since we all started from Noah after the flood why different languages and skin colour, just nonsense for simpletons who are likely to murder if they take that kind of confusion as serious history.

Ask any Jew they tell you Jewishness comes from the women not the men, so the entire old testament is a lie because it tells us it started with Jacob and went to his sons when the reality as we are made to understand right now it was from the mother of the sons.

There are others who talk of evolution, more plausible, but still they use religion and the bible and other religious scripture’s as some sort of beacon, and hence they can’t explain civilizations outside their time frame, their time frame being the scriptures and what they know, they talk of Rome, China, Greece, Persia, and reference humanity according to that, civilization their cities started in say 4 000 BC, because their minds are referencing themselves, they can’t explain civilizations, ruins that are up to 200 000 years old, because though claiming to be scientists, they use the religious scriptures sub consciously as reference points in time. Those ancient foundations of 200 000 years ago was the first civilization, when all humanity was in Africa, it’s fall attempting to tie ends together was when mankind first began to differentiate. We don’t know, 200 000 years is a long, long time ago, speculation friends obviously with a bias because those ruins are where I am from, but they are the oldest ruins known in the world those in Southern Africa.

Humans are just an Information Package                   Everything is information because everything can inform you about what it is and everything is made up of the same stuff, information, particles, we are made up of exactly the same stuff as stars, frogs, volcanoes.  Information packages vary according to complexity and density; a human is more complex than a star. The first law of information, a law of information applies to everything that exists because everything is information, the first law of information basically says that every relationship results in a loss of freedom for the information packages involved in that relationship. In laymen’s talk we could just say every relationship has a cost.

Human beings are just information packages, our relationships mean there is a loss of freedom for all involved, but we also have a relationship with the ecosystem, the ecosystem is itself an information package made up of smaller information, everything is information, but this essay is about mostly our relationship with each other, and here we must understand the human being.

Our Thoughts: Accepting Each Other            What is a thought, it is a well known fact that our thoughts affect our world view. Our thoughts are information; our thoughts are the way our minds are wired. To understand a thought might seem easy, take the dictionary definition of a thought from, it defines a thought as “the product of mental activity; that which one thinks:
a body of thought.”

A thought comes from mental activity, this is activity in the brain, the thought process we can say takes place in the mind, this is a general word for what takes place in the brain for thinking, reasoning, mind, brain, not too much of a difference, but to be more grammatically correct we shall say mind. Everything is information, thoughts therefore are information, like all other information they must be embedded, embedded means you can literally hold them, they have substance, theoretically you can literally hold a thought in your hand, it is physical.   

A thought comes from the mind, a thought is a pattern in the mind, this pattern is biological, but we can think of it as a computer, the way 1’s and 0’s are organized, though of course a brain is far more complex, this is just for our simple understanding. Therefore, if you tell somebody there is a god, their 1’s and 0’s will be organized differently from one who believes that there are many god’s, though there will be some similarities, but one who believes there is no god or gods their brain will be wired completely different, the information in the brain will be organized more differently.

Our thoughts affect our behavior, not forgetting that every relationship has a loss of freedom, our thoughts therefore restrict us, our thoughts are information, they are a relationship of information within ourselves. Our thought therefore is information that affects our behavior because we are bound in a relationship with them. It is therefore merely a matter of reprogramming our thoughts to accept each other as human beings, to over come the obvious.

The tool of Possession             The elite of the world have used these differences to create differences among humans for their own profit and gain. But their tools are ancient. Possession is a thought. Do be possessed one must first be susceptible to possession. Possession is made to sound like an evil word, one is possessed by demons, one is possessed by evil. But one is filled with the holy spirit, one is filled with the love of the gods, but the process is the same to be possessed and to be filled, take the word possession is neutral as well as the word filled. Instead of saying possessed, one could easily say one filled by demons, one filled by evil, but we have been programmed to think by a trick of words and giving meaning when the process is exactly the same.

Possession has been used by the elite for millennia, we are filled, they are possessed, a nice neat trick, exquisite. Immediately, the wording, right there, there is the divide, their religion, their beliefs are different, let us rob them of everything. Why would gods need to be so tricky, are they not omnipotent? Therefore possession is a thought, from birth this thought is reinforced because some smart assess thought they alone had discovered how the universe works, it has to be the gods, what else could it be, and it can only be my gods, you are being tricked, when everybody is being tricked. That trick trickles all the way down to what we have today racism, religious lunatics, class structures, sexism in many ways, technology wiping out the arm, unless you remember nuns like Yim Wing-chun the inventor of Wing Chun, the foundation of Bruce Lees stunning magic.

In a way we are all possesses and must be exorcised with thinking saying we are just human, and liberty will allow us all to thrive.

If you want to come to deep deep religious theology, let us assume there are gods, why would they want to limit us, they would understand that information becomes more and more complex, why would they not want us to visit the solar system and understand more, are these real gods, would not the real god want us to fulfill all our potential, why else give it to us. If uniting makes us strong, would that not be what our real god wants, why would he want to limit us, then what is point of our creation, a rock uses all its potential, a star all its potential, an atom all its potential, why not us, we are all just information.

Take the media, propaganda is just a tool of possession. Possessed by careful imaging, one suddenly thinks they are Jason Bourne, a Vampire, imagine thinking you are a vampire, have you completely lost it. If not careful one will think they are not capable even though they know they are not inferior biologically or in any other matter.

Possession leads to mimicking, the first thing one does is mimic their parents, their immediate guardians, it is best to allow positive possession, by positive I mean positive towards the uniting of humanity so that we are stronger.

The Tool of Illusion                 Take the Rainmaker, the original and still most powerful wizard imaginable, they control the elements, a dream of modern scientists, what could possibly possess such a man or woman that they believe with their mind, and a staff they can control the elements.

Today the idea of the rainmaker is seen all over the media, only we can think, our geneses are such and such, we are the descendants of the rainmakers, make the laws benefit us and we will bring the rain. What a cheek. The rainmaker is a product of human settlements, with settlements humans invented agriculture and importantly the growing of plants. Plants needed rain, the rainmaker could have free money as long as he provided the rain. All he had to do was make certain a a certain time of the year he could produce rain, that’s free money, but it usually came at a price, if you couldn’t produce the rain you could lose your life, you can’t just be fornicating and eating for a year and the week we need you, you fail. Imagine telling a king you will produce and you don’t, he will turn the people against you. He is not taking the blame, you said you will produce the rain, where is the rain?

The elite have made themselves out to be the rainmakers, a very clever trick, and with the control of propaganda, the media, their hope to possess people long enough to believe in the illusion. That is why democracies end up with the voice of a strong man, not a fool, because the rainmakers end up unaccountable to anybody with all the bribing of politicians, they just exist for free, drinking wine and champagne everyday with a touch of marijuana and having wild parties, but there is no rain.

Once we destroy the possession, exorcise ourselves of dehumanizing each other in our minds, yes we would have a better world, not saying we shall follow such sound advice of we are threatened by extinction. Remember this is a beautiful truth, there must be war if a group of people feel mistreated, how long do you think you can keep arms away from them,

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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