Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mandela Boosts ANC to Victory

Mandela has proved his mettle and refusing to sink into tribalism of the likes of COPE, and Helen Zille’s DP. By attending a rally with the ANC he led he is showing that Zuma was elected by a democratic process in the ANC, and those who left after losing where in fact not democrats.

Though Helen Zille, believes that a black Zulu will destroy South Africa, that is not the case. The Democratic Alliance with its fear mongering is dangerous, because what they want to say is that blacks are no good unless they are led by whites, racist rhetoric, which most Westerners believe, hence the boycott of the racism conference, because they acknowledge that racism is part and parcel of them and that is just how they are.

All the ANC has to remember is its knowledge. Speaking to a South African diplomat before the commodity prices crumbled, he told me they have to fix South Africa’s past before taking knowledge seriously, well as I have constantly warned knowledge is the most important resource, look now, commodity prices have collapsed, a little rally might come but it will then fizzle out. It is knowledge that gives those materials value and the quality of being a commodity.

Knowledge however entails a non racist principle. Build a society where people can use their knowledge. That is the future and future knowledge based firms can not be forced to share their creations with black entrepreneurs if the blacks fail to see knowledge is important.

If a white South African right now discovers a process and makes hundreds of millions, it would be unfair, as well as immoral to expect him to give a stake to blacks unless it is bought through the market process because he needed investors. The land and the mines are about fixing the problems of the past, but the future is different, get blacks to think of knowledge as part of the culture change, true whites destroyed any principles, blacks do not farm because they have not had the opportunity to farm for over 100 years, their land was taken, yet before whites came, missionaries talked of fields of grains, blacks where farming. The idea of the whites was to take any ability for blacks to be except to serve whites, and those good blacks promoted to the kitchen where the work is not too hard. Whites must prove their loyalties, not the other way round, this thing of always trying to prove to whites is nonsense, they must prove, they are the slave traders, the racists, the colonizers, no, they must prove they have changed, a black has nothing to prove, Zuma must refuse to be used by whites like Mugabe was who when realizing whites could not be trusted went into a rage because he felt guilty for having sold himself to white interests, as he wanted to prove to whites he is as civilized as them. Don’t do that, you will end up ruining South Africa when you realize whites give nothing in return and then use emotions like Mugabe instead of the mind.

Zuma must get South Africa to accept it is knowledge that gives a material the quality of being a commodity; accept that fact and South Africa will go far.

These so called young blacks who do not care about politics saying everything is okay, the past is the past, incidentally are the ones who have benefited the most from the ANC going to better schools, and now been brainwashed by whites want to bite the hand that made it all possible in order to be accepted by whites, wait until the get to the job market and see evil.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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