Monday, August 14, 2017

Am I a Racist

It is a beautiful world, especially if one gets to enjoy themselves here and there. A mind is a tool that one can use for whatever reason they decide to use it for. The idea of some in this world is to say only their minds are capable of doing such wonderful feats as thinking, when we see lions thinking, when we see crocodiles thinking, but they want to deny other humans the ability to think, a futile struggle, but they try, because surely if a deer can think, a human being must be able to think.

Well leave other humans alone, why bother people, decided I will look at knowledge and its relationship with the economy. The first thing one realized was the literature at the time was false, white economists, we must mention their race or the question Am I a racist can not be answered, these white economists had been saying and still insist knowledge is a recent commodity introduced by the rise of the computer. Like it or not the mind has always been the primary tool of man’s survival, the word mind alone implies knowledge, how can anything else be, to know how to get food is knowledge, yet a white will deny this obvious fact and insist knowledge age started with the computer.

What is behind such thinking to deny the obvious, that it is sheer nonsense to claim knowledge age started with computers when the most ancient of humans needed to be know how to get food. Realizing you can never win an argument that has based knowledge on race, I mean Wikipedia became involved in the lies, surely a nigger, ah, to say one is thinking of a man would be wrong, because a man can think, but a nigger can’t a nigger is only worthy as a slave, none thinking. Wikipedia, an institute supposedly claiming to be an institute of knowledge, who on their countless links have examples of humanity using knowledge throughout history would contradict all that evidence they possess to say a nigger can’t think. Because if they considered me a man, a man can think, to them not even a black man, but a nigger, and they kept saying Bhekuzulu Khumalo is wrong, what was it, speedy deletion, something like that, okay fine, it’s okay, knowledge age started with computer age, before that man was surviving on instinct, if that’s what you want a nigger to say to be considered a man, fine, knowledge started in computer age and before humanity survived on instinct like an amoebae, hopefully man enough, accepting the reality that only a white man can think, that is the logic we end up with.

Why would people deny such an obvious fact like it is wrong in every sense of the word wrong to even consider that the knowledge age started with computers, and accept the reality that knowledge has always been the primary weapon of humans, of mammals, they must all know how to get food, let’s take mammals out as these high and mighty are above all, second only to the mythical creations, imagine creating the whole universe and then coming down to earth and bestowing whites only with the ability to think. Obviously, every white believes these creation myths that they alone are bestowed with a mind, a brain that is functional and everything else is below it and can be exploited and ruined.

Why would one say every white believes these myths, millions claim to be atheists, true they might claim to be atheists, but their actions according to their science says only they can think, therefore the religious white and the atheist whites are both racist when it comes to the black man. Those who claim to have scientific minds decided to say for racial reasons that the computer ushered in the knowledge era. For racial reasons, they exposed how far willing they are to go for phoney scientific evidence, the evidence is on Wikipedia for those interested.  This means whites are willing to go to any extent to say fuck you nigger, imagine a computer built by knowledge, then they get first premise wrong and say it is the other way round.

Google behaved in exactly the same manner as Wikipedia, but they will tell you they are for some higher ideals blah blah blah, but when it comes to a black, all their hatred is spewed upon, for no reason that a black can’t think, that fact must be fought with trillions of dollars of resources, what the hell, nobody knew it was a battle, these odds are worse than 300 hundred man fighting thousands upon thousands and coming out alive at the end of the battle. Showed you google long time ago, their evil only relevant when it attacks white women, when it says they are bimbos.

This argument that a black cannot think from both sides the religious whites and the atheist white that a black cannot think is used to justify their arguments whenever harm happens to a black, anyway its only a back, they can’t think, it’s not as if we have killed a future rocket scientist. And everywhere they promote nonsense showing a black to be a vile and violent creature with no beauty in culture, at the same time saying I am stupid, no, how on earth can I love that.

People are different, but those with Zulu blood, not corrupted by propaganda immediately realize, are these people crazy, lies likes this, what does it mean, this is immense danger, what is the white man hiding, when you tell open lies like this and have them published in leading journals belonging to Harvard, Cambridge, Yale, Princeton, Oxford, and all the other nonsense, what is the game plan? Why is it blacks that espouse this nonsense are known as progressives, how are they promoting progress when they yap their mouths without a thought, never asking is this true.

The idea of course is to say a black man who regurgitates anything a white man espouses as a thinker, so I am presented a Neil DeGraase Tyson as an example of a great great black mind. What has this man done we ask in excitement and anticipation, nothing he married a white woman, what game is the white man playing the Zulu must question, but the same white men will say a computer was the birth of the knowledge age, a computer created by knowledge.

Then a white people will say I am a racist when I warn others defend yourself they are coming, prepare your self, they are coming with illusions and will mock your death, mindless like chimpanzees will be their excuse when they kill. What other reason could there ultimately be.

It’s like somebody saying they believe in trade and then justify colonialism. Well all that gold and minerals you stole you could have traded for them, spears where made of iron, you want the iron we would have sold it to you, the same thinking continues. This desire to always lie about black people. What kind of nonsensical scientist would even dare accept a computer created by knowledge brought the knowledge age when the idea is easily rubbished, a scientist who is very conscious about race.

Well if saying it as it is as racism good, whites are racists saying it as it is not, they both can’t be racism, denying peoples minds is racism because it is saying it as it is not, all evils are built on lies. Whites like turning things around kick you, and when you defend yourself scream you just like us see, it takes two hands to clap, funny people. When they kill other peoples children its funny, when somebody calls for killing of their children they get upset, but they actually have done the deed. 

This is the same attitude whites have taken throughout history, they kill lessor humans and when so called lessor humans point out we love our people too and must defend ourselves whites get all upset, no, black people are important just as much as they are. Kill 100 natives its okay, kill 50 slaves its okay, they kill one back, a small token of resistance and whites say look, these people are evil, no, white opinion is irrelevant, it can deny facts like a computer created by knowledge can not be the dawn of the knowledge age, so they are happily kill 100 slaves, 100 natives and then when one white dies, natives are evil, no, if whites refuse liberty for all, people better defend themselves, in every society the right to bare arms should be there, if the state kills you no matter the excuse, fight it back and kill its agents, if police men, tools of the state are targeting a certain population, they must have the rights to defend themselves from the state, it doesn't matter if they be called savages, evil is wiping you out.

So they sponsor all types of dictators in Africa, whose only job is not to give Africans liberty but to make deals with white business, after all for anybody to be loved by whites they must tell the truth that all knowledge comes from a white, the Africans can be oppressed for their own good and London, Paris and Washington can reap enormous profits, because a black life is worth nothing. A good black is the one who adheres to colonial policy that all blacks are the same. But it is the whites that said they created these countries artificially in such manners so that they could divide and rule the people, the good African is the one who supports keeping these colonial structures so that ironically people can continue to be divided and ruled. All this pulled off by pouring money into the ideology a black can't have original thought, he is but a poodle to be taught, sit, stand, follow, fetch, repeat.

Taking knowledge as it is obviously shows a lot more than most economists would ever see, because knowledge is information we know and information is everything.

I will continue to show the benefits of liberty, free markets, free people for as long as I can with the best my mind has to offer, but in case liberty is rejected people must be ready to defend themselves, and when attacked continuously the concept of the natural right to life must kick in, who is killing who, kill them back wherever possible, you must survive, rejection of liberty is rejection of fairness and justice, those denying liberty have one wish enslavement, if they openly kill you it is to instill fear, fight back, is that being a racist, wow.

Look at my posts, they started changing realizing only going to get fooled, you like algorithms, and correlation, check my posts. I love liberty, I love being free, wiping out my race is wiping me out, it is as simple as that, but otherwise, prefer to be free, we don't want no bossy races, no bossy religions, all these bossy bossy people who do it for only one reason, to control all the money, all the resources. Just a guy traveling through the universe others say they don't want bossy sexes, I don't know, how can a man be bossy when he is protecting his genes, everybody tow the line, but they say bossy sexes. We certainly don't want bossy Presidents and dictators, and kings, want to be a king, go far away in background like Japanese emperor, we give you free booze and meat, otherwise go away. We don't want bossy cops, and any other bossy fellow unless he is paying us, imagine a bossy cop or bossy king, or bossy dictator, or bossy whatever, we are bloody paying you, have some respect, get out of our way. 

Well I believe I have shown in a most methodological way the benefits of understanding knowledge as has been the primary resource of humans. You get to see and understand that nobody knows what the future holds, it really is all just a random even, no matter how close to certainty an event is, it can never be 100% guaranteed, even dropping an egg, it is not 100% guaranteed that it will break even if you throw that egg against a wall and it breaks a trillion times, driving the other day I made a sharp break and a case of eggs fell, not one egg broke, to my shock. Because we don't know where the next great piece of knowledge is coming from, liberty is the most just system, liberty, free trade, free speech, free thoughts, without destroying the society, the natural condition of information is to survive. The aim of an electron is to at least keep its present form, to not be destroyed, it's all information, electron is information, we are information, the law must not privilege anybody too much, race, sex, religion, ethnicity, president, king, soldier, no, nobody. When scientists start privileging each other on other factors besides facts, well, are they scientists or race fighters. 

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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